The Mortal Chronicles - The Great North War, Talar Matar and Keep Ownership

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Not long ago an interesting new “guild” formed in Mortal Online. Given its unique setup we gave the leaders a change to write up a short portrait of their group: Talar Matar Academy

The Talar Matar is founded to be a teaching Academy to the people of Nave. A wide range of voluntary teachers from other guilds are avaible to answer the questions of the students.

Courses vary from the practical mining, fighting and magic classes to the theoretical politics and history classes. Since Talar Matar is not a ‘regular’ guild they are not interested in expanding their member base and have a maximum membership period of one month for students.

All other guilds are welcome to help teach students and to talk to students to try to recruit them to their own guild. Talar Matar arranges meetings between students and guilds so that students can find a home after they leave.

Talar Matar is being led by Nidhogg and Shinzon, former arch enemies in the Great Northern war. When Prometheus left the game Nidhogg remained and now the former Prometheus keep is controlled by Talar Matar and is used as a training ground.

It surprised many people to hear that Nidhogg and Shinzon would be working on this together since their animosity on the forums was well known. Nevertheless, the Academy has helped several students get started in the world and plans to continue to do so.

The Great Northern War: Part 1 - The Beginning

The Great Northern War is undoubtedly the biggest conflict in Nave’s history, involving approximately 25 guilds and 6 different alliances. Because of the number of people fighting, though, there are many sides to the story. As a result, the true beginning and causes of the war are often clouded in mystery – and trolling. Every guild has a different account and different reason for their conflict and understanding the history that has brought this war is essential to understanding it.

For most, the conflict goes back into the early stages of Mortal Online’s beta. This was a time when some guilds were first forming and the political landscape had yet to be carved. The first major event important to understand the war is when the guild Th1rt3n first entered the game. At the time, guilds already settled into the game such as CIR (Crimson Imperium Reborn), AI (Aegis Imperium), Wessex (The Duchy of Wessex), OL (Overlords), and RUS, ect. took an immediate notice. As members from both Prometheus and AI say, 13 made their impact through their posts on the forums, largely consisting of trolling, flaming, and bragging. As Bizzy, the leader of 13, puts it, “They didn’t seem to get my humor.” Because of this, most guilds began to develop distaste for 13. Many began fighting 13 including AI, AR (Audacian Republic), CIR, and more. Many guilds, however, found that giving 13 the attention that they wanted only made the situation worse.

As time went by, on approximately the 3rd of March, the first keep of the game was put up by a guild most didn’t expect, 13. At the time most guilds had stopped actively fighting 13. For AI, though, who had planned to put a keep in the very same spot, that was the final blow. They gathered forces as soon as they could manage and with AR began to destroy the keep. Ultimately the keep was destroyed.

Shortly after, an emergency meeting was called. Shinzon, the leader of AI, joined the most active guilds leaders together to talk to them about the threat of 13. He suggested that they were in fact Goons, a guild infamous for ruining (by the account of Shinzon) games similar to Mortal Online. Goons, as they were known, came largely from Eve Online, but played Darkfall as well. They worked slowly on polarizing the server with two large entities to fight. This was done mostly through trolling. Because of these similar signs, Shinzon believed, and convinced the other guild leaders, that 13 were Goons and they needed to be stopped.

Knowing how Goons worked in the past, the guild leaders, lead by Shinzon, set out to break the server’s power up, stopping the Goons from polarizing it. Each guild was to break ties with one another, after fighting 13, and divide up parts of the world to call their own. To keep the agreement secret though, Shinzon suggested that the factions would occasionally fight. As he says, CIR, reading too into the situation, began to have doubts about the idea. Finally, during one of the many meetings that were had in the following weeks, Synlaw, the leader of CIR, backed out of the idea as a whole and, according to Nidhogg the representative of CIR at the time, threatened anyone who “messed with his boys”. After arguing, Shinzon finally replied, threatening Synlaw, telling him that AI would destroy CIR from the inside out.

Band of brothers (screenshot by Airfell)

This single moment in Mortal Online’s history represents the conflict that began the war, as many see it. As CIR and AI, who used to be friendly, began bashing one another on the forums and eventually fighting each other in game. With the destruction of CIR and AI’s relationship came the destruction of Shinzon’s plans. Slowly guilds began to suspect that 13 were in fact not the Goons that had been lead to believe. As a result of this fighting though, AI had also made a lasting enemy of 13.

When Mortal Online was released, these enemies AI had made proved to be disastrous for the guild. Two alliances, both enemies of AI from their dealings in beta, formed. First, Prometheus, consisting of CIR, RUS, SyVi (Syagrii Victrix), ODL (Ordre Démocratique de Landeriel), OL (Overlords), and Drakes and then 13th Prophecy, consisting of 13 and Prophecy.

Since beta AI had set their eyes on the Sunken Isles for their keep, or as it is affectionately called, Combat Beta Island. When release came, though, 13th Prophecy was the first to put their keep on the island with, again stealing the keep spot AI thought was theirs. CIR and Prometheus as a whole, who had since settled their disputes with AI, though still on hostile terms, aided 13th Prophecy in the construction of the keep with their new alliance. Prometheus, as Nidhogg says, believed they were in debt to both 13 and Prophecy as during beta, prophecy had supplied the guilds of Prom with weapons and armor. They were in debt to 13 for allowing Prom to construct their keep in 13’s old spot. By helping them construct their own keep, Prometheus, again according to Nidhogg, believed they had paid back what they owed to the new alliance. AI thought differently.

List of current Keep Owners

Talusian Alliance

The Talusian Alliance is a moderatly sized alliance that keeps the peace in the Talusian Mountains area. Since the outlaw town of Kranesh is a part of this territory the Talusians often get to see action fighting the various outlaws that make their home here.

The Talusian Alliance has survived three failed siege attempts, one taking place when the keep was still under construction. The Talusian Alliance has seen many forces threaten to take them down but so far none have succeeded in even damaging them. During the Great War the Talusian Alliance was essential for the stability of the North, playing a pivotal role in the early skirmishes, giving time for the rest of the North to stabilize politically.

With their enemies much reduced or even vanished completely the Talusian Alliance finds itself in the first peaceful period since its foundation. With friends like the Velden Alliance and the TOP alliance their position seems secure and safe.

The Talusian Alliance is a well established alliance that can now finally enjoy peace. Aside from occasional bandit attacks they no longer seem to have any major foe now that the Great War has ended.

TOP Alliance

The TOP alliance holds the keep that gives them control over the mineral riches of Gaul’Kor. TOP maintained close ties with the TA alliance. Their actual control of Gaul’Kor continues to be challenged by various other guilds and alliances. Meaning that TOP wages almost constant battles.

While they where involved in the Great Northern War TOP seems to have largely lost interest in the southern regions.


RUS is the last remaining guild of the old Prometheus Alliance. They have a long military history and as part of the Prometheus empire they have fought in the Northern War.

RUS has recently rebuild the keep on Combat Beta Island, giving them an excellent defensive position. They have proven to be very stubborn fighters.

RUS members are all Russians, a tightly knit group that has proved to be reliable allies and fearsome enemies.

Chaos Alliance

The Chaos Alliance is a small alliance located in the north of the world. They do not have clearly defined goals or any agenda safe for keeping their members satisfied. Chaos Alliance has fought in the Great War.

Chaos is on friendly terms with TA and TOP and unlike most other alliances never has never been targeted by other forces.

Chaos Alliance is a small alliance who do not have much ambitions safe for making sure their members remain happy.


Forsaken has a nearly unique position in Nave in that they are not an alliance, they are a single guild. They have survived the Great War by taking no side whatsoever. Forsaken aims to be neutral and to engage in trade with all other guilds and alliances.

Forsaken’s goal is to open taverns inside the territory of other alliances to act as trading posts and social gathering spots. Occasionally Forsaken’s members face attacks by bandits or outlaws but no serious threat has ever come to them.

Forsaken is the only force that can probably count on support from most other alliances as they maintain good relations with TOP. TA. Prometheus, Velden Order and the Kingdom of the Isles.

They are structured in different factions inside the guild depending on their function, fighting, crafting and so on. Each faction has a degree of autonomy but is still a part of the guild as a whole.

Forsaken has a keen interest in the social aspects of the game, not a military powerhouse, they have proven that even without a large army a single guild can still hold its own in Nave.

Kingdom of the Isles

The Kingdom is one of the more recent alliances. Ruled by a council of lords and headed by Malachai Drake, Archbishop of Soldeus. The kingdom is the only force in Nave that has adopted a religion. This religion has spread in part to other guilds and alliances giving the archbishop influence even beyond their political borders.

The Kingdom takes a policy of strict neutrality but if needed they police their borders with grim determination. During the Great War the Kingdom aided in the defense of the Prometheus city and was instrumental in keeping it safe. In later encounters the Kingdom fiercely patrolled their borders, sending out a stern message to both sides that no battles should spill over unto Kingdom lands.

The Kingdom organizes events, spreads their faith and trades with other powers. They occasionally face bandit attacks but have no current enemies. The Kingdom is well organized and administrated.

Ascension Alliance

The warrior-alliance of Nave, Ascension is in conflict with TOP over the area of Gaul’Kor. Ascension consists mainly of outlaw fighters. Though(or perhaps because) they are often heavily outnumbered and have few friends they have some of the most experiences fighters in Nave in their ranks.

Ascension members fight basically everyone and have been a thorn in the sides of the other alliances. These warriors excel at quick hit and run tactics and take pride in that few guilds can match their prowess with equal numbers.

Ascension is a small alliance, made up out of excellent fighters who seek conflict and fights wherever they go. If no conflicts exist, they will make one.


Elysium bought their keep from 13 and have settled in the Meduli Plains. Their goals are to keep the area around Meduli clear from gankers. They stated ‘If you grief us there we will grief you’.

They have been involved in several wars and have had threats issued at them by other guilds and alliances in the past. Elysium has always gone their own way without giving in to these threats.

Now they have joined the ranks of the keep owners, Elysium is the latest guild to acquire a keep. Like Forsaken they are not an alliance but a guild.

Talar Matar

Build on the remains of the once proud Prometheus empire, Talar Matar is a teaching Academy. Its goals are to teach new people how to get ahead in the harsh and unforgiving world of Nave.

Talar Matar acquired its keep when the Prometheus Alliance left. Their assets passed to the founders of the Academy who are former Prometheus leaders.

Despite their origin Talar Matar remains strictly neutral and pursues a policy of non-involvement. They have invited other guilds to assist in the running of the Academy and even asked one of the enemies of Prometheus to join in leading.

Each of the above parties was given the their text for approval and/or edits.

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