Planetside 2 Release 20-Nov-2012 PST

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Available 20-11-2012 10.00am PST

That’s right Planetside 2, the worthy successor to the amazing Planetside 1 released around 9 years ago will be released on the 20th of November or for us Aussies the wee hours of the morning on Wednesday the 21st.

Have a look at our PS2 Division video for a taste of what to expect. Please be aware that some of the language may not be suitable for the young ones but hey, neither are we ;-)

Sounds like a bit of a lark aye but what is Planetside 2?

It is a FREE MMOFPS....!

FREE: Cost to play is zero, you don’t have to hand over a single cent if you don’t wish to. Pretty much everything except for the cosmetics and some side-grade weapons are available using cert’s. Cert’s are earned by doing things in game like killing, capturing, defending, repairing, destroying, hacking, supplying, healing etc.

MMOFPS: Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter and when they say massive they mean it. The battle takes place between 3 factions on various continents (3 at release, more to come). Each continent is approximately 64 square kilometers in size and can accommodate up to 2000 players. This means the battles are what sets PS2 apart from anything out there. They can be huge, literally hundreds of players from each faction fighting over one area.

The three factions mentioned are The New Conglomerate, The Terran Republic and the Vanu Sovereignty. The TR are militaristic, authoritarian and simply no fun. The VS are techno junkies, alien lovers and fashion failures and then we have the awesome NC that are freedom fighters and rebels standing up for freedom from oppression and MAX’s without high heels.

Being TOG members we have a history if being awesome and also the fact TOG played NC in Planetside 1 clearly means TOG is playing New Conglomerate in Planetside 2. We have had a TOG PS2 Division up and running now for 4 months with members having a great time playing in the beta and being part of it’s development

Do you like the idea of running around with a squad of 12 of your mates? Do you like better the idea of running around with a platoon of 48? Do you like the idea of fighting with hundreds of allies against hundred of enemies that are all real people?

Mechanized combat? We got tanks, troop transports, fighters, bombers and support vehicles both flying and driving.

What about the idea that it is a persistent 24/7 world that has no game rounds and does the concept of real day and night cycles tickle your fancy? The first few times I saw the sun go down with the light filtering through the trees I got sniped standing there looking at it but it was worth it. Beautiful and something to be seen, this video is a must to watch. Early beta stuff but still fantastic to watch.

Is this looking like something you want to be a part of? Then please feel very welcome and drop into our division, say hello and check out the only game on the planet Auraxis, Planetside 2.

Remember this game is 100% free, it’s not pay to win, it’s free to play. You can skip some of the “grind” (If you call grinding shooting things and having a laugh with mates) and purchase some weapon upgrades with real money if you wish but the combat effective stuff is pretty much all earn-able just by playing the game.

As you can see by these screenshots this is not a “get what you pay for” game, this is a AAA shooter that is ground breaking in the scale and is very easy on the eye to boot.

The sun through the trees on Amerish.

Idiots doing a Flash (quad) race across Indar on the final day of beta… didn’t end well. These things can be equipped with turbo’s and cannons, even mortars… seriously :-)

A TOG armored column on Essamir.

A small NC zerg moving towards Crossroads watchtower on Indar.

A Biodome in the distance on an Indar at night.

A bridge battle near “The Crown”.

A squad of TOG assembling some hardware at the NC warp gate.

Just purdy boy.

The last instant of life of my Dual Burster AA MAX as a Liberator bombs me back to a stem cell.

A view of the terrain outside of a warp gate on Indar.

Foxmans tank getting redecorated by the TR.

Amerish is such a beautiful continent.

Armored night op’s.

Infantry action on Essamir.

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