Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946

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* Originally authored by N3uRoTiC *

Anyway I slowly move in for the kill, get a couple of shots in to him, the next thing I know my canopy is black and I can’t see very well, my engine sounds like it’s about gone, you know, the putt putt bang bang sound. So I check my map to see where I am, bugger thats a long way back to base, I turn around and start heading back, think to myself;

“my engines sounding like a damn bucket, I better throttle off a bit”

Ok, everythings going good…

About 5 mins from base my engine dies!

“oh shit...”,

Ok not everythings lost. I’m nice and high, I start to wonder;

“can I glide this baby home?”

As I very slowly descend, I keep checking the map. I finally see my base out to the left, have to turn nice and careful, plane wants to stall if I turn too hard, finally all lined up with the runway, still a little to high, drop the nose a little. Ok, going good, flaps, landing gear, check and check, speed, a little too fast, ok can slow up as i’m about to land. Just over the runway I pull the nose up a little to lose some speed, perfect, drop the nose down again, and thud, great i’m on the ground, perfect landing with no engine for over 5 mins.

I breathe a sigh of relief.

The Older Gamers now have an active WWII flight squadron, “The Old Goats,” and are seeking new pilots!! No experience nescessary, just a fondness for sheep, fleecy boots and a strong stomach.

The Old Goats fly online in Oleg Maddox’s much acclaimed, IL-2 Sturmovik: 1946 flight simulator. There’s an amazing number of planes to fly, from Avengers to Zeroes, fighters to bombers, as well as Europe and Pacific theatres.

So if you are a dysfunctional TOGger, sick of mudslogging in COD or the hack and slash of WoW, and always fancied yourself as one of the Brylcream Boys, come and introduce yourself to the Corps in the IL-2: 1946 forum.

Poll: How much time do you game each week?

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