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Thread: Bobby Drake

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    Default Bobby Drake

    Ahhh! Fellow MH2k15 players!

    So, Iceman was released on Thursday. Got him to 60 shortly after, working on the first prestige. Opinions? Of the roster they have available, and I have them all, I find him to be a beast (not to be confused - although I would like to see Beast be a playable hero as well :P).

    ...he's bumped Surfer down from my #2 favorite - #1 remains Doctor Strange

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    Glad to see you enjoy this new addition

    I do not have Bobby yet (due to purchasing error) nor do I have Doc strange. I however do have and love Frank Castle and is currently red level 60. I love his 52 overhaul with a few exceptions of some minor things like cool downs on skills .

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    Bobby Drake

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    He leveled incredibly easily. I stopped at 50 (xp and synergy goal), but by the time I had reached that goal I could see others in my supergroup already on their 2nd or 3rd prestige in some cases.
    His skills all flowed well, and he didn't have any spirit issues. Plus he was incredibly durable due to the damage reduction components of his passives.
    I find any character with a good compliment of Area skills, especially ones with durations, are easy to level. Iceman has plenty of these available.

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