MO: April Newsletter - First expansion and more!

Flintwick | 2 April 2011 | 2 Comments

Mortal Online News April 2nd, 2011

News too good to be true on April 1st, so we released it on April 2nd instead.

We are extremely happy to inform you that the remaining stability issues in the core engine that we have been struggling with since release are now solved. This week the server set a new up-time record of 50 plus hours before it was manually restarted for in-game maintenance – twice the uptime we expected. With these great improvements on stability, together with the fixes in our core system, we are finally able to start focusing on more content.

We have been silent for some time now while working very hard on our first expansion titled Dawn, and we now feel ready to reveal its contents. The expansion will be released in April, and it will not cost anything, all you need is an active subscription.

Please see the new Expansions section under “Game info” on the website for updates and details of features.

Player Stats and Facebook

We are going to give the option to link your account to Facebook, where you will be able to display status updates from the game as well as receive news about events and happenings. Linking your Mortal account to Facebook will also give you a subscription discount!

We have also been preparing a new section on the Mortal site where you will be able to see real-time status updates of wars, territories, guilds and characters in the game. The first iteration of this section will go online any day now so more information will follow shortly. Displaying information about your character will of course be optional.

Community and Events

A big welcome goes out to our new NEW Community Manager Black Opal! The team at SV would also like to extend its deepest thanks to former Community Manager Maerlyn for all his great work. We wish you all the best, and hope to see you back with us in the future. The machinima contest is being brought back for 2011, expect more updates on it in the coming days on the forums.

Also don’t miss the interview with Henrik,

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Double Thumbs up to this.. MO is stepping up and will only get grander from here..

Justin Kace | 12:41 am - 11 April 2011

It’s a good time to be playing MO. :D

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