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Penned by the hand of Leevers.

Another year has passed, and whilst 2010 is well on it's way into motion, TOG's New Game Of The Year has yet to be announced. There were quite a few nominations for various games and patches, all worthy of the title, but a dark horse came through to win this year. The results shown below were taken by a poll hosted in TOG's Lounge at the end of 2009.

The following games received nominations:

ARMA II, with just 1 vote... not the game we all expected it to be.
Droplitz, also came in with just the 1 vote.
Dawn of War 2, drew a mere 2 votes.
Torchlight, joined them with 2 votes of their own.
Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising, received 3 votes.
Battlefield 2's v1.50 patch, picked up 4 votes. How did a patch get votes?!
Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter, matched them with their own 4 votes.
Trine, came in with a fair 5 votes.
Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, recieved a credible 6 votes.
Aion, with only 7 votes was a surprise to me.
Batman Arkham Asylum, had a good performance with 7 votes too.
Borderlands, despite its issues, attracted 7 votes aswell.
Left 4 Dead 2, scored excellently with 8 votes.
Scribblenauts, with an impressive 9 votes.
Dragon Age: Origins, nearly took the title with 10 votes.
Fallen Earth, Our winner, received a surprising 11 votes.

All of the above can be summed up as great games, but many could ask 'Why Fallen Earth, I've never even heard of it?' It's is a game known by few, and had very little marketing. Having played Fallen Earth for a number of hours both in and out of beta, I can say this. If you're into fairy's, dragons or anything else mystical in a game, then I suggest you go play AION. But if your looking for some hardcore madmax style action, then Fallen Earth is perfect for you.

The game is unlike most MMO's, with the ability to play in First Person view as well as Third. 'FE' as it's otherwise known, provides a unique gameplay and is set in a post apocolytpic Earth. With weapons ranging from knives to powerful sniper rifles, you find yourself in a world where psionic powers brought about by irradiated genetic mutations rule the Grand Canyon.

With vast landscapes to explore, the question becomes; How does one trek over these expanses of rock and red dirt? In FE you can travel by horse-back, on ATV's or motorcycles equiped with machine guns, and even an Interceptor car decked out with a vast array of weapons. The list continues to grow as the game's patches roll by.

Whilst a steep learning curve is present, I'd like to think this would be more for the player who is looking for a challenge. If you enjoy the complicated economies of games like EVE and Pirates of the Burning Sea, Fallen Earth will tickle the same nerve. Crafting is simple and painless; as long as you have the knowledge and items necessary. The crafting queue even works while you're offline.

Still, there is always another end of the stick when it comes to games development. Sure bugs are present, but credit goes to the Developers who are quick to take action as soon as they're notified, and rectify these problems. Graphics quality isn't Fallen Earths best attribute either, although its not without its own charm.

FE's strong suit is definately its fantastic gameplay, which is luring gamers from MMO's across the internet. All the while FE's small development company is growing with the game, and no sooner than you say something negative about FE they are quick to throw something positive back at you. The developers care about their gamers, and will do what ever it takes to solve problems and ensure customers are happy. This is the sort of attitude that has made other developers into global giants.

Poll: How much time do you game each week?

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