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Posted by Sorontar | 1 August 2012

Minecraft - a game of blocks, building and survival with friends or on your own. You may have heard the name, but what's all the fuss about? It's got old fashioned blocky graphics, it's still being ...

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TOG MindCrack - Mining, Machines, Magic and Mobs

Posted by Sorontar | 15 February 2013

TOG's MindCrack Minecraft server offers all that's in the original Minecraft game, but also offers so much more. With new redstone, ores, animals, magic, technology and automation methods, Mindcrack has ...

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A journey into Minecraft

Posted by Sorontar | 27 July 2012

How did you first experience Minecraft? This is Coralon's tale of his introduction to the virtual world of blocks.

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Minecraft 1.3

Posted by Sorontar | 27 July 2012

A new major update is coming - Minecraft 1.3!. This version is expanding the game in many directions for those who want more building options and those who want more depth to the survival aspects. ...

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