Mortal Online: IRC Q&A - 24th September 2010

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@HenrikNystrom epic patch is getting closer, we just want it to work well, and of course to live up to most expectation
@HenrikNystrom As, there is indeed major differences

@HenrikNystrom if you wont notice a diff, then I dont know hehe..
@HenrikNystrom We are talking Mortal Online 2

@HenrikNystrom like I said before, it gives tools yes, and also instant changes and fixed,
@HenrikNystrom but also the possibility to fix tweak other areas better
HobboBobbo instant?
@HenrikNystrom yes, the most critical issues will get an update along with that update.
@HenrikNystrom hence thats why we focus evertghing on this patch

[BRB]Mojoz henrik don’t make hype you won’t be able to live upto, claiming its going to be “Mortal Online 2” is a massive statement to make o.O
@HenrikNystrom Mojoz, hehe I stand by that sentence

HobboBobbo will we have to buy mortal online 2, or the subscription from mortal online moves on to it?
HobboBobbo :P
@HenrikNystrom free in sub hobbo

HobboBobbo Henrik I’m neutral here ok, but we as customers expect some stuff that you promised, it’s not our fault you cant keep up with it.
@HenrikNystrom HobboBobbo sure, and I think we have been pretty clear with the information on our end
@HenrikNystrom how what and when, that is.

Ignus HenkrikNystrom, when do we expect to have a new UI in the game?
@HenrikNystrom ignus, we will have a few things in this build with new GUI/flash

[BRB]Fatcamp Henrik right now the arrows are abit random how they land u know thanks for the wierdy wind thingy. So i wondering if this will get fixed for like sniper bows so they get viable?
@HenrikNystrom fatcamp, just like in real life, snipers have to calculate wind str and direction when they aim at sometihing
@HenrikNystrom I guess what we lack is how to read the wind…
@HenrikNystrom you can always shoot a test arrow thou
@HenrikNystrom wind shouldnt change to fast

[OUTS]Erinian Henrik you know that a had a bug that support cannot fix it and i had to delete my toon that i played since the first day and now i have to read around 50 books again??
@HenrikNystrom there is no reason to delete a toon

Ignus HenrikNystrom, will we have unexpected issues such as characters not being able to log in, crashing on login, spinning swords, etc Henrik?
Ignus With the new build?
Ignus Or perhaps less?
@HenrikNystrom we are solving the issues we have, we simply need our new build in place.
@HenrikNystrom yes ignus those will be solved

Ignus I hope shadows get fixed…
@HenrikNystrom Ignus, shadows are fixed
@HenrikNystrom as in, they dont steal 60% performance anymore
@HenrikNystrom and it looks much better

Lothaar @ Henrik with MO2 can we have a new full installer (in the download section)
@HenrikNystrom yes lothaar

Cronnix|afk cool, can we hear about an update to screendragging then?
@HenrikNystrom yes, its all fixed cronnix, in the new build that is
@HenrikNystrom like we said, the new build will be able to solve the issues we had for a long time
@HenrikNystrom that was atlas bound
@HenrikNystrom now we are working nonstop to take that step
@HenrikNystrom we have solved what we can on our side
@HenrikNystrom now we need the new build to solve the rest

[BRB]Benevolence how about the lagg effect form opening/closing the inventory/spellbook. i know people use that instead of screen-dragging for the same effect
[BRB]Benevolence ima ssuming the new UI with the epic build covers that
@HenrikNystrom bene same thing

MrMortal but I changed everything to max rez.. and it looks awesome..
@HenrikNystrom we will enable high res on the world in the build, not sure if we are able to enable high res for armor parts just yet

[BRB]Benevolence darkfall-style inventory
@HenrikNystrom you mean UO inventory
@HenrikNystrom we can do that now with flash support yes
@HenrikNystrom thou its a decent work for us, to go through all items in the game and rework them to work with the uo system

[Aegis]Mas` henrik.... please make things work as intended with the epic patch release!!!!!!!!!
@HenrikNystrom mas, thats what the patch is about
@HenrikNystrom we pushed our current build as far as it can go

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: do you need help with the combat system? :P
@HenrikNystrom the combat system will get updates do
@HenrikNystrom we are also going throuh all player animation
@HenrikNystrom they need more love as well
@HenrikNystrom specially now when the world will look liek it will in the new build

MrMortal @Henrik so I keep hearing rumors that the new Epic patch will be over 10gig download because of the new textures is that true?
@HenrikNystrom all packages has been changed, so it will be a huge patch for sure..
@HenrikNystrom but we will also repackage the download so theres only 1 download to isntall
@HenrikNystrom which now take the longest, to install each patch that is
@HenrikNystrom but I think it will be worth it, as it wont look like the mo you are used to anymore

@HenrikNystrom cronniz you think blizzards download system is bad?
Cronnix|afk That was a joke
Derderder blizzards download system is bad :P because they aren’t even using an own
@HenrikNystrom Derderder because they use the best provider in the world

[UW]Kuroi Henrik this is an important question: why only the priest statue candle is lighted? lol :P
@HenrikNystrom kuroi, well it wouldnt be something if I told whats going on heeh

MrMortal UsainBolt.. Well Starvault hasn’t advertise Mortal Online yet, when they do new players will come..
@HenrikNystrom not many ppl know about MO yet, and we decided to keep it that way untill we lunch the new build.
@HenrikNystrom some specualtion points to that less that 0.7% of the mmo genre market have heard of Mortal Online.

zelda Henrik do you think the server will crash less with the epic patch
@HenrikNystrom zelda, today we have a crash that happens every 12 hour in MO that is in the network solution, which we cannot solve without the new build
@HenrikNystrom that crash is 99% of all our current crashes in our build

[HARL]MomoWang @HenrikNystrom..... given the lack of exposure for MO… are you happy with how things are going at the moment?
@HenrikNystrom momowang, I have to say things could be worse, and some areas could be better for sure. But we are reallyu looking forward to the next step, which we belive will change a lot of things to the positive

[BRB]Gankez henrik… hows the epic patch looking so far? does it look like its gonna fix the game?
@HenrikNystrom gankez, depends on what you mean what fixes the game in the current state.
[BRB]Gankez server crashes/people not synced
[BRB]Gankez aka on my screen ur 30 feet away and on urs ur hitting me
@HenrikNystrom What we belive is a game breaker atm in our current build is fixed in the new build.
@HenrikNystrom well, I have to admit, the new build is sexy…
@HenrikNystrom gankez prediction system is lacking, which is in the new build

[Ely]Diablos henrik when will my golden armour be gold and not cuprum
@HenrikNystrom diablos, when we have updated the texture merge system. not sure if its going in the new build patch or after.
@HenrikNystrom we have a few new set of armor parts and clothes, we have some things left to solve on our texture merge system before you will see that in game

[sect]stravi Henrik. is there any screenshots of how Mo looks whit the new build?
@HenrikNystrom stravi, I may release a video on monday or tuesday, if you want that spoiled already?

MrMortal @HenrikNystrom when alls said and done with the Epic patch would it be safe to say that there’s over 1 billion different combinations of weapons and armor to make?
@HenrikNystrom MrMortal, that would be safe to say yes..

[AA]Neptune Will GM’s have tools to fix players that cannot join guilds?
@HenrikNystrom neptune yes

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: items on floor, still considered?
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, yes

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: how is the AI coming along?
@HenrikNystrom AI is what we are working on atm, which are keeping us from going live with the build.

[Sect]Jestersheep Henrik… Will Spider dungeon and the Risar dungeon be memory leek free?
@HenrikNystrom jestersheep heh yes..

[UW]Kuroi Henrik were you trua bout a video on mon or tues? :P
@HenrikNystrom kuroi, yes but im not sure yet, should we spoil how the game looks like already?

[Sect]Jestersheep Henrik, will there be *anymore* dungeons like the Risar dungeon as you would most likely guess that, it would be very overcrowded…
@HenrikNystrom jestersheep, we have only so few dungeosn today because they dont work with our current navmesh
@HenrikNystrom when we get the navmesh to work we are able to build more complexed dungeons
@HenrikNystrom as this one are basic because our AI works sometime in those dungeons

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: will it be worth getting a DX11 card for MO ?
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, well you will benefit from Dx10 on the new build
@HenrikNystrom and we are able to start looking into dx11 bonuses as well
@HenrikNystrom but we wont touch it yet
@HenrikNystrom so first thing is 64 bits win support and dx10, which will remove any cap there is today

KoLi @HenrikNystrom will u start focusing on pve afther epic path ? couse u need to know that crafting and pvp isnt everything we need pve to get some nice pvp spots .... atm there is no pve in mo there is player vs wisent ..
@HenrikNystrom koli, thanks to a working navmesh pve will automaticly get a huge step forward, and we will also add more dungeons and creatures because then they will be “valid”
@HenrikNystrom as in, now when our AI can behave as it should we can add more meaninful pve with rewards, as you can exploit them today with a broken navmesh

[HARL]MomoWang @HenrikNystrom are the House of Commons discussions scheduled for a specific time each week ? or just when you are available ?
@HenrikNystrom I thought it was announced as second thursday each month ?

mib_itsuse Ah, meaning the minotaur might return? : )
@HenrikNystrom of course, theres some cool lore and meaning behind those minotaurs

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: with the new GUI, did you guys also consider using the same actions for all groups? like trading with a vendor requires R, why use /trade with a PC for example ?
@HenrikNystrom exo, we have today nonorginized ways of interact in the game, that we are ashamed of, but forced to because of the limits in UE GUI tied to Atlas
@HenrikNystrom with Flash we can make it work as we want
@HenrikNystrom you will see one thing at least with flash support in the new build
@HenrikNystrom which I think you will enjoy very much

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: oh speaking of magic… ( i dont follow the forums so forgive me if this has been said before ) but i think the magic animation kinda blocks your view, is that the idea?
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, no we are reworking most of our animset tree sstructures now, which will give us 3 important things, 1. performance 2. better looking, fluid animation 3. faster production of new creatures.

[EXSO]Anax Henrik what do you mean by ‘ its in flash ‘
@HenrikNystrom Anax, well you will paint flash ingame which everyone can see, with magic..

[UW]Kuroi Henrik will thieves be useful in big dungeons one day? for traps, locked chest and so on..
@HenrikNystrom kuroi, yes thieves can learn traps lockpicking, and also steal from cereatures etc. so sure.

MrMortal @HenrikNystrom any word on being able to steel horses?
@HenrikNystrom yes, there will be rules for stealing mounts/pets a bit later
@HenrikNystrom if you dont care about your pet/mount for awhile, it will be possible to loose it to a thief

@HenrikNystrom cities will get diff lvls of guards
@HenrikNystrom high security areas will have infinite guards
@HenrikNystrom med will have a number of guards
@HenrikNystrom low will only have a few ones
mib_itsuse Will there be guards that actually walk around town and protect you without being called up?
@HenrikNystrom yes, if we can get guards to work well as in moving around not teleporting then yes, it depends on how well navmesh works
@HenrikNystrom which we are testing now

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: will resource nodes remain fixed as they are now?
Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: as in designated certain spots
Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: I am refering to the ‘mine anywhere’ compared to UO
@HenrikNystrom well, we use the same system UO was using now actually… its just that its not tied into all meshes.
@HenrikNystrom but yes, we will work in that area some more.
Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: but its pretty obvious which is saburra or granum
Exodeus with UO you never knew what was what
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, ya in YOU it was skill related
@HenrikNystrom we want it a bit more like in real life, so a noob could actually accidently get some rare resources without knowing what it is, but not a good amount of it
@HenrikNystrom because they dont know how to thandle it well

[HARL]MomoWang @HenrikNystrom can you advise what some of the uses of fish will be? you have mentioned food etc (i assume for players/creatures), is there likely to be anything else ?
@HenrikNystrom momowang, oh yes, theres a huge area for fishing, you will use it in different areas other than in food alchemy and crafting things

[sect]stravi all i heard about this epiq patch i only have one thing to say. Epiq patch Will be EPIQ
@HenrikNystrom stravi, you sure are right about that I tell you!

MrMortal Will there be a jail in Mortal Online.. I mean besides just the top of the tower outside fab?
@HenrikNystrom jail in you was the place a GM took you to discuss “certain” things with you.
@HenrikNystrom in privacy
@HenrikNystrom we thought about jail in MO to be tied to the game
@HenrikNystrom but its hard when it comes to steal play time from a player game wise heh

MrMortal Any info on the new continents yet or is that still to far away to talk about?
@HenrikNystrom you will soon see the first climps of another continent.......
@HenrikNystrom we may need that next continent sooner than expected..

MrMortal Server population so high that we need the extra room?
@HenrikNystrom well, not at this time population wise, lots of ppl are just waiting for the new build
@HenrikNystrom but when ppl start to hear about MO and tries it, then we may need it

Exodeus the only way for the playerbase to become steady is to deliver… but if you keep adding content without making it actually work...yah
Exodeus getting tired of these wisents
@HenrikNystrom oh yes, we are also tired of the old wisents hehe
@HenrikNystrom but it would just be sad to add much pve without proper navmesh

Exodeus i have no experience with navmeshes… i have no idea what they are… are they like textures?
Exodeus or pieces of map tied together?
@HenrikNystrom no, navmesh is generated data for the AI to use when navigate
@HenrikNystrom which must be tied on the network solution so the AI can detect collision or it will walk trhough a house or so
@HenrikNystrom which means out of sync on the player side
@HenrikNystrom and could give you an invis animal hitting you…
@HenrikNystrom or any other crazy thing..
@HenrikNystrom hehe, well we have a pretty complexed AI system when it comes to how it reacts in a situation, but it gets sadly dumb because of the lack of navmesh
@HenrikNystrom animals can today hear, see and group up and it also checks for enemie size and numbers and reacts based on that
@HenrikNystrom this is by far already more advanced than most mmos on the market
@HenrikNystrom but it all gets a bit waste without navmesh

Ignus Henrik, what about other behavior?
Ignus Will they roam, and when they do, will they stay close together like a stampede?
@HenrikNystrom never experienced when you are many vs a wisent before killing it?
@HenrikNystrom it flees instead of fighting back
@HenrikNystrom depending on your number and size
@HenrikNystrom so some creatures gets more honor by being many in a group, if you gets more than their group then you break their honor heeh

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: true, but i am kinda saying, the same AI is used for every creature
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, not really, we have a AI action tree that can be set on any creature we have.
@HenrikNystrom but like I said, most gets wasted without navmesh

Ignus What about mobs roaming, sticking together(physically), possibly hunting down players? Things like that?
@HenrikNystrom ignus, it could be cloesr than you think

MrMortall @HenrikNystrom are flying mounts completely out of the picture for Mortal Online?
@HenrikNystrom mrmortall, so far its closed yes, but its not totally taken away, in a very very certain way..

Exodeus @HenrikNystrom: will becoming a GM tamer be more difficult, like it took you 3 months in UO
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, well in uo it was a terrible grind to become a gm tamer in the mid days of UO, we try to avoid terrible boring grind in most cases

Ignus HenrikNystrom, so, do we get an answer about skilling up pets? Pets possibly starting out weak? It taking 100-200 points to do this?
@HenrikNystrom yes, pets will be able to be trained and gain stats like a player
@HenrikNystrom of course, you need to care about the pet so it doesnt die, and make it fight a lot to be trained
@HenrikNystrom the skill lies in how you act with the pet
@HenrikNystrom as long as your char has the skills to controll it

[UW]Kuroi Henrik can i tell my weasels to steal?
@HenrikNystrom kuroi, we want you to be able to train pets certain commands such as loot a corpse, and maybe even try to steal an object from someone yes.

@HenrikNystrom mrmortall, well we aint allowed to discuss other mmos in the channel, but its really not my cup of tee, thou I base my thought most on the utube vids Ive seen, I looked on combat and some otehr stuff, not the kind of style I would enjoy. but some things sound cool for sure.
@HenrikNystrom interesting thought about the campadon..
@HenrikNystrom MrMortall, hehe hard to answer, but I think the team behind APB describe why pretty well, lots of discussion about it, and EA have resoruces for sure, if its not profitable then count the losses and continue on the next project.
@HenrikNystrom I mean they needed a good solid number of copes sold and subs..
@HenrikNystrom which got cut in 1/10 out of first month.. and they dont even got close to what they needed to run.
@HenrikNystrom ppl forget about the costs behind the team and upkeep of the game when its live
@HenrikNystrom hmm mortal started hmm what was it 6 years ago now.. not sure actually have to count hehe
@HenrikNystrom I mean count the amound of features in APB and compare to the number of features in MO, we are struggling in keeping ppl busy, then its not hard to see what kept the interest pretty low after a week in apb..
@HenrikNystrom we have almost the oposite problem, we need to make the first experience easier and fun
@HenrikNystrom apb had a great first exprience
@HenrikNystrom but it went down quickly, we have the oposite
@HenrikNystrom based on most feedback thou
@HenrikNystrom if you survive passt our first hours, then you could be a good MO candidate for the future
@HenrikNystrom right, the install time is just to bad as well
@HenrikNystrom somethign we will change thou ..
@HenrikNystrom so, we are working on the first hours experience, both in game and when dling it
@HenrikNystrom how do you mean Exodeu?
@HenrikNystrom a video when dl the game is a good thought indeed
@HenrikNystrom Exodeus, there will be something better soon
@HenrikNystrom basilt, you have too choose who to declear on if you dont want mc when killing them
@HenrikNystrom ignus, we will do a new dl with this new build, which means 1 patch to dl
@HenrikNystrom we will have at least 1 flash based gui window in this build, then we will convert the rest to flash

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