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Posted by Tilce | 12 February 2011

Tripping has never been so much fun!

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LOTRO goes F2P : First Thoughts

Posted by Tilce | 10 February 2011

LOTRO went F2P on 8 September 2010 in NA/Aus!

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Interview with a Horse

Posted by Tilce | 7 February 2011

Renewed activity within the Battlefield 2142 division!

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Fallout New Vegas: A Fistful of Bottle Caps

Posted by Tilce | 7 February 2011

*Warning - the following story contains spoilers about Fallout: New Vegas* The following holotapes were recovered from the ruins of New Vegas.

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Audio-Technica ATH-AD700 Headphones

Posted by Tilce | 6 February 2011 |

A review by Draadnor

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StarCraft 2

Posted by Tilce | 2 February 2011 |

StarCraft II is a deep and intuitive game that will please veterans of the series, and allow new players to see what all the hype is about. Whether or not it becomes the classic that the predecessor ...

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Monday Night Combat

Posted by Tilce | 29 January 2011 |

Monday Night Combat is a class-based, third-person shooter… and the most popular lethal sport of the future! "Steam"

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DC Universe Online

Posted by Tilce | 28 January 2011 |

A review by Kess

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Perpetuum Game Review

Posted by Tilce | 21 January 2011 |

The Omen - Division Captain of Perpetuum reviews this new game on the MMO market!

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World Golf Tour Beta

Posted by Tilce | 19 January 2011

WTG? Never heard of it? Neither had I until...

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Saints Row Expansion Gat Out of Hell Confirmed at PAX [UPDATE]

30 August 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421077/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> [UPDATE]: Today at Volition's PAX panel, ...

Get an Xbox One or PS4 for $360 Right Now Through Groupon

30 August 2014 | Groupon is marking the upcoming Labor Day holiday with a pretty excellent promotion. By applying the coupon code LABOR10, you can get 10 percent off almost all physical goods, meaning there are savings to be had on all kinds of ...

Nintendo’s New 3DS Charges 30 Cents to Remove an Internet Browser Filter

30 August 2014 | The new 3DS model Nintendo announced today for Japan comes with a filter on the system's web browser, and you'll have to pay a small fee to get rid of it.As reported by Kotaku, the filter restricts what websites can be accessed ...

PS4-Exclusive Deep Down Gets Stunning New Trailer, As Beta Delayed to 2015

30 August 2014 |<iframe ...

Game Stories Still Have A “Long Way to Go,” Says Call of Duty Dev

30 August 2014 | Video game storytelling has no doubt advanced in recent years, but there is still a "long way to go" before game narratives reach the level of acclaimed fantasy series Game of Thrones. That's according to Sledgehammer Games ...

State of Decay getting 1080p remaster for Xbox One

30 August 2014 |<iframe ...

Destiny Could Sell 15 Million Copies This Year, Analyst Says

30 August 2014 | Bungie's upcoming shooter Destiny, which is now just two weeks away, could sell as many as 15 million copies this year. That's according to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, who said in a note to investors today that sales ...

Bayonetta 2 Hits Wii U October 24, Comes With Copy Of Original Game

30 August 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6420452/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> Bayonetta 2, the sequel to Platinum ...

Nintendo’s Amiibo Toys Will Sell for $13 Each; $300 Mario Kart 8 Wii U Bundle Announced

29 August 2014 | As the ever-important holiday season approaches, Nintendo today announced pricing details for its Skylanders-style toy line, amiibo, and revealed a range of new Wii U and 2DS hardware bundles.Amiibo toys will sell for $13 each, ...

September’s Xbox One Update Out Today—Here’s What It Includes

29 August 2014 |<iframe ...

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Review: Bending Genres in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

22 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

Review: Shambling Mirror of Fate Signals Time to Jam a Stake in Castlevania’s Heart

8 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate brings the series back to Nintendo's portable systems, ...

An Unflattering Boll Cut

7 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Gears of War: Judgment

6 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> As the next generation of home consoles slowly emerge into the limelight and enter the ...

The Cinematic Nature of Parasite Eve

1 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

A Plea for the Gaming Industry to Respect Gamers

1 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Although the economy might not be in the thick of a recession as it once was, that doesn't mean things ...

Moving Forward and Looking to Indies, Not Better Graphics

28 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Excited as I was to finally see a next-generation console, much of the PlayStation 4 software we saw ...

Urban Trial Freestyle Review: Where Flash Trumps Substance

27 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> There is no getting around the similarities between Urban Trial Freestyle and the Trials series. The ...

The Orwellian Superheroes of Watch Dogs and inFamous: Second Son

23 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or ...

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Don’t Miss: Valve’s design process for creating Half-Life

30 August 2014 |Valve engineer Ken Birdwell walks us through the "cabal" procedures that helped turn the company's initial, less than impressive version of Half-Life into a groundbreaking success ...

Video: #1ReasonToBe inspires European devs at GDC Europe 2014

30 August 2014 |GDC Europe 2014 saw the triumphant European debut of one of the most popular GDC sessions: the #1ReasonToBe panel, a raucous celebration and exploration of gender and alternative voices in games. ...

Struggling for independence

30 August 2014 |"How to stay independent despite being part of the commercial landscape is the big challenge. It's a technical, social, legal as well as intellectual challenge." ...

190 Nintendo Europe workers are losing their jobs to outsourcing

30 August 2014 |NOE confirms termination of 190 contract workers in addition to the 120 full-time employees who are losing their jobs as the company moves its headquarters and begins outsourcing QA & localization ...

Constraining the design space of possibility

30 August 2014 |"I have always defended 'laser-focused' game design that keeps only what is absolutely needed and cuts off any 'unnecessary' parts... but I've been exploring a more balanced approach." ...

Konami veteran Dave Cox leaves company after 17 years

30 August 2014 |Dave Cox, a Konami veteran of 17 years, has decided to leave the company to "explore new opportunities." ...

How I teach game design: Games and rules

29 August 2014 |NYU's Eric Zimmerman: A rules-centric approach is a very dry and restrictive way of looking at game design. It's a formal approach to game design (more on that below). But it's often incredibly useful." ...

Nintendo pushing amiibo figurines alongside Smash Bros. launch

29 August 2014 |Nintendo has revealed more details about its upcoming amiibo figurines, with a big push for the brand planned alongside the launch of the new Super Smash Bros. ...

Nintendo reveals the New Nintendo 3DS

29 August 2014 |As part of a Japanese Nintendo Direct today, Nintendo revealed the New Nintendo 3DS -- a new version of its 3DS hardware that comes with a second stick built in, and new shoulder buttons. ...

Parodying Final Fantasy in a game jam: Rude Bear RPG

29 August 2014 |"I already knew I was going to do an JRPG going in, because this is the seventh Rude Bear, and there was no way RBVII wasn't going to be a Final Fantasy parody." ...

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Blizzard hires Hearthstone pro

30 August 2014 |Ryan 'Realz' Masterson to be associate game designer

Nintendo of Europe cutting 320 jobs

30 August 2014 |Confirms that announced cuts will also affect temporary staff

Gamer loyalty plays into profits

30 August 2014 |Focusing on customer retention, not acquisition, is the key to success

Nintendo announces New 3DS with C-stick, extra buttons and NFC

29 August 2014 |But upped CPU means some new games won't work on old devices

New CEO for Rovio as Mikael Hed steps aside

29 August 2014 |Pekka Rantala takes position as Hed moves to board

Castlevania producer Dave Cox leaves Konami

29 August 2014 |New challenges sought after 17 years at publisher

Australian government to challenge Steam’s no refunds policy

29 August 2014 |Valve faces federal court case for restrictions on Australian consumer law

Nintendo isn’t hitting reset

29 August 2014 |Nintendo isn't retreating from the “casual” market; the accessible, family-friendly approach is here to stay

IGDA condemns recent "abhorrent behavior"

29 August 2014 |Harassment and personal attacks addressed in today's statement

Amazon’s Twitch buyout may have little to do with its gaming ambitions

29 August 2014 |The purchase will help "complete a puzzle" says Twitch's Matthew DiPietro; Chris Morris examines the implications of the deal

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President Obama’s Choice for ‘Piracy Czar’ is Cozy With Hollywood

30 August 2014 | This week the White House nominated an entertainment industry lawyer to be the new "piracy czar." The job's main function is to coordinate intellectual ...

IGDA Board of Directors Issues Statement on Developer Harassment

30 August 2014 | The International Game Developers Association has thrown its support behind game developers who have been the target of harassment online over the last week or so on social ...

PSA: Watch PAX 2014 on Twitch

30 August 2014 | Video game streaming service Twitch will be hosting a number of streams and original programming from PAX 2014 in Seattle, Washington beginning today and running until ...

Australian Consumer Watch Dog Group Sues Valve Over Steam Refund Policy

30 August 2014 | GamesBeat reports that the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has taken Valve Software to court over its "no refunds" policy on more

Puppy Games Launches Patreon for MMO ‘Battledroid’

30 August 2014 |Puppy Games has launched a Patreon to fund the ongoing development of its free MMO Battledroid. While the small indie studio continues to work on it, it has come to the conclusion that the MMO needs at least another year of ...

Principle Player in Leland Yee Arms Trading Case Dies

29 August 2014 | According to a report in the San Francisco Examiner, the dentists who allegedly facilitated an arms trading deal between rebels in the southern part of the Philippines and a ...

Rhode Island Receives First Settlement Payment in 38 Studios Lawsuit

29 August 2014 | Officials for the state of Rhode Island announced this week that its first settlement payment from its ongoing lawsuit with principles involved in the failed 38 Studios $75 ...

Humble Adult Swim Weekly Bundle Launches

29 August 2014 |The latest Humble Weekly Bundle features a handful of games built by the wickedly delightful gang at Cartoon Network's Adult Swim web site. Paying $1 or more will score you Fist Puncher, Soundodger+, and Super Puzzle Platformer ...

PS3 12GB Owners Will Have to Upgrade to Play ‘GTA V’ Online

29 August 2014 | Those who purchased a 12 GB PlayStation 3 system will soon find themselves unable to play GTA Online, according to Rockstar Games. According to the GTA V and GTA Online ...

Media Bias in Michael Brown Shooting Coverage Inspires Video Game

29 August 2014 | Kill Screen has a fascinating interview with indie developer Nicky Case, who is working on a video game about media bias. His inspiration? The network coverage of the ...

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Bayonetta 2 gives Wii U a new ‘do on October 24

30 August 2014 | Bayonetta 2, the new Platinum Games and Nintendo joint starring a witch wearing a jumpsuit made of her own hair, will officially be available on the North American Wii U just in time for Halloween. Both retail and downloadable ...

Ultimate NES Remix slides onto 3DS later this year

30 August 2014 | Ultimate NES Remix infuses 3DS with the series' mashed-up tapas approach to revisiting 8-bit classics, starting November 11 in Europe and December 5 in North America. According to Nintendo's brief announcement the 3DS entry ...

Nintendo reveals first Amiibo figures and prices, but no release date

30 August 2014 | Nintendo revealed an initial line up of Amiibo toys on Thursday. The near-field communication-equipped action figures compatible with Nintendo Wii U and 3DS games like Super Smash Bros. will cost $12.99 each when they launch, but ...

State of Decay Xbox One edition hits in 2015, 1080p

30 August 2014 | And other numbers. State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition is heading to Xbox One in spring 2015. The game includes the add-on packs Breakdown and Lifeline, plus new content, and all of it running in 1080p. In January, State of ...

How to Survive lures the horde to Xbox One, PS4 this fall

30 August 2014 | How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is on its way to Xbox One and PS4 in fall 2014, packing in all of the crafting and zombies (and crafty zombies) you never knew you wanted. Storm Warning Edition includes a lineup of DLC, ...

Deep Down-time for Capcom’s RPG, public beta delayed to 2015

30 August 2014 | Japanese PS4 owners won't try out online RPG Deep Down until next year, after Capcom pushed back its open beta into 2015. As Siliconera reports, director and producer Kazunori Sugiura said Capcom needs more time to test things out ...

Splatoon could have been a Mario game

30 August 2014 | When we got our hands on Nintendo's new IP, Splatoon, during E3 this year, we compared its charm to Super Mario 3D World or Mario Kart 8 - and according to Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto, that was more on the nose than even we ...

New Super Meat Boy is an endless runner for PC, tablets

30 August 2014 | Super Meat Boy Forever is an endless runner heading to PC and tablets, coming directly from Super Meat Boy crew Team Meat. The Team Meatheads are Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, and they're showing the new game off at PAX Prime ...

Nariko rescues villagers in footage from Heavenly Sword film

30 August 2014 | Here in 2014 most people have forgotten about Ninja Theory's seven-year-old PlayStation 3-exclusive action game Heavenly Sword, but not Blockade Entertainment, who plan to launch a straight-to-DVD CGI film based on the game on ...

Saints Row 4 re-elected, will serve terms on Xbox One, PS4

30 August 2014 | Saints Row 4 is coming to Xbox One and PS4 as Saints Row 4: Re-elected, Volition has revealed. Developer High Voltage is helping with the port, which will contain all the game's released DLC. This updated version of the game will ...

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Australian Consumer Watchdog Takes Valve To Court

29 August 2014 |angry tapir writes The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, a government funded watchdog organization, is taking Valve to court. The court action relates to Valve's Steam distribution service. According to ACCC ...

Ask Slashdot: What Are the Best Games To Have In Your Collection?

29 August 2014 |SternisheFan writes: I am not a "gamer," per se. I grew up on "old school" arcade/Atari-type games. My question is: What are the very best games to own? Let's assume platform is irrelevant — any console, any computer, any ...

Anita Sarkeesian, Creator of “Tropes vs. Women,” Driven From Home By Trolls

29 August 2014 |Sonny Yatsen writes: Anita Sarkeesian, the creator of Tropes vs. Women — a video series exploring negative tropes and misogynistic depictions of women in video games — reports that she has been driven from her home ...

Old Doesn’t Have To Mean Ugly: Squeezing Better Graphics From Classic Consoles

28 August 2014 |MojoKid writes If you're a classic gamer, you've probably had the unhappy experience of firing up a beloved older title you haven't played in a decade or two, squinting at the screen, and thinking: "Wow. I didn't realize it looked ...

Predictive Modeling To Increase Responsivity of Streamed Games

26 August 2014 |jones_supa (887896) writes Streaming game services always bump up against a hard latency limit based on the total round-trip time it takes to send user input to a remote server and receive a frame of game data from that server. To ...

Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With “Swing Copters”?

26 August 2014 |Nerval's Lobster writes Given its extreme difficulty, it's tempting to think that the new Swing Copters is Dong Nguyen's attempt at a joke (You thought 'Flappy Bird' was hard? Check this out!), or maybe even a meta-comment on the ...

Is Dong Nguyen Trolling Gamers With “Swing Copters”?

26 August 2014 |Nerval's Lobster writes Given its extreme difficulty, it's tempting to think that the new Swing Copters is Dong Nguyen's attempt at a joke (You thought 'Flappy Bird' was hard? Check this out!), or maybe even a meta-comment on the ...

Hackers Claim PlayStation Network Take-Down

25 August 2014 |This morning, Sony's PlayStation network was knocked offline for North American users. According to ShackNews, Several tweets have gone up throughout Saturday evening, in which Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for the attacks. ...

Hackers Claim PlayStation Network Take-Down

25 August 2014 |This morning, Sony's PlayStation network was knocked offline for North American users. According to ShackNews, Several tweets have gone up throughout Saturday evening, in which Lizard Squad has taken responsibility for the attacks. ...

Among Gamers, Adult Women Vastly Outnumber Teenage Boys

24 August 2014 |MojoKid writes: The Entertainment Software Association has just released its 2014 report on the state of the video game industry (PDF), and as the title of this post suggests, there have been some significant shifts since the last ...

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Blogs Have Moved!

Posted by Basie | 3 November 2010

Blogs can now be found in the vBulletin blogging tool, located here.

Latest Division News

21 May: GA Ladder Match: TOG | Artemis Squad vs 506th Airborne

Posted by salvationjane777 | 17 May 2010

21 May: GA Ladder match between our Arty boys and the 506th.

Read more » | 2 Comments

Interview with a Killer

Posted by CARNALDESTRUCT | 16 May 2010

TOG's own Carnaldestruct interviews The Omen about the changing Battlefield landscape.

Read more » | 16 Comments

16 May: GameArena Ladder Match:  TOG Hades Squad vs Save our Souls

Posted by salvationjane777 | 14 May 2010

16 May: GA Ladder Match between our Hades Squad and opponents Save our Souls

Read more » | 3 Comments

17 May: COD4 Division Search and Destroy Fun Night

Posted by salvationjane777 | 14 May 2010

17 May: The COD4 Division holds a Search and Destroy social night every Monday at 7pm Australian EST

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19 May: COD4 Division Social Night

Posted by salvationjane777 | 14 May 2010

19 May: Every Wednesday night at 7pm our COD4 Division has a social night . All are welcome

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Lord of the Rings turns Three

Posted by Pander Bear | 13 April 2010

To mark the release of Volume 3 : Allies of the King and the 3rd anniversary of the launch of LOTRO, I thought I would share with you my character - Branswith's - report to Lord Elrond.

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BF2142 - Rusty Knife War Declared!

Posted by Reoh | 28 January 2010

Yes, it's on again! The BF2142 Division's two casual squads (Artreides & Harkonnen) are going head to head in another battle of the Rusty Knife Wars.

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Fremen BF2142 Season 7

Posted by Reoh | 23 January 2010

With the GameArena's ladder season 7 coming to a close, we're looking back on the season that was.

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BF2 ! Sunday night is Battlefield 2 night!

Posted by ReaperSmurf | 9 January 2010

If you're an old hand at BF2, or you're looking for something new to fill your evenings on a Sunday then jump into TeamSpeak and join the regular Battlefield 2 crew.

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An Unnatural Gamer

Posted by Reoh | 4 January 2010

Pander Bear speaks up about being an Unnatural Gamer

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