Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

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Article by Wiz_74

Pro’s: Team based warfare that actually rewards for playing as a team.
Con’s: Some maps are confusing to begin with.

Welcome to Earth in the year 2060. The Strogg have invaded earth, and it’s up to you whether you will defend against the murderous Strogg invasion as part of the Global Defence Force (GDF), or side with the aliens and bring destruction down upon these puny human sources of food. Set early in the invasion of earth, well before the events of Quake 2. This is a world ravaged by war, son!

This is a game based on objectives, and no I don’t mean capture this flag then run to the next and capture that one. I mean build this bridge, hack the shield generator, and then C4 the Water Contaminator type of thing.

Choose your kit, know your kit, play your kit!

Objectives are generally only achievable by a particular kit, for instance to build a bridge you must be an engineer. The kit that is needed for the next major objective is shown with an asterisk next to the name in the Limbo menu, so you can easily identify what is needed at any point in time. As well as the major objectives, there are secondary objectives that will greatly help your team. Pressing M during gameplay will allow you to choose which of the available objectives for your kit you want to achieve and then display it on the map. Better still you don�t even need to know which tool you will need for that objective, walk up to it and hold F, or mouse button 3, and your soldier will automatically pick the correct tool and start building, hacking, arming etc.

With 5 kits to choose from on each side there is sure to be something for everyone.With 5 kits to choose from on each side there is sure to be something for everyone.  Although both teams differ wildly in weapons, vehicles and strategies, they seem to be well balanced. The Strogg are more advanced in their weaponry and vehicles, but don’t be fooled as the GDF are devastating in their attacks.

Most of the kits can call in deployables, which are air dropped into place. These range in function from simple automated weapons, such as Anti-Vehicle or Anti-Personnel Turrets, to stand alone Radars etc. Then you have the Artillery Weapons such as the Howitzer, and Artillery Guns. Once one of these is placed then you can use a targeting device to call forth a barrage of firepower that devastates everything in its wake. Do not be fooled, this is no simple Battlefield, this is fast, furious and unforgiving warfare.

The frontline continually changes as objectives are completed, meaning you will not all be spread out across the map, but instead most of the action will be concentrated in one area at a time, with both forces either defending or attacking the next objective as best they can. Spawn points closer to the current frontline are either automatically or manually captured so you wont spend half your game just running or driving to the frontline.

Vehicles range from Quad Bikes and Jetpacks to Boats and Aircraft. Unlike the Battlefield series, you can not jump in and steal the opposition’s vehicles. If abandoned, they disintegrate after 30 seconds and respawn back at their original position. When you spawn, there is a good chance that there will actually be a vehicle there for you to take. As you would expect, most vehicles hold 2 or more people, however a few are single player occupancy only.

On each map there is a team base for each side and defensive weapons manning those bases, meaning that the opposition can not spawn camp your base, however they can spawn camp your forward positions. Splash Damage has seen fit to give the player about 5 seconds of invulnerability to combat this issue and it works quite well, usually giving you enough time to either jump into a vehicle or duck for cover if need be.

These bots complete objectives, chatter to each other and above all else tend to work as a team.Bots in this game appear to be quite smart, sometimes making it hard to tell the difference between a bot and a human player.  These bots complete objectives, chatter to each other and above all else tend to work as a team.  This is great for getting some practice in or for filling an almost empty server up. If you have never played an online FPS then I highly recommend you play on your local machine vs Bots, this way you can make mistakes and not feel like a fool in the process. We all had to start somewhere but at least this way you can do it on your own.

...those who play rarely are on the same footing as those that play continually.As I said the focus is on Teamwork, rather than individual play, and although a solo player can do well, a team will rarely win without working together. The game is geared in such a way that you will level up much quicker by helping the team complete their objectives than you would by simply going out and shooting everything in your path. Yes I said level up! Like Battlefield, you gain unlocks for your kits as you play, however these unlocks only last until the campaign ends, generally 3 maps, and then everyone is set back to the default settings. With that said, there are persistent stats, but these are stats such as your kill ratio and overall effectiveness in each kit, vehicle etc. However these stats do not affect your gameplay in anyway. To be honest at first this put me off a little, it felt like I was being ripped off at the end of each campaign and having to start again, however I quickly realized that this is actually a very good thing in that those who play rarely are on the same footing as those that play continually.  It may also help reduce the stats padding that the Battlefield series is plagued with.

You have probably noticed by now that I make a lot of mention of Battlefield, and very little of the original Enemy Territory (ET) (which by the way is still played on servers worldwide) despite being released as a free mod of Return To Castle Wolfenstein many years ago. There are a couple of good reasons for this. I never had the joy of playing Enemy Territory. My first real team based online FPS and the first game I played with TOG, was Battlefield 2. I had previously dabbled in CounterStrike: Source, but was hooked when I first started playing BF2 with TOG. I think a lot of people really started playing online team based FPS around this same time judging by the new players that were continually streaming into TOG. For those people there are some differences to take into account; however I do not think it will take long to pick up and run with it. From what I have seen, old ET players will adjust immediately, while newer players to the genre may struggle initially. This is based on my observations during the Open Beta and the Demo periods from my own friends and from what I have seen online. Although newer players should be able to pick it up and at least start shooting others within minutes, I think it will take a few solid hours of gameplay to fully begin to understand the dynamics of the teams and the objectives that must be completed.

The biggest task you will face in this game is learning the 12 maps that are available out of the box. The outdoor maps are fairly straight forward and don�t take long to figure out, however the tighter indoors maps can become very confusing at first, running through tight corridors, stairs going up and down. {quotes align=left}Best idea is to follow the masses.{/quotes} Spawns are done in waves, so generally when you spawn there will be others that spawn in beside you so you will always have someone to follow if you are unsure where to go. Also remember there are many fantastic resources out on the web that give full run downs on all the kits, maps, vehicles etc. So the information you need is only a google away.

Graphically the game is very nice, but also fully scalable. Players with older machines will have a much better chance at running this than most FPS games coming out at the moment, while high end computers can set everything on High and play the game in all its beauty.

I believe the game to be a 5 out of 5, as I can�t pick anything to fault it on. I am sure there are issues and I will find them but at the moment I just can’t seem to see any. One last comment, as Penny Arcade said, shoot the medic first!


Thanks to:
Father, Jector, Spectre8 and Subgalaxy for all the work they have done to bring this article to light. As always it is a group TOG effort to bring these reviews/articles to life. 

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