Event Report - Jungle Run

Flintwick | 29 August 2010 | Comments off

Mortal Online is a massive seamless world, full of danger and peril, where danger lies not only with its inhabitants and other players, but with the environment itself. The driving vision of Mortal Online was always to be as realistic as possible, while still being fun and playable. It’s scenario is “low fantasy”, which essentially means sticking as close to reality as possible, while augmenting it with some fantasy aspects such as alternative races and magic.

One great example of this vision is swimming. Anyone can swim in mortal online, but if you try swimming while carrying too much equipment, you will rapidly find yourself in deep water (tee hee hee). Weight has a great impact on your ability to swim, and stay afloat, which means if you try swimming while heavily laden you will rapidly find yourself drowning. There are however skills to help this (Resistance swimming), but not everyone has the skill, or can afford the points.

This brings us to the event in question. The mission was reasonably simple: Transport a large amount of gathered animal resources from deep in the Myrland jungle, on the Brood Isles, back to a safe town to sell and raise guild funds. There were two problems however. The first was the sheer volume of gathered resources. There was a bank vault full, which would take six people heavily laden to carry. The second problem was the two rivers which needed crossing enroute to get out of the jungle.

We needed a plan.

Gathered to collect the goods

The first stage was easy, get loaded up. The six of us made our way out to the jungle from Vadda, braving lizards, Sators and terrorbirds, eventually arriving at the hidden camp deep in the jungle. We then distributed the load taking into account how much each of us could carry. Thankfully we managed to carry all of the goods at once, meaning we could get it done in one trip.

Once the materials were distributed we set out. With some difficulty we tried to stick together through the dense undergrowth, while making sure to avoid any aggressive wildlife and hostile players. We got split up once, but managed to regroup safely and continue. Soon we came to the first river, and the first obsticle in our mission. Our plan had been devised, so it was time to see if it would work.

About to cross the first river

We gathered at the edge of the river, where two volunteers were loaded up with most of the materials ensuring the rest of the group were light enough to manage the treacherous swim across the wide jungle river. Those left looking after the goods were facing as much danger as those swimming, because the sheer mass of materials they were carrying meant they could not move to escape danger if required.

The two strongest swimmers were selected, and they were loaded up with as much as they could carry, while still being able to swim reasonably safely. Then they, with the remaining two swam across the river to the other side. Once there, the two strong swimmers handed all the goods they had carried to those who would wait on the far bank, before starting the long swim back to collect more goods. We required several more trips before all the materials were safely carried across the river to the far bank, but eventually we were done and safely across the first river!

All of the goods were across, and while it was a time consuming task, working together we managed to get through it with a military precision (and of course, a healthy dose of the usual TOG banter!). The mission wasn’t over however. There was another river to cross, a long climb out of the jungle, and finally a swift ride across the Myrland steppes before we finally reached the safety of Vadda.

Riding past Amaruk Nuur

The second river crossing was accomplished quickly and confidently, having proven our tactic on the first river, and soon we found ourselves emerging from the foliage on the long climb out of the jungle. We had successfully negotiating the jungle, and worked our way back up to the Myrland steppes, but we didn’t let down our guard. We stuck together as a tight group and made our way past Amaruk Nuur (Sausage Lake) onto the steppes, before veering west towards Vadda and safety. We rested regularly to ensure our faithful steeds were ready should we need to make a sprint to safety, and gradually we approached our goal, and the safety of the town guards.

With a great deal of luck, we had finally we arrived at Vadda. We had met no resistance or hostile players, and all of our goods had arrived intact and unmolested. We STILL were not fully safe however. Thieves and miscreants were hiding in every shadow, or so our paranoia told us, so we quickly got to selling the goods before pooling the money. Under tight guard the bounty was then carried to the bank, where it was stored safely. Finally, with all the money safe, our mission was complete!

Safely back in Vadda

A great time was had by all, and the event definately showed the importance of teamwork and strategy in a game as realistic as Mortal Online. Even the simple task of transporting goods from one point to another can be complicated by beasts, players, deep rivers and broken bridges. Teamwork is king, and is something we in TOG Mortal Online have in abundance. We made a good amount of money for the guild in this event, and special thanks goes out to Cloud (Rockfoe), who was the one who acutally farmed the jungle animals to gather all the resources we transported. The money raised helped pay for the house expansion, guild stone and much more!

If this sounds like something you would enjoy, make sure you come by the TOG Mortal Online division and say hello. This game is unlike any other you may have played, and I think there is something for everyone, so come check it out!

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