Interview with Bloodwrych, Division Captain for Fallen Earth

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An Interview with Bloodwrych. Division Captain of the Fallen Earth Division.

Bloodwrych on the left, with a friend

1. Who are you, and what is your position here at The Older Gamers?
Who am I? Just another adult that likes to play computer games. My position here in TOG at the moment is as Division Captain for the Fallen Earth (FE) division. In short im pretty much accountable for the division and the general direction of the clan within FE

2. How did you come about becoming a member of The Older Gamers?
What seems like a long time ago I played Vanguard...and was just casually browsing for guilds when I came across TOG. I had seen them from time to time when I first played EQ2 but I didnt pay much attention to them...or any other guild at that time since I was running my own guild back in EQ2.

3. Have you had any other leadership roles within TOG?
Vanguard - Officer Role
Tabula Rasa - Officer, Guild Leader, Division Captain
Age of Conan - Officer (divisional recruitment officer)

4. You took charge or leading the Fallen Earth Division from the time beta was announced. Have you enjoyed the journey?
So far so good. Been here in FE since early Alpha testing back in middle of 2008. Its had its moments....but this division seems to have less issues then what ive experienced in other games prior to this. I put that down to having a good crew in FE.

5. If someone approached you wanting to know more about Fallen Earth, how would you best describe the game?
To a layman.. If I had to be succinct I would say that it is a Post Apoc MMO something like the Fallout game series or Mad Max movie series...but its complex enough to make many who take the time to learn how to play it hooked...I would probably also mention that many who have played FE have compared it to SWG in its early days.

6. The Fallen Earth Division has a very friendly atmosphere. What do you feel has contributed to this?
Generally a good crew. The fact FE is a sandbox game and does not lead you around by the hand from A to B deters some of the more troublesome ones....that and the fact that most who play FE actually are hooked on it so try to help any new members to get settled in...since many of them remember how they felt when initially starting off in FE.

7. Does the general Fallen Earth public know much about The Older Gamers, and their gaming approach?
I try to promote TOG within Fallen Earth and the forums...and with the GMs. Many of the GMs know us rather well. We even have a TOG member or two that are members of the Hazmat Team (group of players who work closely with the Devs and GMs to help players. I myself would have applied to become one if I wasnt a DC)

8. How difficult has it been running the Fallen Earth Division?
Not that hard. No major problems yet. The usual leadership churn of officers etc that is expected in any game...and a couple of issues that got pretty much sorted out right away.

9. Do you have any future plans for the Division?
I have from time to time in previous games ive played in TOG in a leadership role been compared to a Pimp of all things since im always trying to promote the game im playing or get new recruits....even those in other guilds who express interest in TOG get the subtle sales pitch....modified to suit the individual. I dont poach from other guilds though...but if one approaches and asks...

I am trying not to get any concrete plans for the division. I prefer to try and gently direct it this way and that and see it develop and evolve. Pretty much to find more ways to lure people to FE...both those already in TOG and those who are just casual players who have come across us.

10. How is the TOG Clan in-game portrayed?
Multi-factional bunch of misfits!

Seriously though... we portray ourselves as clan which is part of a very large gaming community for adults 25 yrs or older...and of all sorts of gaming skill levels, races, religions etc.; We dont portray ourselves as a hardcore clan but we do mention that we have a broad spectrum of players in our clan...ranging from those who may play an hour or 2 a week to those that are on 12hrs+ every day.

11. Does the Fallen Earth Division provide anything the other MMO divisions do not?
It has the complexity that many games have done away with to make them more mainstream....and a great crafting system that has brought many craft haters over to the dark side. The crafting, like in EVE, even happens when your offline...assuming its in the craft queue and you have the skill and resources on you. The complexity of the game and its sandbox nature will deter many people who are familiar with the sorts of games that hold your hand. The TOG members in FE are always willing to help any newbies to get settled in and help them get settled in. FE has a bit of a steep learning curve at the start....but once you learn it most find that it was definitly worth it.

12. If a member of the public would like to become a full fledged TOG member, and become a member of the Fallen Earth Division, how would they go about this?
Pretty straight forward.
- Apply in the Barracks forum here in TOG.
- When approved in there scroll down to the MMO section of our forums...and in the Fallen Earth forum there post in the Post Here sticky there
- Then either chase an officer down for an invite (sticky there listing officers and how to contact them)...or wait for an officer ingame to contact you.

13. Does TOG have any inter-clan relationships?
We are on friendly terms with a couple of clans in FE...and individual TOG members are on friendly terms with members of other clans as well.

14. What social/communication abilities does the Fallen Earth Division provide?
No social as in go to a pub and get together events at this time....although as TOG we do have such events from time to time which are promoted in our Lounge Forum. Ive noticed that the Aussies seem to be the most active in these pub get togethers judging by the Lounge posts. We do have ingame voip....not many use it though... we have a ventrilo server as well that all TOG members are welcome to use....and even their guests if the guests follow certain rules.

15. Would you say Ventrilo provides the ability for TOG members to get to know one another?
It definitly provides people with another way to get to know each other. Speaking to each other adds a whole new element to socialising that cannot easily be portrayed by just typing.

16. There are a number of Factions in Fallen Earth, which faction are you, and how are your characters progressing in-game?
My main toon is a Chota / Traveller faction crafter/melee toon. I also have a sniper toon, a pvp toon and a mutant spec toon. They have been taking time doing every mission along the way...and exploring. Since ive been here over a year already due to alpha testing im in no rush to hit max level...since ive already been there done that. My other toons will be different factions then my main.

17. Last but not least; If you could pick a flower, which one would you be?
Flowers? Where did thise one come from lol. My gardening skills extend about as far as mowing the lawns.

Probably a misunderstood one. At times peoples initial opinions of me are generally far from the truth. Some find me as coming across as not tolerating fools lightly...or any of a multitude of other things. Whilst it is true that I have little tolerance for fools I guess the misunderstandings come from the fact that for me...unlike many around me....i truly dont give a hoot what colour your skin is or what country your born in....or how many pieces of paper you can wave around saying diploma this or certificate that...or how many zeros are in your bank accounts. I prefer to judge each individual on their own merits. This also goes for gender for me as well. Im not sexist... I firmly beleive that what one gender can do so can the other if they where so inclined...except for a couple of biological ones of course.

Many people I come across are not accustomed to dealing with people like that so often try to put me in this or that pigeon hole and usually find out after that I dont easily fit any one particular little box. I dont know which flower that would make me though.. I have a few rough edges....and a low tolerance for fools....but also have a lot of compassion (due in part to my childhood/teenage years) and will go out of my way to help those in genuine need...but on the flip side will not hesitate to walk away from any parasite who feels they can sit back and live off my efforts whilst doing little to contribute to it themselves in a productive manner.



Thank you for your time Bloodwrych, and thank you for supporting the Fallen Earth Division.

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