TOGlympics August 4-5

Sorontar | 27 July 2012 | Comments off

TOGlympics - August 4-5

Even Minecraft caters for the elite or not-so-elite sportsman or woman. Join in the construction of the TOGlympics site then test your fingers in a weekend of chaos in ways that only the TOG Minecraft Division knows.

From 28 July, a server is dedicated for the Division to design and build a multitude of event arenas. Be it traditional swimming pools and archery ranges, or Minecraft-specific chicken hockey fields or tnt jumps, the world will be prepared for the TOGlympics on August 4-5. Then we shall compete as individuals and in teams.

So ready your pickaxe, warm up your swinging arm, practise your snowball throwing and show TOG where its sporting talent truely lies. 

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