TF2 Goes F2P

Tilce | 30 June 2011 | 7 comments (off)

Team Fortress 2 goes Free to Play!

The game described as “the most fun you can have online” according to PC Gamer magazine has gone Free to Play. Come and see what all the fuss is about FREE. Like the deranged bastard child of Gordon Freeman and Wile E. Coyote, TF2, blends team based objective combat with cartoon violence, multiple game modes and projectile based Urine attacks (no really). With nearly 50 Official maps and literally hundreds of Home Made Custom maps TF2 always has something new to offer. NOW with Hats.

So why not come and see for your self just why TF2 is still entertaining thousands of players years after release. The TOG TF2 division is a great place to experience for yourself the flailing, frantic fun of TF2.

Tuesday Night (au) is Vanilla Night, the perfect place for the TF2 novice to get a feel for the game. Vanilla Night is official maps only, so no worries about missing a minute of the action downloading a map.

Thursday Night is Fun Night. Custom modes, custom maps, pants optional.

Check the TOG TF2 forum for sever details and upcoming events.

Team Fortress 2: Free-to-Play FAQ

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Make sure to drop by the TF2 forum for more details.

Bawheidbob | 07:27 pm - 4 July 2011

50 maps bloomin heck when i played this one it was only around 6 maps and only 2 of those were ever really favoured.

I may update and try and get online with you guys one early weekend morning. Doubt i will be able to make the specific nights for vanilla but if you do not mind shooting some lagging Scotsman on your weekends then i will be game to give it a try once more.

Is it OK if I wear a dress instead of pants?

Mighty Brush | 03:11 am - 8 July 2011

Beavis, as long as it covers your fly-eyes it’s all good mate*

*as long as you bring the Vegemite.

rockologist | 10:06 am - 10 July 2011

Most common response to this news, ‘but I thought it was already free?’

TF2, the now-free game everyone enjoyed so much they forgot they actually paid for it back in the day of the Orange Box…

It does look like fun. I might give it a try.

Been a lot of players I’ve had to prod with a gentle “Umm, use your right mouse button to deploy ubercharge”, but otherwise this has been pretty good.

As a mostly average player (apart from when I’m causing heavy havoc), I welcome the stream of freebs who don’t really know how to play, almost feels like stat padding some days… ; )

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