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Mortal Online News December 23rd 2010

Christmas Offer

From today Dec. 23rd to January 4th customers will find a special Christmas offer in the shop. During this time the prices for the Digital Download and the Boxed Edition are:

Digital Download (EU countries with VAT) €29,95
Digital Download (non-EU countries) €23,95

Boxed Edition (EU countries with VAT) €44,95
Boxed Edition (non-EU countries) €35,95

As an additional bonus all newly bought accounts will get a trial code worth 14 days that they can give to a friend who wants to try Mortal Online

Current subscribers also get a nice bonus during the special Christmas Offer. Any gametime subscription bought during the special offer will grant you a voucher code worth 14 days of gametime.
This voucher code can be used for your own account or given to another player!

To redeem either your trial account or your gametime voucher you’ll need to send an e-mail to containing the following information:

Account name
Order ID (can be found in the payment history in the Account Management)

Please note: The e-mail HAS to be sent from the address that was used to create the game account.

“Pic of the month”

Starting this month we will hold a “pic of the month” competition. Get creative and post a funny, cool or just plain awesome screenshot in the “Pic of the month” section on the forums.

The dev team will pic the winner at the end of each month and grant 14 days of gametime to the player’s account. Future prizes might include ingame items and Sebastian’s undying love.

In order to qualify for the “pic of the month” your screenshot should have a resolution of at least 1024x768. Be sure to make use of the hide-UI function if you’re going for and artistic approach - unless of course the funny/awsome part is in the chatbox ;)

MMC 2011

Prepare yourselves! The Mortal Machinima Contest 2011 will start in early January! Start up fraps, dust off your gear and grab your friends.
Eternal glory, fame and possibly cookies await the winners.

Competition details as well as prizes will be announced in early January!

What time is it? Event time!

Things are happening! Players have reported an increase in Risar activity. It seems that Risar troops are moving from Herabalter to Gabaria. Reports were posted on the official forums about a Risar Lord and his warband getting attacked by players near “Cave Camp”.

It also seems that in the yearly Raffle of Caerus, Bastilus the Usurer was picked from the blessed Urn of Fickleness. (GZ from the Dev team!)
Reports of the happy occasion can be found here. According to the ancient Tindremic rites the Raffle will continue till the end of what we call December.

Players would be wise to be on the lookout for a LOT of more things going on in Myrland in 2011!

Happy Holidays
The Mortal Online Team

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