Guild Wars 2 Launch Date: 28th August

inoshiro | 28 June 2012 | 97 Comments

After years of waiting, ArenaNet has announced the launch date of Guild Wars 2: 28th August, 2012.

Guild Wars 2: Get ready (ArenaNet video)

There are 2 PvP formats in Guild Wars 2.  The first is structured PvP which allows competition on an even footing.  The second is World PvP, which involves massive 3-way battles between servers with hundreds or thousands of participants in 2-week long battles.  In Guild Wars 2, any character can enter PvP at any time and is automatically scaled to level 80.  Skills, experience and equipment can be obtained just in PvP, so the PvE world is in fact optional.

Those who do want to play PvE will find themselves in a large, beautiful and dangerous world.  Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the events in Guild Wars 1, after the rise of the Edler Dragons.  Humans, no longer the dominant race, are joined by the Charr, Norn, Asura and Sylvari as playable races.  Each character has a personal story, which is influenced by choices made at character creation and during the game.

Guild Wars 2 does not have traditional quest givers.  Events just happen around you, like it or not!  Exploration is encouraged to find more events and things to do.  Events scale in difficulty to the number of participants, and everyone is rewarded based on how much they helped.  Players are encouraged to play together (no kill/loot stealing).  Even if they are different levels, loot and experience scaling occurs so that high level players aren’t penalised for playing with their low level friends.

The game has 8 professions, each of which has a unique skills, style and combat mechanics: Guardian, Warrior, Engineer, Ranger, Thief, Elementalist, Mesmer and Necromancer.  There is no dedicated healing profession - any combination of professions can play together, so you no longer need to worry about who will bring what.

A larger number (enough to fill 3 in-game guilds) of TOG members have been playing GW2’s Beta Weekend Events, and will be even bigger at release.  If you are going to play this game, head over to the Guild Wars 2 Division as there is a lot of excitment and information there.

There will be one more BWE before release, starting on the 21st July.  Participation in the BWE requires pre-purchase of Guild Wars 2.  Pre-purchasing also grants you a 3-day headstart before the official launch.

The following screenshots are by Toggers during the Beta Weekend Events.

Morri: Lion’s Arch centre area

Pinkeh: TOG take on troll cave

Ebonytears: Awesome water effects

inoshiro: WvW: blue invaders inside garrison

Saturnshimmer: Beautiful underwater colours

Roq: Do you still love me?

Ludy’s pretty norn

Sweetblue: Top of stairs in beginning Norn area

Zeigfried: with Baelrock during an event

Jaglavak: Storming the castle

Dander: I entered this city and thought, umm I am gonna be lost for quite some time

Seoh: Special effectstastic!

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Sweet article and nice piccies. GW2 is perhaps the first mainstream MMO where people are actively rewarded for helping each other. I also like GW2’s emphasis on exploration and the choice of activities between PvE, WvW, sPvP without the need to power level.

The BWE starts on the 20thremains FYI

Nice article!

So what classes have TOG member been playing in the Beta, I didn’t have time to participate in the last rounds, but curious to see what people liked and didn’t like and general thoughts on the class they chose.

Best check the forums Boomer, however in short ive played all but the guardian & all the races.  To be fair they are all really fun, my personal favs are (not in order) Ranger, Thief, Warrior, Elementlist, Engineer.  Prob start with a Ranger first, they play more like the wow ranger than GW.  There are a lot of improvements and its the first mmo ive played since wow that hooked me right away!

I can’t wait to taste this.  :D

any hints on class to choose.

Stress test tomorrow starts aus aest time ,
Saturday 11/8 2100

Might be 0900

1 hour stress test tomorrow, check forums for event timer post.

Ok ok,… I am back into MMOs (Since Aion),… I try to get away but this one has pulled me back in…

Can someone PM me for any info in getting into the TOG guild

SumDumGai, go to the GW2 division forum.  Everything you need is there :)

Stress tests have been fun so far (despite the hardcore lag while they’re pretty much ddosing their own servers). Can’t wait for full release! Seriously this game man...This is unlike any mmo you have played it is such a great game.

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I really wanted to get into the beta of GW2 but I made the mistake of doing a pre-purchase at Best Buy after being mistakenly told by the guy in games sales that I would be able to use the code on the receipt to gain access to the beta’s and 3 day head start. Apparently, that only applies if you order the digital download version off of their website and not for retail copies. I was almost tempted to go ahead and buy another copy but I guess I can wait and save the $80 for gems or something.

On one hand I am intrigued by the promo, on the other hand as a newbie I have no idea what to expect. Is this any good for a player new to guild wars or do you need some kind of background (I’m a lotro player only), as tbh I’m not sure what it’s all about?

I say i have played in both Warhammer and Aion TOG guilds and GW2 is the culmination of both games I am having fun soloing atm but intend to be with ToG asap… you will see my ranger Ronin Knute constantly greeting TOG - say hi back when u can


Awesome promos !
I am dying to play this game....Are there any new guilds in this version?
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I have really been enjoying Guild Wars 2, I hit level 80 a few weeks back now and I spend most of my time making gold in Guild Wars 2 at moment. I was surprised at the huge amount of content they included for the launch. There is still plenty to do even now

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cool game great graphics still play it once in awhile. My brothers got me hooked on WOT so we have been playing this.

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ArenaNet’s Stein talks Guild Wars 2 design team goals and roles

ArenaNet lead writer Bobby Stein is featured in an interview at Guild Wars 2 Hub. Stein talks about how his role has evolved since the game’s launch, the challenges inherent in GW2’s new two-week content cadence, and a host of other design-related topics.

Stein also offers some frank analysis with regard to GW2’s lofty pre-launch goals. “You can’t pour your blood, sweat, and tears into something for more than five years and not see a million things that you’d do differently, if given the chance,” he explains.

guild wars 2
guild wars 2 news

Happy First Anniversary Guild Wars 2!

It’s been a wild ride this first year, lots to see, lots to do, lots of laughs, and a few frustrations, but it’s been great and looking forward to even better things ahead.

Thanks to everyone who made it fun so far.

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After playing a Norn all through beta events I’m almost positive I’m going to roll an Asuran first. I’ve found the Norn a bit cumbersome, they don’t feel very dynamic or fluid in their movements.

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The game has 8 arts, apiece of which has a sole talents, panache also argument mechanics: Parent, Soldier, Maneuver, Warden, Kleptomaniac, Elementalist, Mesmer further Necromancer.  There is no committed curative vocation - some composition of crafts can act unison, so you no longer demand to upset about who resolution convey what.  copper repipe specialists

Events range in change to the figure of registers, another everyone is rewarded based on how numerous they helped.  Competitors are encouraged to doodle agreement (no quench/swipe stealing).  Chronic if they are alien layers, maraud alongsides texture scaling happens so that high alike mimes aren’t penalised for playing abreast their shabby seam sidekicks.  Taxi from London to Harwich

The first is structured PvP which licenses battle on an exact standing.  The support is Cosmos PvP, which complicates huge 3-approach struggles among servers accompanying hundreds or thousands of partners in 2-week yearn struggles.  In League Strifes 2, some makeup can enlist PvP at some cycle plus is automatically scaled to point 80.  Abilitys, ordeal besides apparatus can be obtained hardly in PvP, so the PvE planet is in truth voluntary. area rugs to cover floor

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Pakhi Chopra | 10:34 pm - 2 April 2014

After 8 years of wow, I thought to give it a try and I never looked back to be honest! Firstcry Coupons
Just try it, no matter how many gameplay videos you see or how many comments read you, it’s never going to show you how awesome GW2 is, at least, it is for me! Enjoy!

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