Unreal 3; Keeping it simple

Arep | 30 August 2006 | Comments off

* Authored by satanx *

1: It’s pretty. I could go on for a bit about Dynamic lighting, Per-pixel Shading, and other buzz-words, but to your average gamer the response would be: Who Cares? What does it look like? Well, the look of it has changed radically from UT2004; Gone are the bright, almost cartoon like quality of the ingame graphics, to be replaced by something altogether darker and more realistic.

2: It’s BIG. More maps, more players, more gametypes, more mayhem, and enough destructive weaponry and vehicles to make any F.P.S. gamer want it, RIGHT NOW!
(Pity it hasn’t been released yet...)

3: It’s Much more realistic. Gone is the Bouncy-Bouncy playing style, where even a relative n00b can look like a prize acrobat on steroids and speed. The original Unreal Tournament had a much more realistic playing model, and that’s where Unreal Tournament 2007 is centered. It will even have Ageia Physx card support, although that seems to be drying up since Nvidia and ATI both announced physics solutions in their range.

4: It’s Totally Moddable. (Just ask any Red Orchestra player). All of the Unreal Tournament games have been released with powerful editing tools, that allow players to easily create new content, and Unreal Tournament 2007 will be no different. Chances are that most of the popular Unreal Tournament 2004 Mods, Maps, and Skins will appear in UT’07 format soon after the game is released. Bring on Clone Bandits ‘07!

5: It has a Huge Community. Thousands of people play the many different available versions of Unreal Tournament every day, the franchise has staying power, and that really works for me(And many others,too).
Epic has had a long and successfull relationship with the greater gaming community, and this translates into more and better content for you and I; the end-users.

In conclusion, there are many new games coming out that all want the crown as “number 1 FPS shooter”, personally I’ll stick with Unreal Tournament, as I feel it has serious potential.

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