27 Mar: First Myrland Master Angler Tournament - 27 March 2010 1900gmt

Flintwick | 18 March 2011 | 0 Comments

On Sunday 27th March, the very first Myrland Master Angler (MMA) Tournament will be held on the sandy shores of Meduli! This is the first of many MMA events, with each being held in a different location around Myrland.
This first event is a simply “Catch as much as you can!” tournament, however future events may add additional categories for the most skilled of anglers! At least 10 participants are required, so as soon as that number is reached, the event is on!

Times (all times in GMT)

Date: Sunday 27th March 2011
Registration: 19:00 - 1940
Start: 20:00
End: 21:00


* Fee: 5g per person
* Maximum Participants: 20
* The first 20 registering on the forum are placed. Subsequent registrations are on standby to fill in for no-shows, and should turn up for the event in case.


* The winner will be the fisherman who manages to catch the greatest overall weight of fish in the time allowed (1 hour).
* Twigs do not count towards the main prize, but do count towards the “Twigmaster” award. This award is presented to the fisherman who fishes the largest amount of twigs, and didn’t place 1st-3rd in the main event.


The prize fund will be a combination of the entry fees, plus the money earn’t from the sale of all fish caught during the event. The organisers take a 10% commission from the prize fund.

* 1st Place: 50% of all takings (25 - 50g+), Forum Title - Master Angler
* 2nd Place: 20% of all takings (10 - 20g+)
* 3rd Place: 10% of all takings (5 - 10g+)
* Twig award: 10% of all takings (5 - 10g+), Forum Title - Twigmaster

All results will be placed in a league table, ranking the top 10 anglers of all time.
The Master Angler title will be retained by the victor until someone manages to beat their overall catch weight at a subsequent tournament.


* Anyone not taking part in the competition is prohibited from entering the tournament area, as specified by the head judge.
* All competitors are subject to a search (snoop) prior to being allowed onto the pier.
* Once the registered and searched, no competitors may leave the pier. Anyone leaving the pier will be immediately disqualified (including falling off, so be careful!).
* All competitors must be a reasonable distance from other competitors. If you are asked to move by an adjudicator you must move immediately and stay where you are directed.
* Any physical interaction with any other party will lead to instant disqualification.
* Rods must remain away until the tournament master calls the start of the competition (they may be equipped, but not drawn).
* Rods must be stowed immediately when the tournament master calls the end of the competition.
* Once the tournament has ended, each competitor must remain in place until called forward for the weighing.
* The judges decision is final!


* You may bring any fishing equipment you may required, including spare rods, line and hooks. Make sure you bring enough, as you will not be allowed to buy any more equipment once the tournament has started.
* You may bring any non-fish bait you may required. No fish may be brought to the tournament. If you desire to use fish as bait, you must catch it first.
* Clothing is personal choice, but males must wear a minimum of a loin cloth, and females must also cover their chest region. Any nudity results in instant disqualification.

Additionally, if anyone wishes to register for the role of security, your job will be to ensure no non-contestants enter the tournament area and interfere with the fishermen.

Signup is official OPEN!

Visit the Official Thread to sign up!


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