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RogueSlayer | 5 June 2006 | Comments off

Expanding on K2 Networks Free2Play™ stable of games, War Rock promises some great first person action.  According to the War Rock website, the game boasts a low entry threshold (playable by a new person to the FPS genre) as well as stimulating the needs for the more advanced and experienced player.

War Rock had a recent “mini debut”.  Those who were at E3 and visited the K2 booth were given a special access code.  While that promotion is now over, the closed beta is scheduled for mid to late June with an open beta in July.

K2 is also hard at work getting PunkBuster integrated into the game.  They also promise frequent updates that include new maps, vehicles, weapons and game play modes.

With 22 weapons, 11 vehicles and 16 maps (which incorporate 16. 24, 32 and 36 player capabilities) already featured on the official War Rock website with more of each to be announced soon, K2 seems poised to launch this game with a good amount of content already included.

As with all of K2 Networks games, the client is available for free download and all updates to the game are free as well.  There is however a “subscription” available that you can subscribe to on a monthly basis.  There is no real detail yet on how this may work for War Rock but here are a few bullet points that I have picked up from the War Rock website and forums regarding upgrades and some other points of interest.

*Real World money can be used as well as in game money to buy upgrades.  Yes, you get in game money based on your score.

*It seems that “upgrades” are extra “slots” for your character which will allow you to carry a larger selection of weapons.  There may be other upgrade options as well.

*Judging by other K2 games, you will need to pay on a monthly basis with either in game or real world money to keep access to your upgrades.

*The game is played on centralized K2 servers much like a MMORPG.

*There is a “level” based system which seems to be like the ranking system of BF2.

*K2 will offer clan and player rankings right on the War Rock website.

*There will be customizable controls and joystick support at launch.

*In game chat will be implemented that will also include some GUI bennifits.  A monthly fee will aplly ro this.

*3D voice chat will be implemented.

*Some form of character custumization will be available upon release but gender is static for now.  Though, that is planned to change.

*Future planned game modes are timed competition, survivor (timed free-for-all), independent one-on-one death match mode and last man standing.

As not all of this information is verified, I will be trying to do a QA session with K2 for the War Rock game to try and nail down some more specific information.  In the mean time, you can check out the game trailer at this link.

For more information on War Rock, please go to the official website at http://www.warrock.net.  You can also learn more about K2 network at http://www.k2network.net.

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