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Brothers In Arms: Hell’s Highway

Posted by Arep | 30 September 2008 |

After a few days with BiA I've discovered that its an excellent squad-based shooter but experience with the previous games is required to feel anything for the story until the very end.

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

Posted by Arep | 20 September 2008 |

Engaging story and phun with physics almost makes up for a short, sub-par game.

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Too Human

Posted by UNK | 19 September 2008 |

After waiting forever for this game to come out, (ok 14 years is a long time) many people were understandably less then impressed with the finished product. The two problems with this attitude is that ...

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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning

Posted by Arep | 10 September 2008 |

Overall this is a great game that is different than other MMOs, yet includes many of the best features/functions that are in other MMOs.

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Space Siege

Posted by Arep | 9 September 2008 |

While the game’s title suggests that it’s a spiritual successor to the Dungeon Siege games, it is most definitely not Dungeon Siege in space

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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Posted by Arep | 1 September 2008 |

If you play golf, there are a number of secondary objectives that you are required to complete before you can call yourself a golfer. The first is to be able to fluently quote Caddyshack and, to a ...

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Lord of the Rings Online: One Year Later

Posted by Arep | 28 August 2008 |

How much of a chance for success does a game based on the grandfather of high fantasy have in the same marketplace as EVE, EverQuest 2 and WoW? Well, it turns out that it has a very good chance, ...

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Porsche 911 Turbo Wheel

Posted by Admin | 27 August 2008 |

An ambitious wheel design that doesn't quite live up to its own expectations.

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Civilization: Revolution

Posted by Arep | 21 August 2008 |

Although “built from the ground up for consoles” has almost become a cliché of games reviewing, Civilization: Revolutions is one game that encapsulates this term, and succeeds in living up to its ...

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Star Trek Online: First Look

Posted by Arep | 9 August 2008

A few months ago those waiting anxiously for an MMO set in the Star Trek universe were dismayed when Perpetual Entertainment closed its doors. Today at the annual Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas Cryptic ...

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PlayStation Network Currently Down

25 December 2014 |UPDATE: 7:19PST When should you expect the service back up? PlayStation on Twitter says that technicians are currently working on the problem, but there is no ETA for when it will return.@BSGHDGAMER NO ETA available yet, but our ...

PS4, PS3, PS Vita Games Discounted In Latest PSN Flash Sale

25 December 2014 |Sony is closing out the year with yet another PlayStation Network Flash Sale. The latest promotion started today and offers discounts on a series of big-name games, including Dragon Age: Inquisition, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, ...

Crossy Road’s Surprising Success, Future Secrets, Dota 2 Connection

25 December 2014 |Endless runner Crossy Road has only been out on iOS for a month, but developer Hipster Whale is already celebrating over ten million downloads. It's a large milestone for the indie Australian developer, and the number only stands ...

Holiday 2014 Videogame Greeting Card Gallery

25 December 2014 |It's the holiday season. And while we hope that you get to spend it with friends and family, hopefully you also have some time to play some games.We've rounded up some developer and publisher cards below.On the video side, Warner ...

Resident Evil HD PS3, PS4 Supports Cross-Buy, But Only If You Preorder

24 December 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6422611/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>Capcom and Sony have announced that ...

PlayStation Now Coming to Non-Sony Devices In 2015

24 December 2014 |Right now, Sony's game-streaming service PlayStation Now is available only for Sony devices such as PlayStation consoles and Bravia TVs. But that's going to change in 2015, when Sony makes PlayStation Now available on third-party ...

Nintendo Wins Wii Patent Disputes

24 December 2014 |Nintendo has prevailed in multiple patent lawsuits from two different companies concerning technology behind the game giant's Wii system, a massively popular console that's sold over 100 million units.On December 19, a federal ...

GOG’s Next Free Game Is Akalabeth, The Grandfather of RPGs

24 December 2014 |Before Richard Garriott created the acclaimed Ultima series, he made Akalabeth: World of Doom, now considered to be the grandfather of modern role-playing games. This classic game, originally released in 1980 for the Apple II, is ...

PS4, PS3, PS Vita Holiday Sale Week 4 Deals Revealed

24 December 2014 |The 2014 PlayStation Network Holiday Sale enters its fourth and final week today with deals on a variety of big-name games including Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Battlefield 4, and Alien: Isolation, among others. Sony is also ...

The Interview Coming to Theaters After All

24 December 2014 |Just days after US President Barack Obama criticized Sony Pictures' decision to cancel the theatrical release of controversial movie The Interview, the film company has reversed its decision. The movie, a James Franco/Seth ...

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Review: Bending Genres in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

22 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

Review: Shambling Mirror of Fate Signals Time to Jam a Stake in Castlevania’s Heart

8 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate brings the series back to Nintendo's portable systems, ...

An Unflattering Boll Cut

7 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Gears of War: Judgment

6 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> As the next generation of home consoles slowly emerge into the limelight and enter the ...

The Cinematic Nature of Parasite Eve

1 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

A Plea for the Gaming Industry to Respect Gamers

1 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Although the economy might not be in the thick of a recession as it once was, that doesn't mean things ...

Moving Forward and Looking to Indies, Not Better Graphics

28 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Excited as I was to finally see a next-generation console, much of the PlayStation 4 software we saw ...

Urban Trial Freestyle Review: Where Flash Trumps Substance

27 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> There is no getting around the similarities between Urban Trial Freestyle and the Trials series. The ...

The Orwellian Superheroes of Watch Dogs and inFamous: Second Son

23 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or ...

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The Jewish Play Project, or ‘that’s funny, Taito—you don’t look Jewish.’

25 December 2014 |"In looking at toys, games, pinball and video games we're at over 80 companies and over 150 people. The Jewish Play Project has been initiated to support investigation of this history in much greater depth." ...

Get a job: Zenimax’s Battlecry Studios seeks a Server Engineer

25 December 2014 |Zenimax Media's Austin-based Battlecry Studios (working on their debut game Battlecry, of course) seeks an experienced server engineer to help coordinate back-end technology development. ...

Best of 2014: How long does it take to make an indie game?

25 December 2014 |Inside a well-documented project: "I can tell you that over the course of 600 days, Tower of Guns took precisely 3850 hours and 5 minutes to develop." ...

Best of 2014: How to avoid becoming a stressed out loner

25 December 2014 |"The crux of this is really about how work and technology can intrude into our lives in a detrimental way. I think that people in the game industry are more susceptible to these pitfalls." ...

Blog: 15 game landing pages you need to see, as a dev

25 December 2014 |"There are certain best practices that you can follow to increase your chances of converting more of your visitors... here is a list of some game landing pages we think are really great!" ...

Video: How player feedback helped Pocketwatch perfect Monaco

25 December 2014 |At GDC 2014 Pocketwatch Games' Andy Nguyen offered a deeper look at how all feedback, both good and bad, helped shape Monaco without sacrificing its core design. ...

Blog: Why Tencent is turning its attention to overseas game developers

25 December 2014 |"Tencent has very good reasons to prefer foreign game companies: domestic developers aren't willing to put their big works on Tencent's channels only, and foreign game companies usually have better products." ...

Sony cuts deal to bring PlayStation Now to Samsung TVs

25 December 2014 |Sony has announced a partnership with Samsung that will see the PlayStation Now game streaming service coming to select Samsung televisions in 2015. ...

Developers’ Top 5 games of 2014: Benjamin Gifford

25 December 2014 |"While I see no end to consoles, 2014 shows that mobile technology is the future. People want to play exciting and rich games at a moment's notice, anywhere, anytime." ...

Blog: Plague Inc. is pathological speed chess

24 December 2014 |"Plague, Inc.'s gameplay was so riveting that I started shouting murderous taunts at countries and gleefully anticipating the deaths of billions." ...

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15 Twitter follows for 2015

24 December 2014 |Fatten up your feed with insightful industry types

Reviews, scores, sales and playtime - a Steam perspective

23 December 2014 |Will Metacritic affect your PC game's success?

New MMO studio from Coleman and Walton

23 December 2014 |Artcraft Entertainment to "redefine existing genres"

Next-gen GTA V sold 1.84 million in November - Analyst

23 December 2014 |Wedbush's Michael Pachter expects Take-Two to ship 7 million copies of Rockstar's re-release this fiscal year

eSports will thrive on consoles in 2015 - SMITE dev

23 December 2014 |Hi-Rez Studios COO Todd Harris on the evolution of the console ecosystem

Applications now open for Search For A Star

22 December 2014 |Aadvark Swift's annual events give new opportunities to graduates looking to work in development

Advanced Warfare takes UK Christmas #1

22 December 2014 |FIFA, GTA, Far Cry and AC:U fill rest of the top five

Gfinity listed on Aim with cap of £13.2m

22 December 2014 |eSports company plans to build 500 seat arena in London

They said what?: 2014’s exclusive interviews

22 December 2014 |"It looks like Palmer ate a bad burrito"

Bringing people together - a year in M&A

22 December 2014 |A look at 2014's record acquisition activity

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Happy Holidays from the ECA and GamePolitics

25 December 2014 | On behalf of GamePolitics, the ECA, Andrew Eisen, and E. Zachary Knight, I wish all of our readers a safe and happy holiday - whether you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, ...

Nintendo Wins Appeal At ITC Over Creative Kingdoms

25 December 2014 | Nintendo announced that it has won an appeal at the International Trade Commission related to patent infringement claims made by Creative Kingdoms. The company alleged that ...

‘The Interview’ Available on YouTube, Xbox Consoles, and Google Play

25 December 2014 | Sony Pictures will release the controversial comedy "The Interview" on YouTube's movies service, and Xbox platforms, according to The Washington Post. The film ...

Report: Hotfile Settlement With MPAA Was Just $4 Million

25 December 2014 | According to this TorrentFreak story, the settlement that the Motion Picture Association of America made with file-sharing site Hotfile was a lot less than the $80 million ... Offers ‘Akalabeth: World of Doom’ For Free, Discounts ‘Ultima Series’

25 December 2014 | is giving away what is commonly referred to as "Ultima 0," the very first role-playing game from Richard Garriott. Akalabeth: World of Doom is available ...

Nintendo Wins Over UltimatePointer in Patent Case

25 December 2014 | Nintendo has won another patent case in a federal court in Seattle, the company announced this week. District Court Judge Robert S. Lasnik found that Nintendo’s Wii ...

Report: Samsung Smart TVs Will Be Able To Use PlayStation Now Without a Playstation Device

25 December 2014 | According to this CNET report, Samsung's line of Internet-ready high definition smart TVs will be able stream game content from Sony PlayStation Now streaming service ...

PSA: TakeThis.Org Hosting All-Star Stream This Weekend

24 December 2014 | This weekend will be hosting a stream to spread awareness about the charity, have some fun, talk about mental health issues, and raise some cash so it can ...

NYU Game Center Makes All Lectures Freely Available Online

24 December 2014 | This week the NYU Game Center has launched its free online archive of Game Center Lectures with recordings of all talks to date. The NYU Game Center has been hosting ...

New Zealand’s Highest Court Rules Against Kim Dotcom

24 December 2014 | The New Zealand Supreme Court ruled this week that the 2011 raid on Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom's Auckland, New Zealand mansion was legal, according to this ...

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Chaos Reborn summons single-player mode

25 December 2014 |Chaos Reborn, the latest turn-based strategy game from original X-COM creator Julian Gollop, now has a single-player mode. The new mode allows human players to take on AI wizards, or to play "hotseat" with other players, or a ...

Federal court dismisses Wiimote patent case against Nintendo

25 December 2014 |Nintendo has prevailed in yet another patent lawsuit, this time against Texas company UltimatePointer LLC, regarding a case we first reported on in 2011. UltimatePointer asserted that Nintendo's Wiimote infringed on its patent for ...

Deliver season’s beatings via Killer Instinct Classic’s new online multiplayer mode

25 December 2014 |If you get an Xbox One in your Christmas stocking this year (by the way, we need to have a chat about your monstrously huge fire hazard of a stocking), you'll soon have a new way of beating up on your faraway friends. Killer ...

Joystiq Deals: Limited Edition Code Black Drone

25 December 2014 |Got some cash left over from your holiday shopping? Check out Joystiq Deals and you can be one of the first to own the Limited Edition Code Black Drone, an advanced craft capable of capturing HD video while airborne. The Code ...

Gaming off the grid: Video game-inspired board games

25 December 2014 |If you're looking for family fun but don't want to stray too far from the video game franchises you know and love, tabletop gaming may be the perfect alternative for you this holiday season. While there are countless (and not very ...

PlayStation Now hits Samsung Smart TVs in first half of 2015

25 December 2014 |Game-streaming service PlayStation Now is coming to select Samsung Smart TVs in the first half of 2015, meaning you'll be able to enjoy PS3 games without owning a Sony system or even a Sony TV. The Smart TV-based form of Sony's ...

Resident Evil HD pre-orders are cross-buy on PS4, PS3

25 December 2014 |In holiday spirit news, PlayStation pre-orders of the HD-ified Resident Evil will unlock the game on both PS4 and PS3. Capcom revealed North American users can pre-purchase the upcoming remaster on PSN now, and by doing so they'll ...

PSN Store Update: Alien Isolation, Diablo 3, more

25 December 2014 |In a last-ditch effort to get in your wallet before the end of the year, the PlayStation Store has a number of good deals on games this week. Among the many deals for PS4 players at the moment, Alien: Isolation is $35.99 ($29.99 ...

2K discounts iOS XCOM: Enemy Within, BioShock, Civ Rev 2

24 December 2014 |Warm yourself by the holiday fire with a blanket, a warm cup of cocoa and a good discounted mobile app. Publisher 2K games is offering its biggest apps for discounted prices beginning today, including savings on Civilization ...

Origin New Year’s sale: Dragon Age: Inquisition, The Sims 4

24 December 2014 |Though all of the calendars here at Joystiq HQ still read "2014" digital retailer Origin is already ringing in the new year with discounts of up to 75 percent off a number of EA's recent and not so recent games. The highlights of ...

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Should Video Games Be In the Olympics?

25 December 2014 |An anonymous reader writes: The BBC is running a story about e-sports and competitive video game. It's based on comments from Rob Pardo, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment, who says there's a good argument for having e-sports in ...

Human Eye’s Oscillation Rate Determines Smooth Frame Rate

25 December 2014 |jones_supa writes: It should be safe to conclude that humans can see frame rates greater than 24 fps. The next question is: why do movies at 48 fps look "video-y," and why do movies at 24 fps look "dreamy" and "cinematic." Why are ...

Minecraft Creator Notch’s $70 Million Mansion Recreated In Minecraft

23 December 2014 |theodp writes In case you've fallen behind on your TMZ reading, Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson used his Microsoft money to outbid Beyonce and Jay Z for the most expensive mansion in Beverly Hills. Now, the Minecraft ...

Ask Slashdot: Resources For Kids Who Want To Make Games?

20 December 2014 |Mr. Jones writes: My 11-year-old son is fascinated by games — game mechanics in particular. He has been playing everything from Magic to WarFrame since he was 5 years old. He seems mostly interested in creating the lore and ...

To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

19 December 2014 |will_die writes Because of recent currency devaluation Steam has now added region locking for games sold in Russia and CIS. Brazil and local area and Indonesia and local area are also being locked. If you purchase a game from one ...

To Fight Currency Mismatches, Steam Adding Region Locking to PC Games

19 December 2014 |will_die writes Because of recent currency devaluation Steam has now added region locking for games sold in Russia and CIS. Brazil and local area and Indonesia and local area are also being locked. If you purchase a game from one ...

Godot Engine Reaches 1.0, First Stable Release

17 December 2014 |goruka writes "Godot, the most advanced open source (MIT licensed) game engine, which was open-sourced back in February, has reached 1.0 (stable). It sports an impressive number of features, and it's the only game engine with ...

Dad Makes His Kid Play Through All Video Game History In Chronological Order

11 December 2014 |An anonymous reader writes Andy Baio, aka @waxpancake, indy video game enthusiast and founder of the XOXO conference and other cool stuff, conducted a weird/cool experiment on his four-year-old. Andy taught him about gaming by ...

AMD Offers a Performance Boost, Over 20 New Features With Catalyst Omega Drivers

10 December 2014 |MojoKid writes: AMD just dropped its new Catalyst Omega driver package that is the culmination of six months of development work. AMD Catalyst Omega reportedly brings over 20 new features and a wealth of bug fixes to the table, ...

NetHack: Still One of the Greatest Games Ever Written

10 December 2014 |M-Saunders writes: While everyone obsesses about frame rates and polygon counts, there's one game that hasn't changed visually for decades. NetHack may look incredibly primitive today, but it's still arguably the best game of all ...

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Blogs Have Moved!

Posted by Basie | 3 November 2010

Blogs can now be found in the vBulletin blogging tool, located here.

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Guild Wars 2: Division Overview

Posted by Tilce | 22 August 2012

An Introduction to Guild Wars 2 and the TOG GW2 Crew.

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Get to know your guildmate interview #4: Serah De Vere

Posted by Ral_Partha | 29 December 2012

Ral Partha interviews TOG member and Guild Wars 2 fan "Serah De Vere", in the latest installment of "Get to know your guildmates with Ral Partha"!

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Get to know your guildmate interview #3: Pumpkin

Posted by Ral_Partha | 19 December 2012

Ral Partha interviews TOG member and Guild Wars 2 fan Pumpkin, in the latest installment of "Get to know your guildmates with Ral Partha"!

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Posted by Tilce | 10 September 2012

Weekly WvW Events Wednesday night and Saturday your time zone

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GW2 Member Interview #2

Posted by Tilce | 10 September 2012

Icehawke - who is he and what does he do?

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TF2 Unveils a new Co-Op Mode - Mann vs Machine

Posted by Ulric | 26 August 2012

The game that keeps on giving unveils new co-op mode. Red and Blue join forces to fight off a marauding mob of malevolent machines. TOG TF2 has 2 MvsM servers up and running for your machinations. See the ...

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GW2 Member Interview #1

Posted by Tilce | 24 August 2012

Get to know GW2's 501st sign up: Klobberella

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2 Sep: GW2 Crafting Carnival

Posted by Tilce | 24 August 2012

2 Sep: Meet and Greet, Chat and Craft!

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Health, You and the Launch of Guild Wars 2

Posted by Tilce | 23 August 2012

Specs gives a humorous but serious run down on how to stay healthy in the first weekend of Guild Wars 2.

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Guild Wars: Winds of Change

Posted by inoshiro | 14 October 2011

Change is coming to Cantha

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