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Patch Notes - Version

Notice: We can’t stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.

Edit Thur. 00:32 GMT+1
We have made some major testing for some time now, we really want to deliver a good patch. The good news is that the patch feels now ready to go live with, the bad news is that we need to wait until we have got some sleep before we put it live. We dont usually publish patches on Fridays but we think the patch is in a good state, we will make sure we are covering the weekend if something goes wrong during the weekend.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit Wed 19:08 GMT +1:
Updated, tweaked and sorted the patch notes. Added more descriptions. I’m sorry, I didn’t use highlights as the disposition changed too much.

We are planning to go live with this patch tomorrow, so things could change on the note until then.
We are also planning a small content patch shortly after this patch with some Christmas treats.


Summary of important changes:

  • Starting “professions” removed. You now start without skills and have to rely on tutors, training and books.
  • Skill categories renamed, name changes to a couple of skills.
  • Skill discovery, skill training, and books reworked.
  • Game Boards introduced.
  • Extraction reworked.
  • Skinning/Butchery introduced.
  • Creature loot for all creatures has been modified.
  • Resource stacks increased to 10000 units (100kg).
  • Fishing system expanded.
  • Changes and fixes to AI alertness, collision and speed.
  • Combat traces further tweaked.

  • Added support for the new flash-dialogue text.
  • Guard zones will now inform you of what zone you are in when you enter them.
  • Guard zones will now inform you when you leave them.
  • Guard zones should now correctly find players, even if they just mounted and didn’t move.
  • “F9" will now toggle all UI, making it easier to take screen-shots and record movies.
  • “F10" will now take a screenshot that will be placed in the “\UnrealEngine3\MortalGame\ScreenShots\” folder on your computer.
  • Added a simple “/who” command. Typing “/who”, will show information about your current target (only other players). The following info will be shown:
    • First Name and Surname
    • Full guildname + acronym (unless toggled off by the target player)
  • Added a “/whoami” command that will show you the information other players see when “/who"-ing you.
  • Players will now have a second chance to set their surname with the new “/fixsurname Xxxxx"-command. This command will set your surname to “Xxxxx” and can only be used ONCE.
  • Holding tab will now always update the upper-right info window, you no longer need to release tab to get that information updated.
  • Dbl-tapping Tab will now lock it in tab-mode.
  • Changed the chat window over players/npcs.

  • Characters in the character-creation now have rags on when they are created.
  • Added command /version that will print the current version of the MortalOnline server that you’re playing on to your chat log.
  • Changed the maximum stack of all resources to 10000.
  • Changed the maximum stack for bandages to 1000.
  • Interactive fluids introduced in a few places for testing purposes.
  • Increased view range on player houses, palisades and keeps.
  • Improved LODs on player houses and palisades.
  • Added three new types/systems of FFA-objects (interactive objects).

Game Boards:
This build introduces game boards. Game boards are interactive tables where one or more people can move pieces or tokens around. The game-board-system does not enforce any kind of rules in itself, and it is therefore up to the players to invent game rules and resolve conflicts (for instance it’s possible to “acquire” game pieces from a player simply by dragging them from the table into your own box). The number of available board types and pieces/tokens/cards will be expanded in the near future, and static game boards will be placed in towns.
  • (Various) Common Game Piece Boxes are now available for purchase.
  • (Portable) Game Board is now available for purchase.


Skill training:

  • Starting “professions” removed. You now start without skills and have to rely on tutors, training and books.
  • The vast majority of skills can now be discovered and trained by using them. The exceptions are skills that require an action icon to be used (Mining, Resting etc) as well as a few expert skills on higher tiers.
  • It is now possible to learn a skill as well as all of its parents in the skill tree as long as you match the prerequisites of the entire chain. In other words, when you use for instance a Crusher for the first time you will learn Crafting Appliances, Ore Extraction Appliances, Comminutors and Crusher Operation, as none of these skills have skill point prerequisites!
  • Tutors who teaches starting skills and tells you how to play the game have been added in all starting locations. The tutors available vary from town to town.The amount of experience/training needed to fully master a skill has been increased for all skills, especially for secondary skills (which you will never need to retrain or “adjust”).
  • All common library books will now train you all the way up to 70 in a skill.
  • The reading time for books has been adjusted. Books now range from 2 hours up to 2 weeks, depending on the difficulty of the skill.
  • The calculation for how quickly you gain experience from reading books is rebuilt and it now takes longer to read a book when you have a very low INT. The amount of experience you get from a book is not affected.
  • The skill Reading no longer has any parents.
  • All books of the old type still in play (in the possession of or currently trained by players) have been modified. The more advanced and expensive books now give experience all the way from 0 to 100 SP as to not cause unnecessary problems or whining (although modified to the new training times).
  • The following skills have been added to the list of skills that can now be discovered and trained by simply “using” or “coming into contact” with them: Footspeed, Breathing Technique, Controlled Riding, Swift Riding, Diving, Momentum, Feint, Blocking Endurance, Combat Techniques, Survival, Damage Assessment, Mana Regeneration, Mental Focus, Knockback Resistance, Balance, almost all material lore skills, almost all workbenches/appliances. Please note that the normal prerequisites for skills still applies; it is not possible to discover a skill until you meet the prerequisites for it.

Skills, general:
  • All main skill categories have been renamed and the “root-skills” re-sorted to their originally intended arrangement. The skill categories are: Combat, Agility, Mental Skills, Wilderness, Studies, Crafting, Resource Handling
  • Magic Studies has been renamed to Vitalism
  • Agility has been renamed to Athletics
  • Skinning Knife skill added under Butchery Appliances
  • Skinning skill added under Extraction
  • Two new material skills added/unlocked, one for a previously non-existing material.

  • You are no longer required to add a catalyst in order to process. (Adding a catalyst will still affect the process.)
  • Some workbenches can now continue to process material even if you leave them. When such a device completes the process it will output a loot bag flagged as belonging to the player who initiated the extraction, unless the initiating player is next to it; it will then spawn the output directly into the player inventory like before.
  • When using a workbench that needs continuous manual assistance, you may still choose to risk moving away from it. If you do, the workbench will pause, however if you are away for more than 10 minutes you will loose the materials. A workbench that can not process without you will give you the message “Don’t move away, the workbench can’t process the material by itself.” when you move.
  • You can now use multiple workbenches at the same time. However you cannot start another extraction using the same type of workbench.
  • Some workbenches are now “fail-safe” and will not let you process a stack you would get absolutely nothing out of. Others will always destroy or consume the material no matter what.
  • Your Skinning Knife will work as a default workbench when you have no workbench targeted.


This build adds the first iteration of Butchery. Butchery is a part of the extraction system, but instead of an ore pile, you extract from a carcass.

  • Carcasses now drop from almost all creatures.
  • When you activate the skill Extraction, a (currently invisible and non-exchangeable) Skinning Knife will be used as a Tool if you haven’t targeted a workbench.
  • The Skinning Knife can be used everywhere. It is faster but much less efficient than a Butchery Workbench. Also, some resources are impossible to extract with the simple Skinning Knife.


This build contains the next iteration of the fishing system but will require further patches to introduce all the new items and fish types. Fishing will need more work and some balancing based on further testing and feedback.

  • To fish you now need a line and a hook (bait is optional but highly recommended!).
  • You can now set your target depth (between float and hook).
  • You can now loose your bait, hook, line or rod depending on the outcome.
  • Additional fishing animations added.

AI & Mounts:
  • Vendors have been optimized on the client side and should run more cheaply.
  • Added support for Etherworld NPCs.
  • Added support for NPCs that teach you skills (tutors).
  • Added ability for NPCs to hold/equip simple objects (blacksmith can now hold a hammer etc.).
  • Added support for NPCs to play an animation once they are used.
  • Added support for NPCs that don’t turn to you once they are used.Added librarian animation.
  • Added priest animation.
  • Added utility vendor animation.
  • Server side activation of creatures has been improved.
  • Creatures should now increase their speed to catch up with their server position when they are behind.
  • The boss-AI have been reworked (currently noticeable in the Greater Kimūru). For instance the movement of the Greater Kimūru is activated and has new routines, its attacks are better positioned, it recognizes and responds in various ways to devices such as siege weapons, and its attack patterns have been tweaked.
  • Spawners that have objects above them (trees, cave roofs etc) should no longer spawn on top of those objects.

  • The following commands now need a “/” to work: /bandage, /feed, /transfer, /rename, /abandon, /loyalty, /courage
  • Pet owners should now automatically gain Creature Control experience over time. The more difficult the creature, the more experience.
  • Taming attempts on a creature will now be aborted if the target creature is hit or damaged.
  • Distance handling to creatures when attempting to tame them has been tweaked and should work better.
  • Changed to a more fitting message when a pet owner gets a message at login that the pet has died/ been lost.
  • Abandon message is now only sent to the tamer if abandoning of the pet was successful.


Made is so that our animator has more control over how the combat-traces are done. This means that melee-combat tracing should feel even more accurate.

------ BUG FIXES ------


  • All loot should now correctly show a name when targeted.
  • All Pickables should now correctly show a name when targeted.
  • Fixed the broken Subsisting skill, it should now correctly give you more HP once you get out of mercy mode.
  • Fixed so that constitution and psyche now correctly influence the amount of HP you get back from mercy mode.
  • Solved memory leak in known issue areas
  • Fixed the slow-mo fall from being knocked down/off a horse.
  • Fixed an uncommon server crash.
  • Fixed the compass so that it now correctly turns as a compass would (compass face will be changed).
  • GUI issues when using the (C) compass have been fixed.
  • Fixed a possible exploit in the armor-calculations.
  • Fixed a bug in Resistance Swimming that made it almost useless.
  • Increased the impact of Resistance Swimming.
  • Updated the “auto-fill” list on the chat.
  • Removed the default “bag” from all loot-bag objects.
  • Fixed an error when building a siege-weapon/catapult without having the skills for it.
  • Tephra lore skill fixed.
  • Molarium lore skill fixed.
  • Fabricula skill gain fixed.
  • Material Coal and Catalyst Coal are still different items, but they both work for extraction.
  • Fixed the “double-animations” issue you would sometimes see when looking at somebody who were swinging.
  • Fixed an issue where if you were to ram a person while on your mount but without the right stamina to do so, the mount would move backwards.
  • Fixed a client-sided crash related to “bad” weapons.
  • Toxai is now more optimized.

AI & Mounts:

  • Creature movement should be safer on the server side in regards to collision.
  • Creatures should now face their targets better.
  • Roaming creatures should be less likely to walk on top of cave sections (mainly Risar dungeon).
  • Addressed an issue where creatures could fall through the ground when syncing position to catch up movement.
  • Fixed the issue with corpses that made them “freeze” in the air for 1 sec.
  • Resolved issue where Portal attack of Greater Kimuru, drew in several targets. It should now only draw one target at a time.
  • Resolved issue which caused some creatures never to attack back when being attacked.
  • Resolved issue with creatures losing ability to move. They should now automatically regain movement if that happens.
  • Resolved issue where follow command did not work straight after pet attacking.
  • Resolved an issue where failed to tame message was sent twice to the tamer.
  • Resolved an issue where a pet was recreated at tamer login, even if it had died, when tamer was offline.
  • Resolved an issue where attempting to tame trough quickbar used a shorter distance check than when using /tame.

Housing & Guilds:

  • Fixed a bug where newly created guild could inherit the wars of a newly deleted guild.
  • Fixed LOD on player palisades.

Known issues:
  • The lighting is still broken and will not interpolate correctly when going from day to night and vice versa.
  • Moving markers in minigames to fast doesnt fully update to other clients atm.

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