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Thread: Albion Online - anyone playing, wipe tonight

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    Default Albion Online - anyone playing, wipe tonight

    Galahad update going live tonight with a clean start, anyone playing? or want to get together at game start and get ourselves a nice plot of land quickly.

    If anyone is going to buy into the game could you help out and do it through my referral link below

    Albion Online

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    I'll be looking at this come mid July...

    Keystone referral link.
    Currently moving house, hope to be back soon!

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    nice, be good to get something going with toggers in game

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    Same here, I own the game but I'll get on it after launch, you have fun though!

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    Do we have guild in Albion atm? If we do i would like to join

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    I'm thinking about it and starting to watch some streams to see what I think. How much in-game gold does it look like Premium status will cost?

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