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Patch Notes - Version

Notice: We can’t stress this enough. When the launcher is running the patch installer, let it run
its course. It will take some time to apply the patch and it might seem like the installer is doing
nothing, but it is working. If you reboot or kill the patcher process you run the risk of corrupting
you installation, forcing you to do a full reinstall.

Notice of DirectX update:
Make sure you are running the latest version DirectX to avoid issues.

The patch is planned to go live early next week.
This patch is a mix of new content and some important fixes and system optimization.



- Movement system changed for more accurate synchronization between players. (Coming patch will further improve this depending on results in large scale feedback data)
- Movement prediction between clients added.
- Rebuilt the main HUD, targetbar and mountbar, it will now use a flash-version instead of the old Unreal UI.
- All fledglings will get a helpful “press H for help” when they enter the game.
- Rebuilt the stun-bar, it’s now flash-based and shows a short description on why you are stunned.
- If you are killed when using a workbench that require you presence, the one that did the killing blow can then continue the process while you are dead.
- If you log out or the server shuts down, you will get back the resources you put into the device.
- You will now gain skill after the extraction process has finished.
- Changed the appearance of the player/target/pet’s health, mana and stamina HUD.
- Changed the appearance of the timer bar.
- Made the timer bar text more visible.
- Changed the right hand side timer bar to now be centered.
- You can now stand on top of destructible spawners.
- Destructible spawners can now be hit on the whole surface area of their mesh, like with houses.
- Destructible spawners can now drop loot when they are destroyed.
- Improved spawners’ randomization when selecting from multiple creatures to spawn.
- Added a 1h timer to self placed game boards. After this 1h the table will despawn. Any game action performed on he table will reset the time.
- Made the compass GUI drag and droppable while holding ‘z’. (Will not save its position between client restarts atm)
- Made the playerFrame GUI and targetFrame GUI drag and droppable while holding ‘z’. (Will not save its position between client restarts atm)
- Changed the playerFrame GUI to a kau GUI while dead.
- Added a new gamePieceBox, Army Piece box, containing new pieces, Green and Red snake, magi, soldier, guard, campadon, king.
- Risar activity has increased in the Gabaria region, a Tindremic Herald is now visiting Fabernum with news on the current situation.

AI & Mounts:

- Rebuilt mount-knockdown code. You now need to hit a player head on to be able to have a chance at knocking him down.
- Spawners can now have a minimum radius, that enables them to spawn inside a disc shaped area.
- The effect of feeding pets should now continue, also when moving across nodes.
- Stability tweaks has been made to the taming system, and should work better.


- Added support for “force” on weapons. Meaning that you will do different amounts of damage depending on when in the animation your weapon makes contact with you target.
- Rebuilt combat moves, they are now supported by the new melee-system.
- Huge changes to the melee-system. It should now be more responsive and optimized.
- Changed a design-issue with melee combat that made it impossible to dodge or block a swing from another player once the animation was triggered.
- Increased the overall CombatSpeed (non sprint)
- Increased the stamina regen when a player is jogging.
- Slightly decreased the sprinting speed of players.
- Rebuilt the trace system for melee-combat to fix issues players with a laggy computer had.

Housing & Guilds:

- A war that is successfully entered will now take 12h before it takes effect.
- You can no longer walk through houses/palisades/keeps while being dead, only doors.
- You can no longer resurrect when close to house/keep/palisade gate door.
- House construction will no longer be canceled after 3 seconds, instead it will continue until the player moves.
- When leaving your guild you will now have to wait for an 8h timer before the leave takes effect.
- When surrendering from a war you will now have to wait for a 5h timer before the surrender takes effect.
- You can now only surrender from one war at the time.

------ BUG FIXES ------


- Improved playback of the animation that is played when you gather pickables.
- Fixed an issue with “ghost armors”
- Catalysts works properly again.
- When you die, you no longer stop extracting, unless you are using a workbench that requires you to be there.
- Possible fix for instantly reading books.
- Fixed a bug where resting wouldn’t properly disable magic casting.
- Fixed so that the game no longer freezes when crossing a node line while having your inventory open.
- Fixed the lightning bug in Dx9 when enabling character window (P)


- Possible fix for hidden skills.
- Nerfed earthquake spell damage.
- Decreased the range of the resurrection spell significantly.
- The earthquake spell will now release immediately after it’s charge is done.
- Swift riding is now in the game again.

AI & Mounts:

- Bug fix for the creature spawner that made it not do anything if it had a min time set.
- Fixed broken knockdown test for mounts.
- Fixed glitch when fighting from a mount that made it harder than it should be to hit.
- Resolved an issue where creatures stopped attacking targets that stood too close to the creatures.
- All creatures should now correctly calculate distances to its targets in battle.
- General movement has been tweaked.
- Creatures following in battle have had an overhaul and should work better.
- Pets should now be able to cross node borders. The pet may take a short pause to the owner before he follow commands again in some cases.

Housing & Guilds:

- Fixed a bug where guild wars could potentially be set wrongly on players.
- Constructing houses with ‘R’ works again.
- You can no longer interact with a house while being dead.
- Fixed a typo in the “character is already in a guild” message when inviting to your guild.
- Fixed a bug with guild wars which could cause the server to crash on start up.

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