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TOGlympics August 4-5

Posted by Sorontar | 27 July 2012

Even Minecraft caters for the elite or not-so-elite sportsman or woman. Join in the construction of the TOGlympics site then test your fingers in a weekend of chaos in ways that only the TOG Minecraft ...

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Hunger Games in Minecraft

Posted by Sorontar | 30 July 2012

Enjoy Hunger Games in a Minecraft world with both the environment and other players battling against you. Will the sponsors give you gifts, helping you to be the last one standing?

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TOGlympics 2012 wrap-up

Posted by Sorontar | 26 August 2012

Two days of sport on the TOGlympics Minecraft world. What was played and who were the victors?

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Minecraft Design Star Series

Posted by Sorontar | 19 October 2012

Imagine a new house with nothing on the walls, floor, or even the ceiling. However, there is a small box with some timber, wool, a bucket of water, some redstone, dirt, and some rocks. If you have two days ...

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Machines and magic in Minecraft - ‘Feed The Beast’ vacation server

Posted by Sorontar | 24 December 2012

Over the vacation period, a "Feed The Beast" Mod pack server will be run by TOG Minecraft.

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