Machines and magic in Minecraft - ‘Feed The Beast’ vacation server

Sorontar | 24 December 2012 | Comments off

Feed The Beast vacation server

Solar power for your engines.

Engines for your mining.

Glow worms for your lighting.

Bees for their honey?

Over the Xmas/New Year period, the TOG Minecraft Division is running a “Feed The Beast” mod pack server instead of the Sanctuary server. This includes mods with engines, electricity, batteries and other mechanical gadgets. For those with a natural touch, there are new plants and bee-keeping. If you are more interested in the unnatural, then maybe the Twilight World or the worlds of Mystcraft are worth exploring.

A city area has been built with many blocks still available for you to build your headquarters, in whatever design you like. The details of the world rules are in our forum.. We must warn you though. It is set on Hard difficulty.

Either way, come and join us in a new adventure in what is Minecraft.

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