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Tilce | 26 April 2011 | 24 comments (off)

Submitted by Manyfingers

Get your daily dose of Iron

Tired of waving your magic wand? The thought of once again picking up that SMG to battle endless waves of foe making you cringe? Sounds like your not getting enough Iron in your gaming diet. World of Tanks is the source of all your daily iron needs.

What is World of Tanks?
World of Tanks is a Free-to-Play World War II era tank combat game featuring game-play that is simple to learn but hard to master. Dozens of tanks from the World War II era, battlefields ranging from open desert to cities to scenic alpine valley’s, realistic damage models, hundreds of modifications and upgrades, careful cooperation with teammates and tense tank battles all await you.

You’ll start off in tiny pre-World War II tanks and through experience and credits earned in combat you can upgrade your vehicles crew, equipment and weapons and earn higher tiered, more powerful tanks, tank destroyers or self propelled guns.

Tutorial videos are available to help get you started which are best watched while your client downloads.

A German VK3601 (H) medium battle tank faces off against a Russian T-44 medium battle tank

Where can I play?

Three servers are available to play on but make sure you pick the right one for you as the clients are unique to each server and your persistent characters are not transferable between servers. You can download the 1.75G clients either direct from the site or via official torrents (recommended). The release version is: v.

* North American Server - Canada, America’s and Oceania
* Russian Server - Russian language only
* European Server - All other European nations

In-game currency
Gold is the in-game currency of choice for World of Tanks and is available to purchase through the games website or various resellers. Unlike many other Free-to-Play games, you will remain competitive through all tiers and don’t need to spend a cent to get to the high tier vehicles, it’ll just take more battles to get those top tanks.

Gold enables you to rapidly up-skill your crew, buy special ammo and tank modules, buy extra garage and barracks allotments and upgrade your account to Premium. Having a premium account enables you to form tank platoons with friends so you can roam the battlefields together and also gives a 1.5x bonus to the credits and experience earned in every battle, helping you to get those top tanks quicker.

Thought World of Tanks was some obscure Indie game? Think again !
World of Tanks has set a World Guinness Record™ in the category of Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server. The record was registered on January 23rd, 2011 when the number of players on the game’s Russian server totaled 91,311 source

YAHOO! Games has released a list of seven Free-to-play games that they think are worth playing and that list includes World of Tanks source

If World of Tanks is still a bit of a mystery to you, watch this game-play video for a small taste of the action.

While some recent expensive releases have been disappointing or broken, this well supported and regularly updated little gem is simple and fun.

Come and get your tank on ! 

24 Comments so far

I’m downloading this now. I’ll certainly have a go at this, looks interesting.

Downloading now, looks like fun for the daily DT in Eve. Thanks.

My boyfriend was playing this in beta and seemed to really enjoy it. Definitely a game that is used for breaking up the normal MMO’s cycle of wands and wizards. Really easy to play.

I’m sure this will be a good MMO similar perhaps to “WWII Online” at least in genre.

But the game developer is based out of Belarus, which is the last dictatorship in real life that remains in Europe. I wouldn’t feel comfortable letting my customer information go into that country, which is rife with corruption.

I’m not knocking the game nor the game developers. I’m just not thrilled with “Belarus”.

Hey men great game been playing since november last year. can b frustrating but got too stick with it. once you learn spotting system. Us TOGS need too set up a company.

Manyfingers | 05:08 am - 2 May 2011

@Atrayo I had the same concern with the origin of the developers. You cant be too careful these days. However, you don’t have to buy gold, but if you chose to, it can be done through independent sources, not directly through the company. That way they hold no financial records. I bought gold through a company in America who called me up to confirm my location and that the order was legit before processing it. You redeem your external purchase in-game via a 36-character code

@Spuddigga Both the US and EU server have TOG Clans created on them. Application can be done via the World of Tanks Division in the TOG forums. All full member TOGers are welcome.

I played three months of beta.  WoT is a good game spoiled by a few major bugs and a tendancy to favour Russian armour over all others.  The invisible tank bug has been around since well before release and is still to be fixed.  Tier 4 - 7 German armour is at a distinct disadvantage to its Russian counterparts, but may be improved by the 1.2 patch which is providing a major overhaul of the tech trees.

Management of griefers, Team Killers, and AFK botters also needs a lot more work.

Don’t be fooled by the “free” tag either, if you want to play Tier 7 tanks or higher you will REALLY struggle without a Premium account.

I’ve played over 550 matches and not once have I seen a deliberate TK.
And yes, I play German Tanks - not using auto aim eliminates most of the ‘advantage’ you speak of.

It’s takes alot to get to Tier7 tanks. And don’t see how a premium Tank of the same tier and unlocks would effect a non premmium account.
Buying a premium account is realativly cheap, and doesn’t cost any more then any other MMO - its strictly a choice. - These are the guys
These guys also make other games.
Take a look. :)

@Awe$oMe: who uses auto aim??

I played just short of 2700 matches in beta and unlocked both the Russian and German heavy tanks to Tier 8 and mediums to Tier 7.  The Tiers were very imbalanced with Russian armour able to take on German tanks one Tier higher with no problems from the Tier 5 KV onwards.  This is corroborated by some of the rebalancing that is planned for the next patch that sees a couple of Russian tanks (notably the KV-3) moving up a Tier.

In three months I played I was deliberately TK’d eight times and witnessed at least 20 others.  My clan was submitting around 3 TK reports a night in total, so I consider myself lucky.  Accidental TK’s were more due to artillery than tanks, especially after artillery accuracy was nerfed.

I lost count of the number of AFK XP botters I saw and reported, but the worst problem was / is with griefers who deliberately block, track or do module damage to other players as this is very hard to report.

Another area that needs to be addressed is spying where players on opposing teams who are from the same clan and using a 3rd party communication app pass information to each other.  This is especially obvious in the late game where only one or two players are left on each team, and could be easily addressed by removing players from the match as soon as their tanks are knocked out .

I really wonder if you played to Tier 7 without a premium account because ammo and repair costs will usually exceed earnings unless you have the bonus to credit earning you get with premium.  Out of the box the Tier 6 VK 3601(H) was the first tank where I lost money when playing with a premium account.  Grinding that tank on free to play would be very hard and transferring excess XP earned with elite tanks costs Gold = real money, so there is no way around it.

Who uses auto aim, alot of people.

The way you speak of TK’s its a very pety problem. (I’ve now seen 1tk’r in 700 matches) But it won’t be hard to implement something there, like, reflect damge.

I’ve seen very few bots in WoT, in wow this was a problem as you’d get 4 botters per match, every match. And it took them over 6 months to do something about it. Good thing about that in WoT - it would be almost pointless, the xp earned being afk, would be poor, and not worth the cost of repairs. Like all mmo’s these days, wouldn’t expect anything less from players trying to exploit a game, as it happens everywhere.

Why wouldn’t i be using a premium acount? You’d be silly not to. a 50% Xp boost. for the amoutn of time you can spend playing this game. Free to play is good for those who wish to try it.

I’ll just assume you have had a bad experience in WoT - all games have there flaws.
This one has ones that are very pety. You can take out a KV with skill on a tank thats 3 tiers less.. if you play and use your tactics correctly, doesn’t happen all the time, buts it’s certainly fun.

Manyfingers | 01:13 am - 5 May 2011

@Badblood The upcoming update to v. addresses most of the issues that were mentioned

Thanks for your comments.

Good game, but atrocious customer service. Very happy trigger finger for account suspension/banning, the basically shoot first and then wait for you to ask questions.

you got banned for?

Not banned, suspended account because of my nickname.

@Awe$ome: thanks for validating my point (read my first post and your last) regarding the need for a premium account.  I am glad you think the TK issue is a petty problem.  It is a pity that this is not the experience of the 200+ active WoT players in my former clan (PANZACS) who still play.  This link to the official WoT forum shows why: .

I really do hope that the devs manage to iron out the bugs and other issues, because (as I said in my first post) it is a fun game - I just got tired of compensating for its shortfalls.  I will be very interested to hear how the v. patch works out, in particular the rebalancing of Russian tank tiers and if anything has been done about the invisibility bug.

@badblood. I’ve been playing solidly for two weeks now. I’ve had two gaming sessions where I have stayed up to 4 in the morning, and I the last time I did that I was in my early twenties.  I have seen no tk’s, and no bugs. Not saying that there are not any, just that if they are there they are not stopping me from enjoying myself. It’s frustrating at times getting hit from other tanks which you can not see, but one has to remember tanks have different viewing ranges, crew xp, and equipment like optics. Plus there could be concealed TD’s spotting for their team relaying your position.

There are tactics in this game. I think there are a lot of players, including me, who treat it like a traditional style fps and run gunho alone up front. Players need to learn patience for this game to have good results.

@ Dressy.  Glad you are enjoying it.  For the record my final tanks in Beta were T-44, IS-4, T-29, M3 Lee, Tiger, Ferdianand, Hummel, SU-5, Pz III (for the LOLs) and the Tier 3 US arty.  Given that I played a combination of tank destroyers, mediums, heavies, and artillery I am pretty sure I had a good grasp of the game’s mechanics.

The invisibility bug I am referring to is when a tank disappears less than 100m from you whilst it is moving and you are stationary with no foliage in between.  In my experience it happened most often with the IS-3 and 4 (mine included), and some maps seemed to be worse than others, but that may have been a coincidence.  I was very surprised when the game went live without this being fixed.

Camoflaged tank destroyers can be countered, even if you can’t see them, by firing back at the origin of the tracer - which usually comes from an obvious copse of trees or other favourite camping spots.  Since they break camoflage when they move chances are the enemy TD will stay still and you will get a hit.  Countering a moving tank that you can’t see is a different story.

Been playing the Beta for awhile.

Game is great.

spackattack | 08:32 am - 22 May 2011

do you guys / gals have a clan yet ??
i play too but under the name hezbull666

Great game.  Reminds of the old glory of the Mechwarrior 3 tanks.  Variety of maps, and tanks to suit all play styles.  From the brawling close in Russian’s to the support/sniper Germans and everything in between.

Graywalker82 | 08:33 pm - 29 July 2011

Just started playing and i am loving the US tanks

It Is fun, and sometimes a pain. Get hit by 6 tanks at the same time. But you will like it.

Can’t wait for kansas map. :)

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