House of Commons Chat Transcript - 16th Sept 2010

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<@Anubis> Hello Everyone Thanks for Coming to the MortalOnline
House of Commons Please start sending your Questions to
[QT]Calanon and [QT]Magree Only we will start as soon as Henrik
<@HenrikNystrom> Hello everyone, like last time, please send your questions to [QT]
and I will do my best answering them here.
<@Anubis> We will start now Remember Again only send the Questions to the QT’s
Noone Else

<@Anubis> Are the features listed as coming in the epic patch, is the
plan to roll them all out in that one patch?

<@HenrikNystrom> No, those under development wont all be in the Epic patch, we will
as we said in the news section, update that section with a more accurate date for
the epic patch and also what it includes.
<@HenrikNystrom> Its a pretty large list under dev section, which we put on pause,
most of them since we got the vital update from Epic which takes all focus atm
<@HenrikNystrom> After its live, we will continue on that list.
<@HenrikNystrom> As I said, that section will get updated soon enough so you can
see whats going on.

<@Anubis> <[UW]Kuroi> when you think butchery will be in? will it be added with
skinning? can you explain a bit its system?

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes, we were choosing between Alchemy or Butchery first, and as
you can see on our dev sectin list we choose to take alchemy first because of
various reasons tied to other systems
<@HenrikNystrom> But after that, we will put butchery in again, when its in, you
need to choose to either skin the animal on place and only get some of the amount
out of the loot
<@HenrikNystrom> or you simply have to carry the entire animal and skin/butcher it
with proper tools in your house or towns to get the resources you are looking for
<@HenrikNystrom> for instance, if you are looking for a special type of venom sack
from spiders you may need to transport the entire spider to a working table to be
able to extract the venom properly
<@HenrikNystrom> And for isntance when you dropp a wisent you can skin it on
location to get the fure or meat only if you are looking for that, but most
effective is using the right tools
<@HenrikNystrom> More info on butchery will come later on when we get closer to get
it in the game

<@Anubis> <[Myrm]Kernir> Any plans to revive the old combat system?

<@HenrikNystrom> The old combat system was very primitive with simple traces and
hit boxes, but some things about it was really good, but it also lacked a few
areas that if you tried some of it today it would feel strange compared to what
we have today
<@HenrikNystrom> today we have a very advanced trace system which is almost not a
trace system anyomre, but real physical weapons in the world that collides on
fats that gives the results
<@HenrikNystrom> this means, it cant get anymore real that what it is to day,
<@HenrikNystrom> We do lack some important systems in our current build that makes
this advanced system a bit of a waste
<@HenrikNystrom> for isntance, a proper prediction system and interpolation
<@HenrikNystrom> We want these 2 systems in the game first of, before we choose to
go back to a more primitive way of tracing hits or stay with what we have today
<@HenrikNystrom> as you can see, you cannot stick your spear through a player today
as its physical in the world and will stop before going through the player or
any mesh
<@HenrikNystrom> Also, like you are aware of we have been struggling with stamina
usage, and like you see on our latest feedback its hard to get feedback based on
the community only as some prefet pure fps game and some rpg elements
<@HenrikNystrom> Using 2 seperate bars for fighting and running is one interesting
aproach that we are interested to test for sure.
<@HenrikNystrom> A lot of our players complain that they dont want a spam fest, and
that we should increase stam usage when fithing to prevent this so you must
choose each swing more careful
<@HenrikNystrom> but as you can see on our latest poll, more players want the
oposite atm, as in use even less stam when fighting. so It aint easy for sure
<@HenrikNystrom> so, to sum up on your question
<@HenrikNystrom> We want to test our current advanced hit system with a proper
prediction and interpolation before we goes back to using our old primitive

<@Anubis> 4. <[WSX]Thorpey_Basillus> How long after the Epic patch can we expect to
be seeing Nav Mesh?

<@HenrikNystrom> We will use navmesh with the epic patch, we are testing it now,
but we need more time before we can fully use it. We had navmesh in our current
build, but its not being used properly by our AI because of issues in the network
<@HenrikNystrom> So as it looks now, we will have navmesh in the world along with
the epic patch, and if things goes as planned, our AI will finally be able to use
it like they should.

<@Anubis> <[FOR]Saphirix> Will we see any territory based resources? GK and CC got
most of the usefull stuff right now…

<@HenrikNystrom> Along with the epic patch you will see changes in the world for
sure, not only visually but resources and pickables will be placed in the world,
so yes you will see much more items spread out in the world of nave,
<@HenrikNystrom> All those items have a logic place in the world, as in follow
enviroment rules such as temperatures etc.

<@Anubis> <[SS]Nicademus> Since the character creation change was made with size of
characters, when can we be allowed to change the characters size for characters
created before the change?

<@HenrikNystrom> hmm, Im not sure if I understand this question..
<@HenrikNystrom> my misstake for grating it, but I thought it was a q about if when
we can change char size in game? after the initial creation?
<@HenrikNystrom> clarify that and we will get back to that one

<@Anubis> <[Ely]Tyria> Are “fist” weapons planned in the future?

<@HenrikNystrom> Well, there are skills ingame now that makes fist a bit more
useful, but they are a very good weapon anymore. But yes, we do have plans to add
more weapon types, something that you can attach on your hands to add to your
<@HenrikNystrom> You may see something of that when we are working with the new
weapon groups, but first you will see more of the common groups such as xbows,
new melee weapons.

<@Anubis> When will there be an update or advance in the Etheral and
Spiritism? Will more magic schools come out before there is more fleshed out to

<@HenrikNystrom> magic is on hold when it comes to new spell/schools untill we have
patched the epic patch. Not long after that we will focus a lot more on magic in
<@HenrikNystrom> Both finish our current ones, also to put them in seperate spell
books, you will also have to buy/loot/find each new spell to write in your
<@HenrikNystrom> that will eventually lead to scribing, which means you can choose
to sell a spell you have discovered with the scribing skills
<@HenrikNystrom> it wont be like it is today, that everyone starts with all magic
schools and spells automaticly after that patch
<@HenrikNystrom> you really have to choose to go that path and start collecting the
spells you are looking for, or learn them
<@HenrikNystrom> We have lots of interesting plans for magic, and have lots of
finished design for it already, but theres allways sometihng that comes before it
<@HenrikNystrom> such as in this case the epic patch, we were just starting to go
over magic again when we finally got the update from epic
<@HenrikNystrom> But you can be asured, it will get a huge update as soon as we are
able to start working on it again
<@HenrikNystrom> Also now when we got flash support we will be able to use that for
our magic as well in a very cool way.
<@HenrikNystrom> And again magic schools will differs from each others a lot, there
will be 13 to choose from.

<@Anubis> <[SS]Nicademus> Since attribute points were changed with the size of
characters after many had already made their characters, can we get a way to
change the size of characters made before the change?

<@HenrikNystrom> Ok hehe I take it as I guessed at first.
<@HenrikNystrom> So, you will be able to change your char size in game eventually,
the thing is that we now have what we need to make that happend, it simply went
down a bit on our list since we had to solve bugs.
<@HenrikNystrom> So there will be a way to change size in game, I cannot yet reveal
how exactly you will do it, but you wont be able to go up and down as soon as you
want and how it fit you. It will take time.
<@HenrikNystrom> There is both a normal map and a size attribute tied togheter, if
you train a lot and str goes very high around 100ish, you will be able to
increase in size as well as long as your char cap allows it
<@HenrikNystrom> that means you will eventually be able to max out your char size
cap, which means yuou will get even bigger and also use the normal map for more
defines muscles when having high str
<@HenrikNystrom> So this means there will be 2 new visual things to notice on a
player, defined muscles and bigger size.
<@HenrikNystrom> Im working on the details behind the rules behind that with Mats,
and I hope we will be able to get that in the epic patch or shortly after.

<@Anubis> 8. Are you going to add a “combo” system? Like swinging a sword
once, then linking it into a nother swing, not just one at a time?

<@HenrikNystrom> Like you all know, we have some more balancing to do behind our
combat system, to get the feeling right for isntance. We now have a system that
allows us to pretty easy add special moves and combo moves
<@HenrikNystrom> But we will wait a bit more untill we add more of those into the
game untill we have the core of the combat a bit better.
<@HenrikNystrom> hopefully the prediction/interpolation will help us in the right
<@HenrikNystrom> You will get the overhead swing, but after that we will try to
focus on the basic combat a bit more before adding new ones again.

<@Anubis> 9 <[WSX]Levald_Aurelius> are counselors being recruited to help fill in
the times currently not covered with ingame support? like between 10pm and 4am

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes, we still recruit counselors atm. We recently signed with a
bunch of new guys that are on their way in now.
<@HenrikNystrom> Remember that this requires a bit of work before they are able to
be in game and assisst players such as
<@HenrikNystrom> a short interview to get to know what kind of supporters we are
getting, signing contracts and teaching them the system and so on.
<@HenrikNystrom> But yes, I know that we get a new group in this weekend actually.
And more coming in the next week.

<@Anubis> after the Epic patch, will the taming system get some love?
Any info about its priority

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes well, it will automatically get some love with the epic patch,
as now the pets should act like they should. The main reason for not expanding
that system is that we must first get it to work with the navmesh
<@HenrikNystrom> as you know there are problems with mounts/pets atm, and we cannot
do anything to solve that without navmesh. So it wouldnt make any sense for us to
add for instance pet controll points as it would be even more broken pets to
control that way
<@HenrikNystrom> But with navmesh in fully working, we will be able to rely on the
taming system, pets and mounts
<@HenrikNystrom> we have some guys that prepared a small update for it as soon as
we go live with epic patch.

<@Anubis> Will there ever be an updated client where we wont have to
download all the individual patches? It takes a long time to install the game
right now.

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes, we do every now and then create a new installation to
download with the patches embeded. And yes its about time to make a new one,
<@HenrikNystrom> I think with the new epic patch there will be a new one, im not
100% sure thou.
<@HenrikNystrom> About it takes time for patches to install. Yes it takes some
time, a bit longer that we all want it to. We are stuck with that installation
system for now. But we are evaluating a new one, but those cost a lot. And those
money goes into developing the game atm.

<@Anubis> [BRB]Mojoz> Whisper was recently removed from the game completely. Me and
many others really miss this feature, and would like to see it put back in, even
if limited. The game needs more means of communication between players. Do you
have any plans for this?

<@HenrikNystrom> The orginal plan is that you need a guild to be able to whisper to
them. We had whisper in because of some issues, and sadly a bit to long to make
players getting used to using it without a guild.
<@HenrikNystrom> We are not 100% sure of it atm, if we will allow any whisper
without proper tools (guilds or any other ways of whisper that we may add as well)
<@HenrikNystrom> We have to come back on that one after the epic patch I think.

<@Anubis> <[WSX]Karsa> Mats recently said that although MO is an unrealized
sandbox at the moment, there is a lot of things under the hood that are being
planned, prepared or are almost done. I would really love to know some of the
sandbox things not related to combat or guilds that are almost done?

<@HenrikNystrom> We have features such as fishing on the way, more crafting and
similar skills on the way. And we have some mini games we would like to put in
taverns, that shouldnt take to long before you will play those
<@HenrikNystrom> Fishing is also the key to some interesting features such as
treasure hunting, hunting for rare collectables/items to trade or just store.
<@HenrikNystrom> So there are indeed things on its way in, some of them somewhat
complete like Mats said.

<@Anubis> QUESTION: Is this the LAST major thing we are waiting for from
Epic? Are they no longer the roadblock?

<@HenrikNystrom> As you can imagine its hard for us to make a promise on such
answers. We are here fully relying on some software from another great developer
<@HenrikNystrom> But, based on the information and tests so far, things looks
really good.
<@HenrikNystrom> The most critical issues we are experiencing in MO today is mostly
being solved with that patch alone. Some areas need us to work with the new build
before they are fully solved or good enough
<@HenrikNystrom> They do have some bugs in this build also that they are aware of
and told us. But most of them are not affecting us. as they are related to other
areas that we do not have in our game.
<@HenrikNystrom> But the posts on our forums about issues and bugs we suffers from,
is solved or able to be solved with this new build. Dont expect everything to be
pefect and all bugs gone as soon as the patch goes live.
<@HenrikNystrom> Like I said, some of them will be fixed right on the patch, some
of them takes some time. As we got the update a short moment ago we have not had
to much time to work with the new build to solve those areas that needs to be
solved yet

<@Anubis> <[SS]Raific> Will bows, especially Short Bows be adjust to be less of a
melee viable weapon?

<@HenrikNystrom> Bows will get a small change when it comes to how it damages, and
also we are not 100% happy with the aim cirle thing we use today. But it wont get
any major changes at this time
<@HenrikNystrom> What will get more changes is our current melee damage/weapons
<@HenrikNystrom> and like mentioned movement will be updated, we will most likely
use the acceleration on living players as well, which we have on ghost today.
<@HenrikNystrom> going offtopic there… but yes I think that should answer your q
for now.

<@Anubis> <[Aegis]Lochlin_wrk> Currently keeps are costly status symbols without
much utility or defensive capability. Are there any plans to add defensive
capabilities or more utility to them (utility vendors, banks, etc...)?

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes, there will be more store options for the leader to give out
to members. there will be upgradeable modules on the walls and on the keep for
defending it.
<@HenrikNystrom> We will also start adding some of the things you suggested on the
suggestion thread that you wanted added to keeps. We have just shortly went
through the list, so its to early to say which one we are interested in to put in
<@HenrikNystrom> But yes, keeps and houses/territory control will get more options

<@Anubis> <[PRX]Agripa> With the addition of alchemy will we see poisons ingame?
And if poisons are implemented will there be a way to add them to weapons, so we
can see weapons with effects such as dots?

<@HenrikNystrom> yes, poison will come with alchemy, and you will be able to use
poison on food and weapons, and eventually traps.
<@HenrikNystrom> The affects on the poison will differ greatly. more details on
that later. Mats have some as usual, complexed system plans for this as well.

<@Anubis> <[AR]Hodo> Will there be a downside to being Thursar in the near future,
as the “fluff” states they are shunned and outcast.

<@HenrikNystrom> We only have a few small things that we have in plans for
affecting thursar, such as interacting with some cities will make it harder for
them. But we dont think that we want to force a preset defined reaction on the
race you choose at start. But later more of a “karma” system that do affects more.

<@Anubis> 19. <[EXSO]Ruuhl> Will Survival be more profitable in the near future?

<@HenrikNystrom> Survival will get more love for sure eventually. Camping and
fishing is just some of them, both of those features will get pretty big, fishing
will get big in the next patch
<@HenrikNystrom> and camping will tie into other system such as hunger and healing
long term wounds
<@HenrikNystrom> so as you can see those skillsets will be vital for players as

<@Anubis> <[Inc]RichTBiscuit> Question: Will creature herds like wisents ever
wonder around like a herd and act more like a herd?

<@HenrikNystrom> Any AI movement is affected with the navmesh system. the one we
get in the epic patch. That alone open up for some diff areas such as
<@HenrikNystrom> hords of animals, animals running in packs etc. and npcs patroling
cities and so on. So yes. its not possible with the new build. But remember we
still need soem time to put those in and define each act for them with our AI.

<@Anubis> <[Ely]Tyria> The under development mentions new armor sets, can we get
any hint regarding what kind of theme they will have?

<@HenrikNystrom> They differs a lot. Most of them are inspired of each of our race
<@HenrikNystrom> I dont think I can say much more than that. take a look on our
concept arts for the races you can get a touch of the inspiration there
<@HenrikNystrom> we may post a few of our concept images on them a bit later.

<@Anubis> 21. Creature Control books have been made pretty expensive, are
there any plans to change the way Creature Control skill can be raised?

<@HenrikNystrom> Some skills are tricky to get to be trained in a logic way,
without having the possibility of being macroed to max. That is something we want
to avoid both because it doesnt add any play value, and because it simply hammers
our servers with actions.
<@HenrikNystrom> We always tries to find logical ways to raise a skill in a
meaningful way withut spamming the server or making it a grindfest for you.
<@HenrikNystrom> We noticed that 95% did macro creature controll when it was
trained by usign commands in the start.
<@HenrikNystrom> And like I said, we dont like that kind of skill train. And theres
no simple solution to it, as if we put a delay or movement forced in, players are
clever and get that in the macro as well
<@HenrikNystrom> So we simply made it into a book for now, because it aint to bad
we think, its knowledge about controling creatures. So a book was pretty logic.
<@HenrikNystrom> But if the price is rediculus for the books then thats another
question for sure. and we may have to look over that again or again find another
way of training that and similar skills.

<@Anubis> Will you lower the price of a tier 1 house or make smaller
buildings for solo players?

<@HenrikNystrom> Thats a common question that we recently looked into. We noticed
that old tests we had lots of houses in the world and it seems presistant and
more alive that way
<@HenrikNystrom> so we do want that back, one way to make that is to lower the
price on the first house lvls, or simply adding another type of house which is a
bit smaller and cheaper yes.
<@HenrikNystrom> So I think you will see something of that very soon yes.
<@HenrikNystrom> The goal was not to give a grind to put a normal house up
<@HenrikNystrom> and yes a lot of the current feedback points on it. so we will for
sure change that area very soon.

<@Anubis> Will we see farming in the not to distant future?

<@HenrikNystrom> You will see farming in the game in a not sure yet distant future.
Again with a new build we suddenly have new opportunities to get features in,
some faster then others. Up till today we have been struggling with some not so
fluid restriction
<@HenrikNystrom> based both on UE3 and Atlas. But with this new build there are
some very good updates that affects us both how we develop new features and
expand current features.
<@HenrikNystrom> So to keep it short, yes there will be farming, its a planned
feature, but its just not on our current schedule just yet. Eventually you should
see it under dev section.

<@Anubis> [IX]Lerdoc> When will we see social clothing and customizable

<@HenrikNystrom> I cant say exaclty when, but it is now possible for us to add it
in the game. So some patches after the epic patch, it all depends on what kind of
priotize we choose. And like I mentioend before, if our priotize lists seem
unligical sometime, then it is because you lack the information that makes them
<@HenrikNystrom> a lot of our features affects each others, and some feature also
affects some even thou there dont seem to be a logic reason why to
<@HenrikNystrom> we are planning things carefully, even thou it may not seem to
because of the things you do get in its order. We cant simply sepend to much time
into explainign why, because it wont even be viable for most players.
<@HenrikNystrom> But after the epic patch gone live, the dev section will get new
updates for sure.

<@Anubis> WIll there be ships in anytime soon and how will they be
effected by waterfalls?

<@HenrikNystrom> There will be ships thats for sure yes. Again its a question of
our current resources and what we need to get in first.

<@Anubis> Ritual> Henrik currently I do not feel the game is very solo friendly. I
find myself struggling with making money and gearing up compared to beta. Will
this change in the near future?

<@HenrikNystrom> Ritual, I agree 100%, Ive plaid the game as much as I can on a
normal account without any godly powers
<@HenrikNystrom> I try to forget what I know about the game and simply starts
playing it, but darn, yes its hard to get into both in the terms of how to and
<@HenrikNystrom> Its no doubt that we can make it a bit more user friendly to new
players and solo players.
<@HenrikNystrom> And thats something we recently started with as well
<@HenrikNystrom> I mean for us to easier get new players in game, this is pretty
important, we do understand that.
<@HenrikNystrom> So we are working on first hours into MO experience atm. We try to
make it as much MO as possible, as in we still wont have those npcs with
questions marks above their heads, but you will start seing friendly npcs that do
have lots of good information to direct players
<@HenrikNystrom> So, around the time when we plan to start marketing and invite
players, there will also be an improvement system for learning new players to
play MO.
<@HenrikNystrom> Of course one of the most affective and fun way for a players to
learn much of it, is by otehr players, but like you said, solo players are many
and they do need some info as well
<@HenrikNystrom> And those solo players may also eventually be interested in
joining guilds or larger conflicts, but its vital for us to get those as well for

<@Anubis> [wsx]Levald_Aurelius> will there ever be any penalty for playing naked,
such as npc’s refusing services ect?

<@HenrikNystrom> Yes, again, this is also a reason we have not yet implemented
Tindrem. Imgaine the look with 10 naked peoples running around infront of the
emperor and his guards

<@Anubis> will we get the multiple-pet system? And will you implement a
path-finding system?

<@HenrikNystrom> The multiple pet system (control points) is prepared, and shouldnt
be long after our navmesh is in place and working. And again, with the navmesh
system they are able to navigate normally, and your commands will be expanded to
also use the navmesh.

<@Anubis> Could you brush over the possibility of the first epic boss,
(dev controlled that is), and the minotaur going back in?

<@HenrikNystrom> Alright, there will be an epic in Nave along with the new epic
patch, I mean, it cant be called an epic patch without an epic creature right?
<@HenrikNystrom> Those minotaurs have some interesting lore behind them, and we
kinds “slipped” them into the game in a strange location in the start. They will
get their correct place with a correct look very soon again. Not sure if its in
the epic patch as well or the patch after
<@HenrikNystrom> Those are “controllable” in a way, but not all of them. Thats all
I can say at this point.

<@Anubis> Thanks Everyone for Coming this was our last question, Please save your
Questions for the next HOC, I like to Thank Henrik for his time

<@HenrikNystrom> Thank you everyone!

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I cliked on this thinking it was some British parliamentary debate on gaming.  Lol!  :)

Sorry about that! :P (Ill Start pre-pending my aritcles with “MO:” hehe)

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