Call of Duty: World at War

Reviewed by Arep | 1 March 2009
Genre: FPS | Publisher: Activision | Developer: Treyarch
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The Good
  • Lots of multi-player options (co-op, squad & team based action)
  • Great community support
  • 1.2 patched resolved some outstanding bugs and exploits
  • Modtools means plenty of new maps to play
The Bad
  • Another WW2 First Person Shooter
  • small maps are a spam fest with the larger groups available to PCs
  • Multi-player Rank up grind is worse than ever (prestige levels)

With the recent 1.2 patch which included the daytime Makin map finally reaching the consoles as well, bringing them up to pace with their PC cousins, I’m taking another look at Call of Duty 5: World at War to find out if this is just a WW2 mod for COD4. Was it worth coughing up the dough to purchase it?

You get to load up in tanks and blast your way across the battlefield!First of all you’re getting a whole new single player mission (or two really). You will lead the charge for an American unit through the Pacific and a Russian soldier in his travels across Europe all the way to Berlin. A lot of work has gone into developing a number of maps, situations, and a few ‘special’ missions. Blackcats was one of my favourites, where you take the role of a Gunner, switching between turrets and even landing to rescue survivors from a naval debacle. Still that was somewhat reminiscent of the Church mission in COD4 where you’re the gunner of a Spectre, but then there’s the Tank mission. That’s right, you get to load up in tanks and blast your way across the battlefield! Tanks are even enabled with some multiplayer maps, but not all. Perhaps some of the most fun to be had on this map is through the co-op mode.

Now here’s something extra special, just for COD5:WAW. Co-op mode proved to be intoxicating good fun. Load up with some of your friends (bonus points for voice communications) and have a blast together battling through many (but not all) of the missions from singleplayer. You can also unlock special cheats which usually (but not always) make the game harder to play in co-op mode, unfortunately the ‘achievements’ appear to only be for multiplayer and co-op was sorely neglected in this department. Of special note however are the Co-op Nazi Zombie maps. Just like the Nazi Zombie mini-game you unlock through completing the singleplayer mission, but with friends! Each round the zombies get tougher, as do the waves coming at you. You have barricades to try and maintain, and fall back rooms where you’ll often find better weapons. How many rounds can you survive?!

As always, COD5 has a community Modtools to generate your own maps, Nazi Zombie maps are proving particularly popular as people think up devious ways to kill others with never ending waves of the undead. I should warn you the tools often have a steep learning curve but are well worth playing around with, I found in COD4 I sometimes had more fun building maps than playing on them! There are plenty of guides and forums around with people willing to help you out, just be sure and check the Modtools wiki first, or be the flaming on thy own self!

Call me a sick twisted fool but that’s fifty shades of awesome right there!Again the multiplayer features from COD4 make a return with an ensemble of new maps to play with. There are some tweaks here and there; many familiar old perk favourites combined with new and interesting one, just like with the weapons. Some people gripe about having to level up and I must admit it can be a hassle when many of my favourites (like moving silently for my favourite stealth kit) are a ways up the ranks. There are also more levels to get, which I swear are taking longer than last time. I have to agree with a friend of mine who thinks you should get everything you want right away in multiplayer and just work off achievements for the bragging rights. If you really must have levels, then give all the best stuff first, and make the harder and less effective weapons come later when players are more skilled. The reward for the end of the rank up, you can set people on fire; call me a sick twisted fool but that’s fifty shades of awesome right there!

I’ll admit that I was quite hesitant at first. I have Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and a big reason for purchasing it was that it wasn’t another ww2 fps. Did we really need another? Probably not, still in the end I caved in and after purchasing the game and playing through the different elements I began to realise the difference between the two games and appreciate it for what it is. The new patches have resolved a number of persistent bugs and helped gear the game towards being tournament ready. In my book, money well spent.

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Agree with Arep's review - wytefang |
| 1 March 2009

Fun game in some respects but in general, this is another game in the even-odd cycle that Activision has organized for the Call of Duty series. Treytarch, unfortunately, is known for making the crummier versions of the game and comparatively speaking (using CoD 4 by Infinity Ward as the litmus test), this game fails to live up to expectations. The weapons feel clunky, slow, and awkward, the lighting and graphics have that weird over-the-top glare that UT 3 suffered from, and the maps badly lack the quality openness that Infinity Ward so clearly specializes in. Altogether just not a must-buy game at all. The best I can say is that it's at least an Average to Decent game at best.

Patch 1.3 - Reoh |
| 5 March 2009

Wouldn't you know it, patch 1.3 was just released. resolves some sound issues and adds demo recording abilities to the game among a few other fixes.

have always loved the ww2 fps - Vetinari |
| 11 March 2009

I got the game for free with my new video card, but I'm quite sure i would have bought it anyway. I've always been a fan of the ww2 genre of FPS games. I started out with Medal of Honor; cycled through MOH:AA, Call of Duty, COD:UO, Call of Duty 2, and now Call of Duty5. There was a pretty big time gap between 2 and 5, but I'd say the wait was worth it for me. It was the perfect way to break in the new machine I just built. So far, the only issue I have had with the game is with Co-Op mode, but it wasnt really anything on my end, it's the hoops you have to jump through to play across the net when multiple players are behind the same firewall. Even with correct port settings, it hit-miss sometimes. Live server play is flawless though I do get tired of the artillery sometimes. I do own COD4 as well. I bought it not long ago after I was up and running. It's quality of play is just as good, but i just always find myself coming back to the WW2 theme. A+

oops - Vetinari |
| 11 March 2009

Guess i could have rated it. :)

CoD4 WWII expansion pack??? - Karmicfloss |
| 16 March 2009

I played the beta release of this game and, as stated in my title, found an irritating question arise. Why didn't Treyarch just make an expansion pack for CoD4, but with WWII weapons and scenarios. There are already PC mods which are pretty much that anyway. The thing about CoD4 that made it what it is was the inventiveness and originality applied to the staid, and dare I say it, stale, WWII FPS genre. Modern weapons combined with an addictive unlockable perk system and NEW maps, not rehashed old maps, make it still one of the most played online FPS to date. Yeah calling in dogs are cool, for the first 20 mins or so, and hey didn't they have a similar perk to that in CoD4????????........... I'm sure a lot of effort has gone into the production of this game, but for me the whole experience reeks of a Hollywood movie formula: "Hey the public really liked how that production had that cool thing in it, and we know we have a relatively devote audience for this genre, so why don't we take the cool stuff out of this production and dump it on top of this old template? It'll sell, don't you worry about that.........." CoD MW2 where art thou......?

Good Game, Love the WW2 FPS - Dementia |
| 18 March 2009

I couldn't play the beta, my machine just wasn't up to it, but right after I built a new machine, I got CoD:WaW. So far its been quite enjoyable although with the first patch being 300+ MB, it does make you wonder if it was really ready for launch. Like Ventari, I have always enjoyed the WW2 era FPS, so much that when the WW2 mod was out for Rogue Spear, I played it all the time. The graphics here are outstanding, as they are in CoD4 which uses the same game engine. My only real complaints, other than the patch sizes, are the annoying cut scenes when loading. Just FYI, CoD4:MW and CoD:WaW were not developed by the same studios. Activision has two studios working simultaneously. Infinity Ward did CoD4 and Treyarch did CoD:WaW. I've heard rumors that there are planned releases at about 6 months after the previous release.

wow - gamerstalk |
| 26 March 2009

What an exciting game...

Pales in comparison - Spectre8 |
| 30 March 2009

Great review mate! For me, the game was fine, but that's all. In this day and age of good, better, best - this one unfortunately falls last. While there's not a lot "wrong" or "bad" with the game, it doesn't seem to do anything particularly well either - or new. And that is why the game gets an "eh" rating from me. Played the single player game, and never finished it. Played co-op for a few hours, and haven't gone back. Played online for a few weeks - I'll never re-load the game. COD4 however, I was simply blown away with. The single player campaign was absolultely compelling, the multi-player game - although flawed - was brilliant. Best LAN game ever! COD5 - just doesn't compete - not even nearly for me. So yeah, it's a good game. But it's recent predecessor was great. Big gripes with me are with the multi-player "rewards" of giving bonuses for kill spree's. Get a certain number of kills, and you can call in a magical "radar" that can see through walls and bushes and allow you to kill more - and get rewarded with calling in artillery, allowing you to call in dogs - which are often indestructable, and can bite through walls. Oh, and a bite from a dog is an instantaneous death. Go figure. You can get shot in the chest three times and not die, but if a dog senses you through a wall (cos they can) and bites you (which they do) you die. Great watching it in replay from the dogs point of view, just chewing at walls... Never before have I played a more frustrating online game. Decent graphics (not as good as COD4) brilliant net coding, and a wide range of clunky and slow weapons. Oh, and bouncing betty's... The list goes on! :) But I shall not. Cheers.

Gamers - Rapidfire1 |
| 4 April 2009

Cod5 or world at war is a cod 4 addon but it's the players which make the game! solo mode is fairly boring, but having geat players with clever moves and the unexpected headshot makes it interesting. some sites are boring where others make it really good fun. Bring it on more COD.

- Reoh |
| 11 April 2009

Inifnity Ward and Treyarch alternate making COD games now (So that the IP churns out titles twice as fast). You'll see the that IW has already started advertising its COD6:Modern Warfare II title. Another patch/free map pack has been released (for PC its free, consoles can download and pay a small fee). There's a fun new zombie map to play on, and 3 new multiplayer maps also available.

csnkjd - csnk |
| 29 May 2015

Wouldn't you know it, patch 1.3 was just released. resolves some sound issues and adds demo recording abilities to the game among a few other manufacturer

nice - ayman |
| 6 April 2016

- peterstrong |
| 11 July 2016

good, the content is simple, easy to understand

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