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Tilce | 23 May 2011 | 20 comments (off)

TF2 Reigns Supreme!
Submitted by Mixa

TF2 has reigned supreme in the TOG source war 3.
After an undefeated run in the wild card rounds, TF2 clinched an heroic victory in the Grand Final against CS:S. Playing a game unfamiliar to both teams (DoD:S) TF2 capped out both rounds to take a commanding points lead.

Thanks to all the divisions and players that were involved.

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Binary-Ninja | 07:46 am - 23 May 2011

Well Done Guys

Huge thanks to all who were involved in this inter-div War.
Great to see players getting out of their comfort zone and trying new things.
We played a round robin series with all teams defending in their “own” game then a wild card round with divs playing their “off” game ie: css vs tf2 @ dods.

It was great fun and maybe something that should be expanded to include other Divs.

We all had an awesome time and the TF2 Division were a finely tuned machine, well done everyone.

It seriously did wonders for inter-division relationships and gave us all a great insight into the other games we may not have tried before.

thanks for everything :)

Bullet Attractor | 09:51 am - 23 May 2011

So true Deep! Thanks to Kreed and Deep and Mix/Zud for the planning.

Was a great comp to be involved in, albeit the couple of matches I only played in.  Massive thanks to the guys that ran and organised it all no small feat at all.

Looking forward to Source Wars 4. 

Just need a sig making ;) Looking at you BN :P

TF2 Source Wars 3 CHAMPIONS

it wasn’t fair to the other teams we took all the gingers out of the lineup therefore we were able to dominate

lies, they weren’t ALL removed ;)

Genghoidal | 08:20 am - 25 May 2011

Too many team players in TF2 :) grats all… sounds like great fun too.  Invite the COD players?  :)

May as well invite the WoW’ers as the COD players.  :)

Genghoidal | 12:12 pm - 29 May 2011

Lol - you mean the WoW’ers the play AS the COD players - or the WoW’ers AS WELL as the COD players?  :)

Genghoidal | 12:12 pm - 29 May 2011

godammit - i meant the Wowers to play for COD as the first part… damn Pub I blame you!

lol. I can’t understand either of those sentences.  :)

They are from Geng most people just nod slowly and back away from him :P

If we played COD as well they would no longer be the Source wars!

Had a blast (yes I’m a ginger on the TF2 team as well)!

Genghoidal | 05:22 am - 31 May 2011

What we could do is invite eneryone to come play something like UT which everyone has but nobody plays… a bit sad seeing it’s seminal multiplayer history

UT blows chunks man.  I wouldn’t play that in a pink fit!

who’s this chunks guy and what does he have to do with the conversation?

Yeah, someone should arrange a Retro Gaming Title to be won!!!

Count me in for UT!

Wangers...would you play it in a pink tutu if the fit didnt work? Hang on...did i just let something outta the bag?

CONGRATS to all involved. WD to the TF2 Team FTW!

wd tf2 dudes. all the games were hard fought (well, other than tf2 and css slaughtering us at their respective games). but dods will regroup, in the pub, and at the bar, around the keg and beside our home brew, and come back stronger than ever before!

adignefiedrage | 01:24 am - 28 June 2011

Aww Hacks :P

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