Chris Roberts Recognises the Star Citizens of TOG

Wenceslaus | 26 October 2013 | 26 comments (off)

Star Citizen: Building a Universe with TOG and Chris Roberts

by Foxman

In the distance, you can still see the flashes of orange and yellow, the occasional sparkle of light reflecting off a silver metallic object, all interspersed with vibrant explosions of gas and fire. It’s almost beautiful if you ignore the fact that each flash of light brings death closer to your friends, each explosion marking their eventual demise. Still, in those fleeting moments of clarity as you drift, you cannot help but admire the brutal elegance of such a display.

Gradually, the image fades as your oxygen supply runs low and you begin to lapse into unconsciousness, your body slowly tumbling amid a debris cloud that used to be your pride and joy, your very own starship. Now it is little more than slag and fragments, spinning lazily in the cold darkness of space.

Your last thoughts flicker briefly through your mind; maybe you’ll be picked up by a friendly face, revived and able to continue your quest for wealth and glory, maybe you’ll go on to live a long and prosperous life. Perhaps more likely, you’ll simply freeze, becoming a legend and stark reminder to all pilots that death is never far away in the vast reaches of space.

Or maybe you’re already a legend and this is simply the final act…

Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer. Three iconic names in the PC gaming world, each evoking different feelings of wonder and nostalgia with memories of battling Kilrathi, pirating merchants or simply trading as a freelance pilot.

The gaming world has seen many space based games over the last decade or so but none have managed to capture the feeling of freedom or the thrill of combat quite so well as those early forays into space ‘simulations’.

Fortunately, that’s all about to change. Chris Roberts, the man behind 3 of the most revered space series in gaming, is making a return to the scene of the crime with his new crowd funded project, Star Citizen and it’s single player campaign companion, Squadron 42.

At it’s core, Star Citizen is a space sim for the Freelancer generation, vast in scope and minute in detail. It aims to be the definitive space sim, encompassing a persistent online universe complete with human and alien races, manufacturing and trade, piracy, space and ground combat (including boarding actions) all richly enhanced with social and lore content.

Featuring a multitude of single seat and crewed vessels, ranging from the small but lightening quick M50 Interceptor to the devastatingly powerful Idris Corvette, the range of possibilities for combat and player interaction is vast. The ability to hire NPC crew or create your own via a character slots means you’ll always have crew available.

RSI Ship Comparison Link

TOG and Star Citizen

Members of TOG have been following the funding and development of the game since it was first announced a little over a year ago and the newly formed Division, headed up by Wenceslaus, now boasts over 100 backers.

Star Citizen TOG Fleet Forum Link - Public Forums & Private Forums

With such a diverse game universe, TOG will have a presence in all spheres, from trade and manufacturing to exploration and role play to law enforcement and ‘legitimate’ piracy, ensuring a place for all playstyles.

As always, all TOG members are invited to come and find out what the fuss is about, the Division forum is the place for all things Star Citizen and many members hold Original or Veteran backer status to help get your new ship equipped with LTI (see below for more detail).

To date, Star Citizen has secured more than US$24m in funding, making it the first AAA game to be truly crowdfunded.

Of that total, TOG members have contributed a combined amount in excess of US$45,000, a feat which prompted Chris Roberts himself, along with Sandi Gardiner, to issue a personal message of thanks and support to the TOG community for their continued participation.

Backers, Pledges, what is all this?

Star Citizen is not a free-to-play game but is instead following the Guild Wars model of an initial purchase allowing a lifetime of play. In order to secure funding for development, Roberts and his team initially solicited crowdfunding via their own website which then branched out to include a Kickstarter campaign. Unlike many other Kickstarter projects, Roberts decided to keep the funding options open via the new website launched soon after.

Anyone can now back the game directly at a variety of levels for pre-made packs which include a ship, the base game, alpha and/or beta access and some start up game currency (some packs contain a few additional extras). From here, you can add additional ships or packs to your account. Once you’ve picked your ships, download the Hangar module and interact with them directly!

RSI Pledge Store

Original and Veteran backers are able to secure Lifetime Insurance (LTI) for anyone until November 26, 2013 so be sure to check our LTI pledge thread for new backers.

What is LTI?

Lifetime Insurance is a time limited offer for all Veteran and Original Backers of the Star Citizen project until November 26, 2013. Standard insurance will always be available in-game for all players.


Join the growing community of TOG Star Citizens here and get among the action! Remember - Citizenship must be earned!

26 Comments so far

Awesome! :)

Thanks Chris and Sandi, keep the faith:)

Awesome! Small things like that are what is going to make this game HUGE!

WOW I mean WOW thats so cool

I loved the old Wing Commander games and I am looking forward to playing another first-class space sim.  Thanks for the shout-out Chris and Sandi!

Good one Blue!

Nice Foxman!  Didn’t know that we got personal thanks.  I’m a little awed.  Looking forward to deploying our Fleet for the good of TOG’rs everywhere. :)

This is getting personal! :D
Very cool!

Nice!!!! (Did we get a Space Station?...LOL :))

Great work guys! And congrats everyone whose part of the $45,000+ (probably closer to $50,000 by now) total that TOG has contributed towards Star Citizen.

That’s like ... a whole new starship, funded entirely by us. So if you come across a really cool ship in-game, just think, that ship might not have made it into the game if it weren’t for our contributions.

wow how nice was that :)

I’m so bad. I just bought the Hornet upgrade and will probably buy an Avenger before the game is released.  Oh the things this game does to my wallet.

Wow this game looks amazing :O

guidedbyvoices | 09:54 am - 3 November 2013

This was pretty cool to see. Thanks for the props, Chris and Sandi :)

This is awesome.

I keep thinking I should back the game—maybe I’ll actually do it, soon.

Does service guarantee citizenship?

Congrats guys!

Well done all of you. WELL DONE!!
It is amazing to see such drive even before wiggling controls in SC space.

Stalin: I understand from some of the comments that Chris Roberts made in video interviews on the website that if you complete the Squadron 42 single player campaign, you are virtually guaranteed Citizenship.  However, it is not necessary to complete Squadron 42, you can break out into the persistent universe game at any point that you feel comfortable, ship-competent, or even just bored with the border war campaign action in S-42.  You don’t even really need to play S-42 to play in SC.  You won’t start as a UEE Citizen then, just a non-voting Civilian, but you could play forever like that, just on a different semi-role-play path; and, there are other ways to achieve Citizenship, within the larger PU game, if you really decide to pursue them.


AvatarICEMAN | 06:41 pm - 1 March 2014

Wow, blown away.
So good to hear how much TOG is affecting RSI and Im so glad to be apart of it.
I have my seat reserved ready and waiting.

Just discovered TOG through Star Citizen, glad to be in the fleet!

I’m really looking forward to this when it gets released. Things are starting to happen and everything. I only found out about it well after the kickstarter finished though.

I’d be interested to hear more about the LTI thing. From the post above does that mean that the TOGers who have Original or Veteran backer status can give out LTI to others? That seems quite cool.

I think mostly I’d want to get into SC as a trader, miner that kind of thing and then maybe some fighting later on :-)

Only reservations I have (and they are yet to answer my email) is that’s it’s just another Eve clone.. I’m meaning that areas are forced PvP (or should I say PK as in Eve). It would be a shame to limit players to those only interested in PvP (or PK) and force those that have no interest in PvP out of areas they may need to go, which would severely limit the players ability to travel the whole verse and immerse themselves fully into it.

Not everyone wants to PvP..


Very nice! Glad to be a part of this team.

so far this game sucks...after paying to play. I can only fly around a small space or fight a battle against other players. I really hoped I would be flying around star systems joining a clan making a home base like like Elite dangerous.

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