TOGlympics 2012 wrap-up

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TOGlympics wrapup

Whilst some eyes were on the London Olympics during August 2012, the Minecraft Division was busy designing a world for the TOGlympics. After one week of construction by many creative players, the arenas for a range of sports were created. This world can now even be downloaded for people to enjoy at their own time.

TOGlympics map

On 4th August 2012, the TOGlympics were opened with the burning of a five colour pyramid, a shower of flowers, animated glowstones and the lighting of the TOGlympic flame. Members were soon competing in 6 sports, testing their skills against targets and each other:

  • Archery

  • Ping Pong

  • High Diving

  • Fencing

  • Shotput

  • Marathon

The competition was intense on the first day, with 11 players being awarded medals. Aveege was the leader, having conquered all in both the Ping Pong and High Diving.

Day two of the TOGlympics introduced more sports:
Skeet shooting

  • Skeet Shooting

  • Kayak

  • Swimming

  • Rowing

  • Fowl Hockey

  • Fish/Hunt/Gather

The first 4 sports were dominated by MadMax, who won gold or silver in each. Fowl Hockey and Fish/Hunt/Gather were team sports, where players allied with each other, seeking to out goal, fish, hunt or gather the other teams. Both were just as competitive as all other sports, with the hockey ending up requiring a “golden goal”.

award podium

But at the end of two days of events, only three could stand on the final podiums. On the basis of medals won across both days, the victors were

    Bronze to Obsi

    Silver to HenriDeacon

    Gold to MadMax

The full details are given in the Minecraft Division forum - TOGlympics 2012.

Thanks to all who participated, made the events and helped run the TOGlympics. Need we wait another four years for the next one?


with additional arenas for Blockey, TNT trampoline and golf

TOGlympic flame

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