A journey into Minecraft

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A Journey into Minecraft

by Coralon

Not too long ago I was looking for a game that I could enjoy not only with others my age but also my two young sons. This got me thinking about some blocky Lego-looking title that they had tried to show me a few times, yapping excitedly about how they had constructed this, found that, please please please buy it for us. At that time I looked into this 'Minecraft' game and thought "There is no way I am paying for an alpha version of an indie game that will likely never get finished." and I didn't... then.

Looking around the TOG forums for a division that didn't involve a divorce-inducing MMO or trying to shoot imaginary people (and failing miserably), I stumbled across the... Minecraft division? "What is this then, grown adults enjoying computerised Lego so much we have an entire division for it?" Worth further investigation, I thought to myself, employing my long time companion Google in conjunction with the wealth of information already on the TOG forums and discovering that not only had this little indie alpha been finished to a full release, it was a phenomenon!

grown adults enjoying computerised Lego so much we have an entire division for it

Another short search later and I had found a number of sites selling the game at a discounted rate, 5 minutes later and on a whim I had paid my hard earned $20 to have a spin and find out what all the fuss was about. Now when you first read about Minecraft, it's all about being alone, fending for yourself, building wondrous things etc. but there is always that reminder that at night the bad things come out to play.

"Bah!" I said to myself, I have been gaming for what my children call an eternity. No Lego-looking game is going to scare me, how hard can it be?

Less than 10 minutes into my first single player game and I am panicking. I can see the sun going down, I have been wandering around looking at my empty hand this whole time, how do I make anything? How will I possibly survive? A few minutes later the sun set on my virtual world leaving me alone in the dark, in a forest with no friends and no clue, then I spotted a possible ally running toward me. As it got closer I noticed the sad green face... I swear it spoke to me... "Don't be sssssscared". There was an explosion and my world turned red - welcome to Minecraft.

alone in the dark, in a forest with no friends and no clue

Not one to be deterred by such misfortune, I once again turned to my long time companion Google and was soon armed with many tools to help me defeat the denizens of the night, YouTube videos with titles like 'Minecraft, how to survive your first night', narrated by what sounded to me like someone still in primary school. What lows have I come to that I need help from babes to defeat some ugly little blocky game? And therein lies the magic of this seemingly simple and in my opinion, vastly under rated game.

With my basic training I decided to go all out and join in the multi-player experience, it's always more fun with friends right? So I jumped onto the TOG Frontier world and was met with the most wondrous creations, things people had made from nothing, huge buildings, elaborate cavern systems and once I began exploring, actually breath-taking vistas. All made with what originally looked like nothing more than a virtual Lego set, suffice to say that after a few hours I was hooked. A great community of like-minded people, you barely even get to ask for help before it is offered and family friendly so my kids can play with me in a secure place where I know bad things simply won't come up let alone be a problem.

after a few hours I was hooked

Next time you feel like fast food, save the money, buy yourself a copy of Minecraft and lose yourself in the biggest, most wonderful set of Lego blocks around.

   - Coralon


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