‘till Death (or Gaming) Do Us Part (#3)

bookbuster | 25 May 2010 | 2 Comments

Penned by the hand of Sassy

Due to opposing schedules, we haven’t had a chance to do much gaming together this past week. So, I started my first of what I am sure will be many alts. A cheery, day older than dirt, Bard. I figured I would make him the first of my many dedicated crafters. I spent my time on the Newbie Island leveling him in adventuring, just to harvest everything I could to help with crafting. Figured I’d get him up a few levels before getting him guilded. Once on the mainland, I continued to quest and harvest everything in sight until all my bags were full, before heading to do the initial crafting quests.

After hitting level 10 in crafting my first major decision faced me, do I want a Craftsman to make wooden weapons and furniture, an Outfitter for armors and weapons, or shall I become a Scholar to make potions, spells and food? Ultimately I decided on a Craftsman, I’m not really sure why. In the dark recesses of my subconscious mind I think it may have been spurred on by the thought hubby would surely want me to make an outfitter to keep him supplied with equipment.

Unfortunately I quickly depleted my short supply of resources needed for crafting; I was once again off questing and harvesting for more. Unless you have unlimited gold to buy goods on the market, you really can’t advance a crafter without adventuring. It was then that I happened to see that Zal our division captain was online, and messaged her expressing my disappointment in being forced to adventure when all I wanted to do was craft with my new character. She replied with a laugh and asked why I wasn’t crafting in the guild hall where all the supplies I would need; harvestables, workstations and supply vendors, were already on hand. *blink blink* I couldn’t believe what I had just read!

Making my way to the guildhall where I met Zal, She guilded my day older than dirt Bard and led me down to the crafting hall. My jaw dropped, I didn’t know the guildhall had a downstairs! A Mecca for crafters! Zal even gave me a few tips about fighting those ever annoying crafting complications. I am in heaven!

Despite hubby having a really busy week at work; while I wasn’t playing he managed to start and get his new solo character, a wizard, to level 30. He hasn’t done a single quest and seems very proud of that fact. He just runs around bashing critters over the head and sometimes dying. He loves his wizard, he finds him much easier to level and seems to be enjoying his breakneck speed critter bashing, and the wizards ability to root opponents in place. Since he tends to attack things without regard to level, just to see if he can kill it, that root ability comes in handy.

He will spend hours trying to beat that one over level monster, using different techniques, just to say he killed it. He will then spend all his earnings from finally defeating that one critter on repairing armor; And yes he was a bit perturbed I hadn’t made an outfitter, but I promised that I would. I’m sorry but to me he just wasted a lot of time and energy on something that has no benefit but pumping male ego (No you didn’t hear me say that!).

Till next time…

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Wonderful story! Please keep writing. Had me fighting to not laugh too loudly (wife is sleeping close by).

Never got started on EQ, but got hooked on WoW instead. Might give EQ a second look. My wife doesn’t like gaming one bit. But she understands my love for it - and for that I love her even more - so I envy that you can share the experience together. Although that part of married life also needs it compromises.

Thank your for some great articles. Please write again.

I really enjoyed reading this. Too bad my husband does not play MMO:s.

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