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    hi I was wondering if I could get an invite to the mwo unit. in game name is Mandellah and I'm Crysallis's wife. thank you in advance.

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    Hey Mandellah, you certainly can
    MWO: White Bear 84 | Minecraft/Rust: white_bear_84 | BF3/BF4 - Fired_up_Bear84 | ESO: WhiteBear84 |

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    I just signed up too and posted in the barracks forum. Can I get an invite into MWO as well? Thanks in advance!

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    Hey how are you going? Good to see some new blood, you join the game at a interesting time in it evolution with a major battle going on over a major game play change. Just friend me, whitebear or Dragonkindred to get invite. Dont forget to look at gamevox for voice communtcation GameVox Server and say hello. Is this your in game name?  6364

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    Alright, cool. I'll get the GameVox, and Yes, SevereScript is my in-game name as well.

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    welcome to you both.

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