TOG Code of Conduct

TOG Code of Conduct

About The Older Gamers (TOG):

The Older Gamers is a diverse gaming community that aims to bring adults together to celebrate and provide a gaming experience that is fun, enjoyable and acceptable for adult participation. We are passionate about gaming. TOG community members uphold the spirit of decency, fair play, cooperation and respect for others.

TOG believes that a gaming community that upholds strong community standards makes gaming more enjoyable and acceptable for adults to participate. TOG members have little time and patience for undesirable behaviour that causes harm to the broader gaming community, our community or our gaming. We want to escape or separate ourselves from the abusive, disruptive and disrespectful behaviour displayed by many but often attributed to younger players that are so often encountered when gaming online. For this reason “Adults” within the TOG context are considered to be those 25 and above. This is the required age for membership.

This does not mean that TOG members will hide behind closed doors. TOG members being a friendly vibrant group of gaming enthusiasts from around the world are old enough to enjoy ourselves properly. We will continue to promote TOG philosophy throughout the broader gaming community whilst publicly celebrating gaming.

TOG members often have limited time in their busy adult lives balancing work, family, health, children and other hobbies.. We come together to free ourselves from the daily grind and let our minds wander into a vast array of game worlds; fly space ships, wield magic and swords, fly planes, drive cars, save the world or become a pirate. Some players are laid back looking to chill. Others are more competitive as they thrive in hard core raids or PvP environments. If the developers and game mechanics support it, we’re all for it.

You will find TOG community members in all major games and often obscure ones as well. One of the great things about TOG is that anytime an interesting game comes along, you can almost guarantee there will be a host of players ready to go. Games with sufficient community interest are formed into Divisions. Divisions are managed by Captains and their leadership teams. Captains are required to uphold and strive towards all that TOG is about. To assist, the TOG Service includes community forums, voice communications and game servers.

Should time permit we may even meet in real life for a drink or two.

Father is the founder and owner of the The Older Gamers community. Father and TOG Administrators invite adults to come join and enjoy all that the community offers.

Code of Conduct

At The Older Gamers (TOG) we believe that Gaming should be fun, we believe it should be enjoyable, and we believe that everyone should be able to participate without being subjected to immature or anti-social behavior.

We believe that a gaming community that upholds strong community standards makes gaming more enjoyable and acceptable for adults to participate.

We believe that being on-line game players is something that should be celebrated.

To support these core beliefs the TOG community is guided by the Code of Conduct.


The Older Gamers Code of Conduct (the Code)

The Older Gamers (TOG) is a community founded on our members having and upholding the spirit of decency, fair play and respect for others.

Through joining and continuing membership of the TOG community, you agree to uphold this spirit of TOG, within our forums, our communications services, in game, and in the wider community.

Cheating undermines the very foundation of the TOG spirit. Those found to have cheated, assisted or encouraged others in cheating have no place in TOG.

TOG is a diverse community with members from many walks of life and countries around the globe. We require our members to behave in a decent and respectful manner to other members, and to others within the wider gaming community through all forms of interaction.

Our diverse community brings together people of varying skill levels, commitment, and availability of time. TOG members will respect that this may limit the ability of some members to participate in some competitions and/or activities, however this does not otherwise lessen their standing within the TOG community.

We expect that the actions and communications of our members will promote TOG in a positive manner and will not bring TOG into disrepute.

We require our members to act in a lawful manner, and that they will not contravene or encourage others to contravene Software License Agreements.

Mar 10, 2019
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