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Event Report - T2 Guild House Expansion

Posted by Flintwick | 26 August 2010

The Old Gard Guild House Expansion.

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Event Report - Jungle Run

Posted by Flintwick | 29 August 2010

The Old Guard Jungle Run Event

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MO: GM Event - Risar Invasion!

Posted by Flintwick | 21 December 2010

This Sunday 19th December, GMs unleashed the fury of the Risar against Cave Camp, a small mountain settlement in Mortal Online. Many guilds came together to fight this menace, and a few came to profit from ...

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27 Mar: First Myrland Master Angler Tournament - 27 March 2010 1900gmt

Posted by Flintwick | 18 March 2011

27 Mar: Just over one week remains for the first ever Myrland Master Angler tournament! Sign up today!

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