Interview with a Horse

Tilce | 7 February 2011 | 8 comments (off)

Interview by Carnaldestruct

Interview with a Horse
As people have settled into all the new games throughout 2010, it’s been nice to see some renewed activity within the Battlefield 2142 division. A new year is here and I decided to catch up with Division Captain Horselancer.

So, Horselancer I see there is a resurgence within the 2142 division forums, teamspeak channel and the game, why do you think this has come about?
I believe it has a lot to do with the people playing the game; we have a laugh at each others antics on TS while keeping it from getting personal or mean. They will put the effort in to get the server up and running even if it means leaving a successful round on another server. All of the players in the division are very proud to be wearing the TOG tags and that rubs off on the new people and leads to a very strong loyalty. I doesn’t hurt that despite its age this is a heck of a game, a squad of TOGers in full flight supporting and talking to each other takes a lot of beating. The forums are always pretty busy and I have found that even if it gets quiet then the members of the div will dig up something to spark comments and keep the posts rolling.

Can you tell me all about the new server and how you got it?
Our new server is sponsored by the fine folk at Gamers United in return for some advertising space on the load page banner. This is a great thing as the finances to run the old server had almost dried up. We have full admin control and some nights we have to make room to fit all the TOG players in. Matt from Gamers United held a conference of division captains and vice-captains offering free severs and we had ours by the next afternoon, a day of setting up and here we are.

Do you think the new server is helping people find their way to TOG and the BF2142 division?
I think so; no-one has complained about having any trouble finding the new server in fact I had people joining it while I was still setting it up. We have the TOG contact website address rotating on global chat in game and a few new members since we kicked it off.

Lately I’ve noticed quite a few people from the division making their way back into both the game and the forums, this must be nice for you as Captain of the division?
It is, there have been names showing up that predate me joining TOG. I think that the welcome they get when they come back should convince a lot of them to hang around. The atmosphere on TS is almost like a LAN party; as if you could look over the top of your monitor and stick you tongue out at them. This is what I believe keeps people reinstalling the game after they have thought they had moved on.

We’ve seen for many months now the 1.51 patch has been in Beta testing do you think the release date will be anytime soon?
I have heard many rumours with a wild collection of time lines; I suspect it will be a stability issue that is slowing it down in this country if it’s anything. Hoping for sooner rather then later.

Have you tested it yourself if so what are your thoughts on the new maps etc?
I have down loaded it but have not played it yet (serious lack of time). The responses I’m getting back are that the new maps are good but the free Northern Strike download is the real winner. This will open up a lot of weapons unlocks that a lot of people that play the vanilla version don’t have as well as great number of maps.

Do you think there will be much of a change within the division upon the full release?
I’m hoping that a lot former members of the div will come back for a look, it would be good the see a few old name resurface on our TS channel. I think our numbers will grow again, maybe not to the halcyon days of old, but more personalities to make this a game that people want to keep playing.

Any other news or goings on within Battlefield 2142?
We have recently restarted our Woftam and Noob awards, the competition will be strong for the first and there are no shortages of the last. Enigma Blade has kindly taken on the job of organising this as I seem to just have time for the rest of the work load. The moral in the division is as high as I’ve seen it and we have no plans to go anywhere soon.

Last words?
I have only been DC for about seven months but this mob are a pleasure be with and I’ll be doing the job for as long as they want me. The server admins and squad leaders are a great bunch, except when they shoot, stab or blow me up (happens a lot). I’m proud of our division and the way we maintain the TOG ethos in game, and in person.

It’s great to see a game that is a bit older getting some new found attention, being the fantastic FPS that it is I’m sure we’ll see plenty more upon the official release of the 1.51 patch.
Stay tuned.

8 Comments so far

Thats a great write up!!

Good work on leading the division Horse. You and Vet do a great job.

I am kicking myself for not mentioning Vet, a finer VDC you would be hard pressed to find. Thanks Carm, you`ve set the questions so it actually sounds like I know what I`m doing.

haha no worries mate
most enjoyable interview for me

Thanks for the Comments Horselancer, It would be hard to find a more level headed and patient Div Captain, thanks for all your hard work.
(And thanks for letting us blow you up all the time)

Nice write up Carm. Well done Horse and Vet for keeping this fantastic division running as well as it has.

See ya in 1.51

Great write up Carm. Horse and Vet are doing a great job with the 2142 div.  Hope 1.51 gets released soon for the big catch up that i’m sure will happen.

great work was a good read (hippies)

Good to see that the Battlefield games have not gone away.

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