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Mortal Online Newsletter November 19th 2010

A few weeks have passed now since the deployment of the “Epic patch”, the biggest milestone so far in Mortal Online’s development and the differences are staggering.
With this new core in place we are striding forward in the development at an even faster pace than before, constantly improving both the game world and the mechanics while at the same time working on new and exciting features.

However, due to a problem in one of the systems we experienced issues with the latest patches and some before that. Causing frustration on both the player’s side as well as on our’s. This mistake should not have happend and it should not have happend to take so long to find and eliminate it. We want to apologize to our fans and customers and at the same time want to ensure them that with this specific issue found and new patching-procedures in place we are looking forward to delivering the quality that you can expect.

Of course actions speak louder than words, so in order to reimburse our customers for the grief the latest patches might have caused we are adding 7 days of additional gametime to each active account today. And in order to give customers who are not subscribed at the moment the chance to check out the new engine build and the new content, we are adding 7 days to every customer who bought any of the game versions earlier and does not have an active subscription at the moment.

We know that some people out there are still “on the fence” when it comes to Mortal Online, so as a little incentive for both new customers and our loyal fan-base we are offering you a special deal for the next 7 days:

If you buy 1 month of game time you get an additional 5 days.
If you buy 3 months of game time you get an additional 20 days.
If you buy 6 months of game time you get an additional 50 days.

Look forward to more content and events! See you ingame.

The Mortal Online Team

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