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Reputation Point System Explained

By far one of the most often asked questions in various TOG forums is “What is the deal with this whole reputation thing?” The following is an overview of how our reputation system works.

The reputation point system was added to the TOG forums some years ago as a means of encouraging people to post. This is different to the “Star” ratings which apply to an entire thread rather than an individual post.

Over the years, the reputation system has been one of those funny things in TOG, some people love it as a means of leaving a ‘personal’ touch that outlasts a PM (by using the comment leaving ability) while others see it as a waste of time and not worth using.

Love it or hate it, the reputation point system is one of the things that makes TOG what it is today and there are many who see it as a means of ‘connecting with community’ by leaving a personal touch and an encouraging comment.

So this is how it works:

Each circle pip = 200 rep points.

There are three colors of pip.
Dark Blue 0 - 999
Light Blue 1000 - 1999
Gold 2000 - 2999
When you reach 3000 one circles they turn into a bronze triangle. Each triangle is worth 3000.

When you get five bronze triangles which are worth 15,000 rep you get one silver diamond.

When you get five silver diamonds worth 75,000 rep you get one gold star. When you get five gold stars worth 375,000 rep then you are maxxed on rep. Well done.


= 200 rep each
= 3,000 rep each
= 15,000 rep each
= 75,000 rep each

How to Give Reputation Points

Giving someone reputation is easy:

Step 1: Click the Scales
On the space beneath a users name, avatar etc are a set of scales - click on that.

Step 2: Leaving a Comment

One of the great things about Rep is that it’s your chance to leave a personal note of appreciation. It lasts longer than a post, is personal and can really bring the forum community together. Having said that, it’s considered bad form to “ask for rep” - a bit like saying “I’m doing this simply to make myself look good rather than for the doing’s sake.”

How your “reputation giving power” is calculated

  • Everyone joining as a registered member with our forum receives a default 10 points of reputation.
  • For every 365 days, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power (eg, if you had the power to give ‘2’ points per post, it goes to ‘3’).
  • For every 1000 posts, you gain 1 point of reputation-altering power.
  • For every 100 points of reputation, you gain 1 reputation-altering power.
  • You must have a minimum of 50 posts before your ‘reputation power’ kicks in - up until then, you can rep someone but it will appear grey to them and add zero points. This is stop ‘neg rep spamming’ by a new member. When it does, your default power is 2 points per reputation given.
  • You can only give out reputation points to 10 people in 24hrs.
  • You have to give reputation to 3 different people before you can ‘rep’ the same person again.
  • You can only give reputation once to a person in a thread. (ie you cannot ‘rep’ someone twice for the same post).

Reputation Level Changes and reputation “Statement”

To find what “statement” is attached to a member, hover your mouse over their reputation bar (under their avatar) where the little green square is. One of the following statements will appear. The number next to it is the minimum amount of reputation the person has gain in order to have that statement.

  • User “is infamous around these parts” -999999
  • User “can only hope to improve” -50
  • User “has a little shameless behaviour in the past” -10
  • User “is an unknown quantity at this point” 0
  • User “is on a distinguished road” 10
  • User “will become famous soon enough” 50
  • User “has a spectacular aura about” 150
  • User “is a jewel in the rough” 250
  • User “is just really nice” 350
  • User “is a glorious beacon of light” 450
  • User “is a name known to all” 550
  • User “is a splendid one to behold” 650
  • User “has much to be proud of” 1000
  • User “has a brilliant future” 1500
  • User “has a reputation beyond repute” 2000

Using some simple mathematics, you can work out based on the above what your “reputation giving” power is. For example:

If I have been with TOG one year, have posted 1000 posts, have 100 reputation points then if:

  • Default = 2 points
  • 1 year = 1 point
  • 1000 post = 1 point
  • 100 rep points = 1 point

2 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 5 points of reputation giving power.

For the “Stats People”

If you would like to see the reputation ‘list’, go to “Members” and click on “Reputation” to view the member list by reputation points.

To find out if someone rep’d for a post, click on your own scales in a thread and this will pop up:

A NOTE about Administrators and Reputation:

As with any part of the forum, the Administrators can manage the ‘reputation system’ as you would expect. The following is a brief outline of how Administrators are “different” to all other users when it comes to the reputation system.

They cannot alter their own “reputation-power” (the “points” they have to give per rep) without changing a number of parameters to create a new formula as outlined above.

They can change a persons reputation total or a “line item” (eg they can change a negative rep someone gets into something else and visa versa).

They can “see” how much reputation power a person has and what their total reputation score is. They can change that score but without a similar amount of fiddling, cannot change the ‘reputation power’.

To give you an example, at the time of writing this guide, Wayfarer leads TOG in reputation giving power by a considerable amount. This is due to his time in TOG, the amount of posts he has and the amount of reputation he already has. My “reputation giving power” is a fair way behind him as I’ve not been around as long, and don’t have his post count even though I have more points (but not by much).

Administrators are not restricted to 10 people in 24hrs or 20 people before the giving reputation to the same person again but cannot give reputation to a person more than once for the same post. 

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