MO: Special Dev Chat - Alchemy, food, wounds and more!

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19:04 <@Anubis> Hello Everyone Thanks for Coming will begin shortly
19:07 <@Anubis> Ok How this will work Henrik and Mats will start discussing each topic, you are free to send questions to the QT, but try to stay on the topic being discussed
19:07 <@Anubis> Henrik whenever you are ready

19:07 <@HenrikNystrom> Hi guys and gals. Mats and Henrik here for this “special” HoC.
19:07 <@HenrikNystrom> We are going to talk a bit about “Long-term Secondary Attributes” i.e. wounds, hp/mana/stamina reserve.
19:08 <@HenrikNystrom> This will lead us to cooking and alchemy. And we will also talk a bit about what is happening with mounts if there’s time.
19:08 <@HenrikNystrom> Anyway
19:09 <@HenrikNystrom> Starting in nexy patch, we will begin to introduce these “pools” for HP, Mana and Stamina
19:10 <@HenrikNystrom> They are prerequisites for further expansion of the system
19:11 <@HenrikNystrom> Right now there is a HP stat
19:11 <@HenrikNystrom> This HP stat together with your attributes will determine how much HP you have in your HP pool
19:12 <@HenrikNystrom> There will be quite a lot of HP in your pool
19:12 <@HenrikNystrom> For instance, if you have 100 HP, you might have 1000 HP in your pool
19:13 <@HenrikNystrom> On top of that, you will have let’s say 500 additional HP in the pool, so 1500 HP in total
19:13 <@HenrikNystrom> HP = Health Points
19:14 <@HenrikNystrom> Whenever you loose some of your current HP, the same amount will be subtracted from your pool
19:14 <@HenrikNystrom> You will rest and heal, and you current HP will build up to 100 again
19:15 <@HenrikNystrom> However, your HP pool will decrease for every damage you take, no matter if you heal or not
19:16 <@HenrikNystrom> As soon as your HP Pool gets below the “extra” 500 HP, it will start to affect your current HP
19:18 <@HenrikNystrom> So if you loose 50 HP, heal, loose 80 HP, rest, you may be back at 100 HP, but your Pool will have lost 130 HP in total
19:18 <@HenrikNystrom> The 1500 HP Pool is just an example of course, it might be lower or higher
19:19 <@HenrikNystrom> If you die, even more HP will be drawn from your pool
19:20 <@HenrikNystrom> So, when the HP Pool gets below the treshold, in this case 500, it will start to affect your max current HP
19:21 <@HenrikNystrom> This will also, eventually, add the risk of sustaining a Wound when you get hurt
19:22 <@HenrikNystrom> So the more you keep fighting, healing, and getting killed, the lower your max HP gets.
19:24 <@HenrikNystrom> The same system will apply to Stamina and Mana, although the values will of course be rather different
19:25 <@HenrikNystrom> Feel free to ask questions about this at any time

19:25 <@[QT]kootenay> how will low hp pool affect normal hp exactly?

19:27 <@HenrikNystrom> The lower the HP Pool gets, the lower your Max Current HP will be. You will also risk getting specific “Wounds” when that system is in. I’ll explain that soon.

19:27 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> How can I recover HP in the HP pool?

19:28 <@HenrikNystrom> This leads us to Food, Sleep and Medicine skills.

19:29 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> whats the maximum penalty for hp you can get? i mean if i have 181 hp, can it be that my hp will be restricted to 50 points or even lower?

19:29 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes, if you go on long enough without doing anything about your Pool, it will be possible to get down to 50 Max HP for you.
19:30 <@HenrikNystrom> Eating and Sleeping are rather sensitive, meaning we don’t want to introduce too much “downtime”.
19:31 <@HenrikNystrom> As long as you have access to food, eating it won’t be very time-consuming or difficult ;)

19:31 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Will it there be a delay with using food, medicen, or rest for recovery?

19:31 <@HenrikNystrom> Neither will Sleeping.
19:32 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes, there will be some need for “privacy”, meaning it’s hard to eat and sleep when in the midst of a fight, of course.
19:33 <@HenrikNystrom> Refilling your pool won’t be that hard, provided you have some food with you, or if you run off to take a quick rest if needed.
19:34 <@HenrikNystrom> But you won’t be able to constantly die and get back into the fight as easy as before.

19:34 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> How will stamina pool raise and lower?

19:35 <@HenrikNystrom> When you use stamina, by fighting, running etc, your Staimna Pool will be reduced.
19:36 <@HenrikNystrom> But not as fast as HP, of course
19:37 <@HenrikNystrom> The Pools also makes it possible for us to “transfer” certain actions to Pools instead of current stats.
19:37 <@HenrikNystrom> Meaning
19:38 <@HenrikNystrom> For instance, Riding or Swimming in _normal tempo_ won’t drain Stamina, it will draw from the long-term Stamina Pool instead.

19:39 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> how will sleeping work? does it work whilst your offline and what sort of time base are we looknig at whilst sleeping
19:39 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> can we sleep on the floor? outside or does it need to be a specific place?

19:40 <@HenrikNystrom> You can lie down to sleep just about anywhere, however if you sleep in a comfortable place (bed, campfire, chair?) sleeping will be quicker.
19:41 <@HenrikNystrom> Sleeping will probably be done under a minute, at least if you’re not in VERY bad shape
19:42 <@HenrikNystrom> All in all, we will start with this in a rather “soft” way, so that we can adjust to feedback
19:44 <@HenrikNystrom> We don’t want this to be too intrusive to start with

19:44 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> How does mana pool work can you be a bit more specific on it aswell?

19:45 <@HenrikNystrom> Mana Pool will work in the same way as Stamina Pool. You use up Mana, your pool is lowered. When below a certain treshold, it will affect your Max Current Mana.
19:45 <@HenrikNystrom> But let’s move on to cooking
19:46 <@HenrikNystrom> Cooking will be a new skill set.
19:46 <@HenrikNystrom> You will be able to eat almost anything
19:47 <@HenrikNystrom> You will be able to make simple dishes with only a few points in cooking
19:47 <@HenrikNystrom> ..but to be a master chef you will need a lot of skills
19:48 <@HenrikNystrom> What you eat will affect your Stamina, HP and Mana Pools
19:49 <@HenrikNystrom> But it will also affect your .."volume" (fat/skinnyness)
19:49 <@HenrikNystrom> Currently we are very limited on _showing_ this “fatness”, but we will try
19:50 <@HenrikNystrom> “Fatness” will affect your attributes, such as constitution and dexterity

19:50 <@[QT]kootenay> Can we eat players? Or rather use parts of them in our recipes?

19:50 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes, why not?
19:51 <@HenrikNystrom> Or your horse for that matter
19:51 <@HenrikNystrom> ..finally(?)
19:52 <@HenrikNystrom> It’s not that hard to eat yourself “satisfied”, to regain your pools
19:52 <@HenrikNystrom> You can even eat raw meat (with a certain risk of food poisoning)

19:52 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Can we know from which attributes cooking gets bonus?

19:53 <@HenrikNystrom> But we will also introduce something called Sophistication Points, which you can get from eating luxurious or special food
19:53 <@HenrikNystrom> Cooking will be INT-based
19:54 <@HenrikNystrom> But the use of Sophistication Points will be a bit further down the line
19:55 <@HenrikNystrom> For instance I’ve heard that Fermented Shrimps is regarded as a delicacy by the Tindremic Noblemen. Although the risk of food poisoning is very high unless cooked with special ingredients.

19:56 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Do you foresee the benefits given from a master chef having a central role in Player vs Player combat? As in, One may be necessary to compete?
19:56 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> will cooking be “cheap” enough on the points cap to have a char maxed in butchery AND cooking?

19:56 <@HenrikNystrom> No. Cooking will be much more of a social feature.

19:57 <@[QT]kootenay> ah

19:57 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes, but as usual, to use a specific ingredient to its maximum, you also need the lore of that ingredient.

19:57 <@[QT]kootenay> How long / short-term is this fatness? Do you not think it could be a problem if PVPers accumulate debuffs during fights, particularl for outnumbered groups which rely on movement speed and hit and run tactics to defeat superior numbers?

19:58 <@HenrikNystrom> No, you just have to avoid eating stuff like deep-fried dishes ;)
19:58 <@HenrikNystrom> Get used to high-protein stuff
19:58 <@HenrikNystrom> ..without to much fat
19:59 <@HenrikNystrom> So to be fat, or extremely skinny, you more or less need to aim for it
20:00 <@HenrikNystrom> You can survive and thrive on for instance dried meat on your journeys and wars, but don’t count on any social points

20:01 <@[QT]kootenay> Would brewing come with the food system?

20:01 <@HenrikNystrom> Brewing will be in further down the line, but we need to have drunkness in first

20:02 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> if fatness affects in a bad way CON and DEX, what happens if you are skinny instead?

20:02 <@HenrikNystrom> Lower CON but slightly higher DEX will probably be the outcome

20:03 <@[QT]kootenay> will poisoning come with the hunger system?

20:04 <@HenrikNystrom> Not really, Poison will mainly be part of Alchemy, which is indeed an extension of Cooking (although not skill-wise)
20:04 <@HenrikNystrom> You can get poisoned by food
20:04 <@HenrikNystrom> But cannot use food to for instance poison your weapons

20:05 <@[QT]kootenay> Regarding fat: Will there be benefits from that such as being able to carry more stuff around, relatively wearing heavy armor?

20:06 <@HenrikNystrom> Well, your Weight will be displayed, and Weight will be used to calculate both your nutrition needs and for instance affect your mount
20:07 <@HenrikNystrom> But there’s really no _benefit_ to being fat, although it might affect Sophistication in certain ways

20:07 <@[QT]kootenay> When you are going to cook you can choose every ingredient or there is a set of dishes?

20:07 <@HenrikNystrom> You can choose every ingredient. Well, almost.
20:08 <@HenrikNystrom> You can cook with Brownwood if you like, but the Nutrition values of that won’t be very high.
20:08 <@HenrikNystrom> ..and it might turn out to an “unedible” dish
20:09 <@HenrikNystrom> The system will let you mix any ingredient of your choice, and combine those into a dish
20:10 <@HenrikNystrom> So it’s not like you _choose_ a certain recipe like “Fish and Chips” which requires exactly 5 of this and 5 of that
20:12 <@HenrikNystrom> Instead you choose to cook, boil, roast, fry, deep fry certain ingredients. If you for instance use a bit of water to cook, the system will assume you steam the ingredients. If you use a lot of water the system will turn it into a soup.
20:13 <@HenrikNystrom> So the final dish might read “Roasted Salmon with Rice, Shrimps and Sulphur”

20:14 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Have you considered the massive impact this could have on the PVP and PVE of the game? Are you sure you’ve made the right balance precautions to avoid any major issues when this patch is released? Also, how important do you think this food / sleep / medical system is for PVPers and PVErs? Btw, are you considering expanding the banking system to match this increase in required items? Since we’re already so limited in terms of bank
20:15 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Since we’re already so limited in terms of banking space, it will be difficult to have enough space for even more items.

20:15 <@HenrikNystrom> No, we never consider anything
20:16 <@HenrikNystrom> Joking aside, as I said we are going to introduce the Pools rather “softly”, to see the implications
20:17 <@HenrikNystrom> Meaning you can fight as you’ve grown used to, but not indefinitly
20:17 <@HenrikNystrom> Sooner or later you will have to get something to eat. And try sleeping.
20:18 <@HenrikNystrom> But that won’t take long, it won’t be advanced, and it won’t happen very often until we see how this affects everything.
20:19 <@HenrikNystrom> At the same time, long-term stats, cooking/eating, and sleeping has always been a part of the design. We just have to make sure to introduce it crefully, seeing how you have gotten used to playing without them.
20:20 <@HenrikNystrom> I’ll let Henrik talk about banking, but personally I see no problems in increasing the amount of slots.
20:21 <@HenrikNystrom> ..although the real solution lies in bags and containers.
20:22 <@HenrikNystrom> well as buildable storages

20:23 <@[QT]kootenay> Can a cook poison a dinner on purpose? Such as, using something like “old” meat?

20:23 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes

20:23 <@[QT]kootenay> This all sounds very awesome, but can we even expect that in a somewhat near future?

20:24 <@HenrikNystrom> Long-term Pools and cooking will be introduced in the next patch.

20:24 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> How this Sophistication affects on anything???

20:26 <@HenrikNystrom> Sophistication will be important later on, as that will affect your “personality/alignment”, in turn how you are met by for instance NPC’s and NPC Guilds

20:26 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Well then, to continue my question how time consuming is it (Please specify a bit more)? Because having a decent down-time in the midst of battle isn’t in the best interest of most fighters.

20:28 <@HenrikNystrom> I wouldn’t say that it is time consuming, I guess it’s more about how often you have to do it.
20:31 <@HenrikNystrom> ..and if it’s too often it will be just a hassle for PvP.
20:32 <@HenrikNystrom> All I can say is that it is very important for us to keep what is good about combat today, but that mustn’t make it impossible to introduce and try out new features.
20:33 <@HenrikNystrom> As always, if this makes the game (PvP) LESS fun, then it’s not good, and it should be scrapped, or altered.

20:34 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> What happens if you have 1hp and get hit for 100hp damage ? Besides the death penalty, will you get 1 or 100 deducted from your pool ?  Reds will need to retrain their statloss, but this obviously also reduces their stamina and hp pool. Is this intended as additional penalty for being red ?

20:35 <@HenrikNystrom> 1 HP will be impossible. But if you are on a VERY low amount of HP, it will be because you have kept dying over and over again, or fought for a very long time, while completely ignoring your needs (eat, sleep)
20:36 <@HenrikNystrom> There is no “additional” penalty for being red. Dying affects all characters equally Pool-wise.
20:37 <@HenrikNystrom> The “problem” with the Pools comes first and foremost if you die. Because if you die, you loose more Pool, and you loose your food if you have any.
20:37 <@HenrikNystrom> If you don’t die, you can eat as soon as you have a few seconds to spare.

20:38 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Might want to rephrase that and ask what happens on an overkill… with an extreme example.  Like, what happens if I have 100hp and take 400 damage from a siege weapon? Do I lose 100 points from the pool, or 400?

20:38 <@HenrikNystrom> Or a Lictor =D
20:38 <@HenrikNystrom> No
20:39 <@HenrikNystrom> There won’t be any overkill
20:39 <@HenrikNystrom> (Or fall damage! Lol!)

20:40 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> will be campfire important for resting and cure wounds?

20:40 <@HenrikNystrom> You can cook on a Campfire, and resting will be done quicker.
20:41 <@HenrikNystrom> Although, as I said, you can always eat uncooked food, or bring food with you.
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> The food system leads to Alchemy
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> Those are not the exact same systems, of course
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> But they work in somewhat similar ways
20:42 <@HenrikNystrom> We have to start with cooking though, with Alchemy further down the line
20:44 <@HenrikNystrom> Making basic potions (like the current vendor-only Health Potions) should follow very shortly though, if not in the next patch
20:45 <@HenrikNystrom> Like Cooking, Alchemy will not be based on preset recipes
20:46 <@HenrikNystrom> It looks like we don’t have time for mounts :(
20:46 <@HenrikNystrom> But we can at least give you a hint on what we are working on
20:47 <@HenrikNystrom> The new mounts is where we start the creature-revamping.
20:47 <@HenrikNystrom> We start with mounts
20:47 <@HenrikNystrom> The mounts will have attributes, stats, and skills
20:48 <@HenrikNystrom> Each mount will be unique, and the system is completely based on genes
20:49 <@HenrikNystrom> Breeding is not very far away, but at least each mount will now spawn as an individual
20:51 <@HenrikNystrom> With individual stats and looks
20:51 <@HenrikNystrom> The old horses are the first to be replaced
20:52 <@HenrikNystrom> Instead of having certain preset horse-types, there will now be a true horse-family with various horse races, all eventually interbreedable
20:53 <@HenrikNystrom> At the same time the whole control system for horses will be updated
20:54 <@HenrikNystrom> The horses will react to the environment to a much higher extent, and the reactions will depend on the attributes of the horse, for instance Intelligence or Psyche

20:55 <@[QT]kootenay> What will happen with the current banked horses?

20:56 <@HenrikNystrom> The old horses will be replaced by the new horses.
20:57 <@HenrikNystrom> If you had a steppe horse, it will be replaced with the new steppe horse, as in the equivalent attributes, color, etc
20:58 <@HenrikNystrom> And it will also be unique
20:59 <@HenrikNystrom> To be more specific, there isn’t really a new “Steppe Horse” as in a rigid, fixed set of attibutes
21:00 <@HenrikNystrom> Instead, the horses spawning on the steppe will be just “horses” with attributes, coloring, etc similar to the old Steppe Horses, although each one will be unique with slight variations

21:02 <@[QT]kootenay> Will we someday be able to breed non-horses with horses, e.g. a Molva with a bull horse or an elephant ?

21:04 <@HenrikNystrom> Hmm, hard to answer that one.
21:04 <@HenrikNystrom> Creatures will be able to breed within the same family. That is, races can interbreed. Sometimes, species can interbreed too, but the offspring may be infertile.
21:06 <@HenrikNystrom> To breed creatures even further apart in the evolutionary tree, you will need very specific And it may often not be possible. More importantly, such breeding is forbidden by the Gods.

21:07 <@[QT]kootenay> Will the wild herdes of animals remain original or evolve/change aswell ?

21:09 <@HenrikNystrom> Yes, as soon as breeding is in. The creatures will breed by themselves, but as most of them will be part of the same race they will take time to “evolve”.

21:10 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> Will you be able to train current pets?

21:11 <@HenrikNystrom> We will go through each creature family and replace its members with “dynamic” mambers, and that will take time.
21:11 <@HenrikNystrom> All families that get replaced will also be dynamic, and trainable (and breedable). But it will take time.
21:12 <@HenrikNystrom> ok, we have time for one last question

21:13 <@[QT]Miaiphonos> any ETA about the next patch?
21:13 <@[QT]kootenay> any ETA about the next patch?

21:14 <@HenrikNystrom> It’s a bit too early to tell. It depends a lot on the results of our current tests.
21:15 <@HenrikNystrom> Ok, it has been nice talking to you, and I hope most of your questions at this point was answered.
21:16 <@HenrikNystrom> Thanks a lot for listening to our ramblings =)

21:16 <@Anubis> Thanks everyone for coming look forward to our next HOC check the forums for details

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