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The Mechwarrior game series.

The titles ran from MW1 through to MW4 and also gave birth to a number of expansion packs, one of which was MW4: Mercenaries.
With MW5 cancelled due to legal issues.
There was a recover attempt around 2007 but it didn’t go far.
Then sometime towards the end of 2009 a total conversion mod for Crysis emerged, at first the hype was contained to a small group, but then attention slowly grew taking the mod through 2010 picking up interest ... and now in 2011 we have a total conversion for Crysis Wars that is bringing back the forgotten battles of massive machines, lasers, PPCs, gauss rifles and rockets.


This mod is a combined arms game not limited only to mech lovers, it also has tanks, hovercraft (yes hovercraft), aerospace craft and even VTOLs in the game.
They even got the original voice artist from MW4 Duncan Fisher (George Ledoux) to record a lot of new lines for the Solaris Arena maps.

With the upcoming release of Mechwarrior Online
(Get over there and reserve your pilot name!)
To get the best jump on the competition we are getting back in to
MechWarrior: Living Legends.
If you’re a vet hone your skills and catch up on the lingo
and join us in some epic battles.
If you’re new to the MechWarrior series come and play
the best multiplayer MW experience to date on offer.


The current release is still in beta and I can’t stress enough just how much detail and effort has been put into the game, the developers deserve for this to explode into the resurrection of one of the best genres ever!

I wouldn’t dare waste words and time by running through features and abilities when it’s inevitable that your going to click the links below and check them out.
Will you be a living legend… or a forgotten casualty?

Reactor.. online
Sensors… online
Weapons… online
All systems nominal.

TOG Division
MWLL main site
In game footage.
Release trailer.

Article by Bru1zer and delushin

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