Minecraft Design Star Series

Sorontar | 19 October 2012 | Comments off

Minecraft Design Star Series

by Segreto

Imagine stepping into a new house or apartment or condo and finding nothing on the walls, floor, or even the ceiling. In the corner, there is a small wooden box. You flip the lid, and you find a stack of timber, a few piles of wool, a bucket of water, some copper wiring, some dirt, and some rocks. If you have two days to use only what is inside the wooden box to create an original and pleasing design for everyone to see, what do you do first? And, what do you do when a zombie stops by for killing visit?

Welcome to the TOG Minecraft Design Star Series.

bare room

During the month of October, TOG Minecraft hosted (its first ever I think) designing competition using limited space and a limited number and type of blocks. Copying the idea from HGTV’s Design Star, the contestants were given an empty (no floor/no ceiling/nothing) condo to design and decorate within a 2 day period. And that’s not all: They were also given a mystery chest with secret and varying items. The catch: The contestants could only use the items in their mystery crate to design, build, and decorate the interiors of their empty and blank slate of a condo.

bare room

The results: Wonderful creations of architectural genius!

This was the first run of the competition, and it was a deep learning experience for the creator (me) of the competition. Writing the rules, setting the stage, building (with help) the condo building, choosing the mystery items, filling the mystery chests, and then participating in the judging; however, just like Dr. Malcolm said “Life will find a way.” In this case, design found a way. Looking at the designs and creations that follow, you can see how practical, original, and beautiful the designs turned out to be.

I am not going to label the screenshots. I want you to judge them for yourselves, but here is our list of winners:

For overall design: Raeka

For Material Use: Henrideacon

For Originality: Tie with Sorontar and Henrideacon

HenriDeacon's home

Sorontar's salon

Raeka's room

In December, the TOG Design Star Series will have a new competition with new rules, new areas, and new mystery chests. If you are interested in designing and competing, join TOG Minecraft now! If you are interested in judging, pm me now.



TOG Minecraft (The only place my wife will let me play with dirt, lava, and zombie flesh)

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