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Preview: Jumpgate Evolution

Posted by Arep | 22 April 2009

Jump on in!

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Preview: Red Faction Guerrilla

Posted by Arep | 5 April 2009

Mars attacks!

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LoTRO: The Leaves of Lorien

Posted by Arep | 14 March 2009

A tale of Yurick's experiences in Middle Earth - Post Book 7

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Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard

Posted by Arep | 2 March 2009 |

It's....Hazard Time!

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Call of Duty: World at War

Posted by Arep | 1 March 2009 |

Top or Flop?

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Just when I thought I’d controlled the tears

Posted by Arep | 17 February 2009

A first-hand account of Black Saturday by Lowmount

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Shaun White Snowboarding

Posted by Father | 11 February 2009 |

Shaun White will appeal to those who enjoy the activity and scenery but it's entertainment value is largely reliant on the sensation and feeling of riding and being more then actual gameplay mechanics.

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The Power of the TOG Community

Posted by Arep | 10 February 2009

TOG bands together to help a member in need

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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows

Posted by Arep | 28 January 2009 |

With great power comes a really good time

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Mirror’s Edge

Posted by Father | 21 January 2009 |

With the many albeit excellent shooters on the market one can't help but reaching the saturation point where once suffers shooter fatigue, so is Mirror's edge the first person game that finally does ...

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‘Bomb Will Be Detonated if Sarkeesian Wins Award’, GDC Told

19 September 2014 |<iframe ...

Nvidia GTX 980 Review

19 September 2014 |Ah yes, "the world's fastest GPU", a tagline bounced around by the likes of Nvidia and AMD each and every time they release a new flagship GPU. While both companies have held that seemingly coveted title over the years, with the ...

Nvidia’s Releases $549 GTX 980, Beats 780 Ti in Benchmarks

19 September 2014 |GPU-maker Nvidia has taken the wraps off the GTX 980, its new flagship GPU that's set to retail for $549 in the US and £429 in the UK. It launches worldwide today.Featuring Nvidia's latest Maxwell architecture, the GTX 980 is said ...

Nvidia Takes on Next-Gen Lighting with its VXGI Global Illumination Tech

19 September 2014 |Nvidia used the moon landing to demonstrate its new VXGI lighting technology.Interested in Nvidia's new GTX 980, but not quite sure that you really need all that pixel-pushing power? The GPU-maker hopes to entice potential ...

Square Enix’s New Cloud Gaming Venture Named Shinra Technologies, Beta Will Launch Next Year

19 September 2014 | After teasing it earlier this month, Square Enix has announced more details on its cloud gaming project, named Shinra Technologies, sharing its namesake with that of the villainous corporation in Final Fantasy VII. The company ...

Dark Souls Dev Won’t Stop Making Difficult Games Anytime Soon

19 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421341/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>Don't expect From Software--creator of ...

Super Smash Bros. Character eShop Sale Week 3: Pokemon and Metroid

19 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6417208/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>The third week of Nintendo's ongoing ...

Hyrule Warriors Review Roundup

19 September 2014 |<iframe src="/videos/embed/6421355/" width="100%" height="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe>Hyrule Warriors is now just about a week ...

Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Heading to PC Starting in October

19 September 2014 |The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy of games--that is, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII--is headed to PCs beginning next month.First out of the gate will be XIII on October 9. It'll be ...

Harmonix Hasn’t Given Up on Rock Band—What Should a New Game Look Like?

19 September 2014 |Though Harmonix is no longer releasing Rock Band DLC and has shut down the community-focused Rock Band Network, that doesn't mean the studio is leaving the franchise behind entirely. Writing on its website, Harmonix said the Rock ...

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Review: Bending Genres in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon

22 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

Review: Shambling Mirror of Fate Signals Time to Jam a Stake in Castlevania’s Heart

8 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Castlevania: Lords of Shadow: Mirror of Fate brings the series back to Nintendo's portable systems, ...

An Unflattering Boll Cut

7 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

The Trials and Tribulations of Gears of War: Judgment

6 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> As the next generation of home consoles slowly emerge into the limelight and enter the ...

The Cinematic Nature of Parasite Eve

1 March 2013 | <!-- Begin Template_OpenHtml --> Feature <!-- Begin socialTools --> Share it: Tweet [removed][removed] [removed] window.fbAsyncInit = ...

A Plea for the Gaming Industry to Respect Gamers

1 March 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Although the economy might not be in the thick of a recession as it once was, that doesn't mean things ...

Moving Forward and Looking to Indies, Not Better Graphics

28 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> Excited as I was to finally see a next-generation console, much of the PlayStation 4 software we saw ...

Urban Trial Freestyle Review: Where Flash Trumps Substance

27 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> There is no getting around the similarities between Urban Trial Freestyle and the Trials series. The ...

The Orwellian Superheroes of Watch Dogs and inFamous: Second Son

23 February 2013 | <!--Begin feature--> <!-- for syndication --> <body> Always the eyes watching you and the voice enveloping you. Asleep or awake, working or ...

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The Rock Band Network has been sunsetted

19 September 2014 |Harmonix has called it a day on its Rock Band Network online store, a place where users could upload and sell their own music through the Rock Band games. ...

Making educational games for the younger you

19 September 2014 |"During this convergence of opposing chapters in our lives, all of a sudden the boring term 'educational game' doesn't seem to be the big YAWN it used to be." ...

Shinra is a new cloud gaming company from Square Enix

19 September 2014 |Square Enix today announced the establishment of Shinra Technologies, a new cloud gaming company that plans to collaborate with numerous studios worldwide, including Ubisoft. ...

Tips for game artists, from Rockstar’s former art director

19 September 2014 |Ian Bowden is one of the most experienced artists in video game development, and his work is among the most influential. Here are some tips that helped him in the course of his career. ...

After 8 years as director of Final Fantasy XV, Nomura steps down

19 September 2014 |His co-director Hajime Tabata will assume the role of sole director as Square Enix moves Nomura over to work on other projects, including Kingdom Hearts III. ...

Neal Stephenson pronounces his high-profile Kickstarter game dead

19 September 2014 |The author's Subutai Corporation has ceased development of its successfully Kickstarted game Clang and issued refunds to all backers who've asked, as the dev team moves on in search of work. ...

Designing mobile games for thumbs in an era of giant screens

19 September 2014 |"We can't just treat screens in the 5.5" range simply as a scaled-up version of a smaller phone. Grips completely change, and with that, your interface might need to do so, as well." ...

Japan Game Awards honor Monster Hunter 4, The Last of Us, and other hits

19 September 2014 |Handed out by Japanese trade association CESA at Tokyo Game Show, the Japan Game Awards were given to a number of games, including Grand Theft Auto V and Yo-Kai Watch. ...

Get a job: 343 Industries seeks an AI Engineer

19 September 2014 |The house that's now building Halo is looking to recruit a senior-level AI engineer to work alongside the team in 343 Industries' Kirkland, WA complex. ...

$2M in Osmo preorders reveals demand for educational iPad games

19 September 2014 |Tangible Play has reaped roughly $2 million in preorders for the Osmo, an iPad educational game accessory, suggesting there's demand for devs to make kid-friendly mobile games for use in teaching. ...

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Harmonix pulls support for Rock Band Network

19 September 2014 |User content platform sunsetted as studio moves forward with other projects

Swrve raises $10 million funding

19 September 2014 |Analytics firm takes lifetime total to $22 million

Square Enix sets up cloud subsidiary

19 September 2014 |Shinra Technologies has Yoichi Wada at the helm, promises a new future for gaming

Watch Oculus Connect livestreams here

19 September 2014 |Two days of panels and presentations from the bleeding edge of VR

TGS shows Japan’s mobile dominance

19 September 2014 |Console games are swamped by mobile titles in Tokyo; is this a glimpse of the industry's future?

Neal Stephenson Kickstarter project officially dead

19 September 2014 |Subutai Corporation's CLANG failed to find additional investment

Tetsuya Nomura leaves Final Fantasy XV role

19 September 2014 |Switches focus to Kingdom Hearts III

Crusader Kings II sells over a million

19 September 2014 |"Proving our point about game design for the truly dedicated"

Destiny scores 20m Twitch views in launch week

19 September 2014 |More than any other console launch in 2014

PlayStation Now beta launches on PS3

19 September 2014 |Sony continues rolling out streaming game rental service in North America

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Poll: Did Microsoft Pay Too Much ($2.5 Billion) For Minecraft Developer Mojang?

19 September 2014 | Microsoft announced on Monday that it has acquired Minecraft developer Mojang for $2.5 billion. That's a lot of money. Do you think Microsoft overpaid or does two and a ...

Educational iPad Accessory Kit Generates $2 Million in Pre-Orders

19 September 2014 |Educational game company Tangible Play has generated around $2 million in pre-orders for Osmo, its educational game platform for iPad, according to Gamasutra. The accessory kit, which retails for around $49, is shipping to to ...

Educational iPad Accessory Kit Generates $2 Million in Pre-Orders

19 September 2014 |Educational game company Tangible Play has generated around $2 million in pre-orders for Osmo, its educational game platform for iPad, according to Gamasutra. The accessory kit, which retails for around $49, is shipping to to ...

‘Destiny’ Dominates Twitch Viewership in First Week of Release

19 September 2014 | Activision Blizzard announced today that Destiny drew in 5 million unique viewers and 20 million total views on Twitch last week, making it the "biggest console game ...

Does RetroN 5’s Software Borrow Liberally From Open-Sourced Emulator Programs?

19 September 2014 | This Imgur! page suggests that the code powering Hyperkin's RetroN 5 borrows liberally from several open sourced emulators. Hyperkin's RetroN 5 is an all-in-one ...

Verizon ‘Committed’ to an ‘Open Internet’

19 September 2014 | Verizon has long opposed net neutrality rules and was one of very few companies to sue the FCC in Federal court. Ultimately it prevailed, with the D.C. District court ruling ...

Developers Spar Over ‘Grimoire’ Name

19 September 2014 |Cleve Blakemore, the man behind Grimoire: Heralds of the Dark Exemplar (a game that has been in development since 1997, by some accounts) is threatening to file a trademark dispute with Kickstarter if developer OmniConnection does ...

Report: Sony to Debut TV Streaming Service Later This Year

19 September 2014 | Sony is set to launch an internet television service with the promise of streaming dozens of channels to PlayStation systems later this year, according to the Wall Street ...

FTC Begins Cracking Down on COPPA Violators

19 September 2014 | According to this VentureBeat report, the federal government is beginning to crack down on companies that are allegedly violating the Children’s Online Privacy ...

A Small Example of What Child’s Play Does for Local Hospitals

19 September 2014 | We often see appeals for people to donate to Child's Play, the charity started by Penny Arcade founders Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins, but it's not always clears ...

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A Dragon Quest Heroes gameplay video draws near!

19 September 2014 | Square Enix gave a first look at the gameplay featured in Omega Force's PlayStation 4 and PS3 action-RPG Dragon Quest Heroes: Anryuu to Sekaiju no Shiro at TGS this week, showcasing army-slaughtering mechanics similar to the ...

Need for Speed Rivals ‘Complete Edition’ revs up for October

19 September 2014 | The "Complete Edition" of Need for Speed Rivals will launch on October 21. The special edition package includes all of the game's previously-issued DLC, six packs in total. NFS Rivals' Complete Edition will arrive on PS4, Xbox ...

Thomas Was Alone making the leap to PS4 this year

19 September 2014 | Brave rectangle Thomas and his geometric pals will soon journey to the PlayStation 4, publisher Curve Studios announced at Sony's PlayStation Blog today. Thomas Was Alone is a minimalist platformer starring a gang of four-sided ...

New Nintendo eShop releases: Curtain Call, Smash 3DS Demo

19 September 2014 | Sure, there are a few new releases on Wii U, but this week the eShop's really all about the 3DS. For starters, if you've yet to grab a code for the Super Smash Bros. demo, the good news is it'll be available for all starting 9AM ...

Final Fantasy 13 trilogy heading to PC starting next month

19 September 2014 | PC versions of the Final Fantasy 13 trilogy were confirmed by Square Enix today, with the first game due to launch on October 9. Hints that the series was destined for PC surfaced earlier this week when Steam logos were spotted on ...

Final Fantasy Agito+ is a free Vita game for Japan

19 September 2014 | Final Fantasy Agito is coming to Vita in Japan as a free game called Final Fantasy Agito+, due out on January 15, 2015. A new trailer details the Vita game, with information translated by Final Fantasy Union. Final Fantasy Agito+ ...

AU ratings board classifies BioWare’s ‘Green Cloud’

19 September 2014 | An entry for a new game from Mass Effect and Dragon Age series developer BioWare appeared on the Australian Classifications Board website this week. Listed under "Green Cloud," presumably as a code-name, the game earned a MA 15+ ...

Hyrule Warriors DLC lineup has Dark Link, free villains

19 September 2014 | Free Hyrule Warriors DLC launching on October 16 in Europe adds three playable villains to players' rosters: Cia, Volga and Wizzro. This DLC is also coming to Japan, but there's no word on a North American launch for the free ...

Tales of Zestiria out in North America, Europe by summer 2015

19 September 2014 | The next PlayStation 3 entry in the long-running "Tales of" JRPG series is due to hit store shelves in North America and Europe by next summer, a Bandai Namco representative told IGN this week. The representative stated that ...

League of Legends, Imagine Dragons team for Worlds song

19 September 2014 | The League of Legends World Championship is so on, with 16 teams competing for the top spot across a road show of tournament locations in Taipei, Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. The Championship ends at the home of the 2002 ...

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Commander Keen: Keen Dreams Source Code Released

18 September 2014 |New submitter ildon writes: Recently, the rights holder of former game publisher Softdisk's game library put the rights to some of their old titles up for sale, including Commander Keen: Keen Dreams, one of the few games in the ...

The Growing Illusion of Single Player Gaming

16 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes: Multiplayer modes used to be an extra part of most games — an optional addition that the developers could build (or not) as they saw fit. These days, it's different: many games are marketed under ...

Canon Printer Hacked To Run Doom Video Game

16 September 2014 |wiredog writes Security researcher Michael Jordon has hacked a Canon's Pixma printer to run Doom. He did so by reverse engineering the firmware encryption and uploading via the update interface. From the BBC: "Like many modern ...

Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Maker Mojang For $2.5 Billion

15 September 2014 |jawtheshark writes The rumors were true. Mojang, the company behind Minecraft, is being sold to Microsoft. Of course, the promise is to keep all products supported as they are. From the article: "Microsoft said it has agreed to buy ...

Malware Distributed Through Twitch Chat Is Hijacking Steam Accounts

15 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes If you use Twitch don't click on any suspicious links in the video streaming platform's chat feature. Twitch Support's official Twitter account issued a security warning telling users not to click the ...

Early Reviews of Destiny: Unfulfilled Potential

13 September 2014 |Destiny is a first-person shooter set in a persistent, online world. It was released on Tuesday by Bungie, the development studio behind Halo, and billed as a blending of console shooters and progression-based MMOs. Reviews for the ...

Kickstarter’s Problem: You Have To Make the Game Before You Ask For Money

13 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes with this piece about Digital Knights, the studio behind the Kickstarter campaign project Sienna Storm, which was cancelled this week after the team raised only 10% of their $180,000 target, despite a ...

Report: Microsoft To Buy Minecraft Studio For $2bn+

10 September 2014 |dotarray (1747900) writes "A surprising story has emerged today that suggests Microsoft is looking to buy Minecraft developer Mojang. The reported price tag is "more than US$2 billion." The original report is at the WSJ (possibly ...

John Romero On Reinventing the Shooter

9 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes: John Romero helped bring us Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein, but he's also known for Daikatana — an immensely-hyped followup that flopped hard. After remaining on the periphery of game development ...

GSOC Project Works To Emulate Systemd For OpenBSD

8 September 2014 |An anonymous reader writes Through a Google Summer of Code project this year was work to emulate systemd on OpenBSD. Upstream systemd remains uninterested in supporting non-Linux platforms so a student developer has taken to ...

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WoW: Call Me Inktomi - Part One

Posted by Arep | 4 February 2008

Call me Inktomi. In my homeland I was a princess, thousands lived and died at my command. Okay, maybe not a princess, but all the same…

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Battlefield 2142 Preview

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A quick rattle of automatic gunfire and I find myself laying on the semi frozen ground, screaming for a medic, all the while thinking to myself "What a fantastic game!".

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AA has moved into a new era of gameplay

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America’s Army: Special Forces Overmatch 2.7

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Preview of the long awaited 2.7 update to the US Army Game America's Army

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