Combat Arms

Reviewed by Arep | 21 January 2009
Genre: FPS | Publisher: Nexon | Developer: Doobic Studios
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  • Its a free online FPS….what could be bad?

*Review by PluggerAUS*

FPS games have come and gone and most have been good and some as we know, not so good, but when a game comes along where you can shoot your opponent with a snowball gun, then hit them with a shovel to knock them out of the game, then you know you have something entirely different, a bit crazy and lots of fun. Snowball Fight is the newest addition to Combat Arms. The Snowball Fight game mode is a limited addition to the fast growing Combat Arms game.

Combat Arms is the latest gaming addition to the TOG family of FPS games. The fact that it is free to play is one of the reasons that makes it an attractive option for the FPS enthusiast, giving them the opportunity to try without the buy. However, the game is a solid application and the developers are creative in their thinking and development. Most players, who take the initial test drive, end up staying for more action, creating one of the fastest growing FPS divisions within TOG.

In my time in TOG, I have found that the majority of the members aren’t exactly easy to please when it comes to gaming. TOG members, being independent consumers and mostly being “time poor”, are particular about what games they play and quality plays a huge factor in those choices. Although free, Combat Arms offers all of these options.

In November TOG setup the Combat Arms division. Initially there were a few posts in the FPS forums, and then a few more players said they were playing it, then a few more tried it and before we knew it we had a core group of players.

Fox then ran a poll, as he does, and it was agreed that we should have a TOG Combat Arms Division. Vetinari did some graphics, Diabolus did some sigs and the TOG Combat Arms Division came to life. That was back in November. Fast forward to January and the Combat Arms Division, lead from the front by Binary Ninja, now offers competitive and social gaming across our Australasian and North American player base.

There are 2 competitive squads and 2 social squads, named after Greek mythological figures; Cerberus, Argus, Erites and Gryphons. Cerberus evolved first as the competitive squad for TOG and are lead by the mighty spawn camper, Captain Lick or Licklick to his fellow TOGgers. Argus was next, as the social squad of choice, and is lead by Hostile Hippie. Even the whacky weed doesn’t mellow this team killing machine. Erites was the second social squad to spawn and is lead by Tilce, who often falls off buildings to his death and last, but definitely, not least is Gryphons lead by Oldskool, who’s so excited by his new position of power, he has a new combat arms signature….with space invaders!!

Does that sounds like a TOG division to you? It sure sounds like one to me.

So why has there been such a rapid rise in this game? Is it watching players run around the map on fire from the Incendiary grenades? Is it watching TOGgers try to melee each other with shovels? Is it the ingame commentary of “HEAD SHOT!!”, “DOUBLE KILL!!” and “MULTI KILL!!”? Is it the ability to purchase face masks with big yellow smileys on them?

Someone said the game was “Counter Strike meets Unreal Tournament” but I wouldn’t know that as I never played either of those games. What I do know is that it’s a lot of fun!

Combat Arms is developed by Korean company Nexon Corporation, who are also the developers of the successful and popular MMORPG Maple Story. From this creative cycle, Nexon’s foray into the competitive FPS market has so far proved to be a very good development decision.

There are various game modes to suit most if not all shooters. As mentioned the limited addition Snowball Fight with the more regular game modes of Capture The Flag, One man Army, Elimination, Search and Destroy and the new Spy Hunt mode across around 11 different and varied maps.

You first enter the arena as a private armed with a standard weaponry setup; an M16-A3 assault rifle, M92FS pistol, 2 x M67 frag grenades an M9 combat knife. You also have standard camouflage combat fatigues and backpack for 1 ancillary weapon. When you first set out you also receive 10,000 GP.

GP is one of the monetary values within the game. With GP you can acquire different weapons; assorted assault rifles, machine guns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, shotguns, grenades, support weapons and melee weapons. There are also weapon modifications such as scopes and suppressors as well as combat armour, weapons cases and stylish additions such as sunglasses and berets. Some of the options are also associated to level, so the more you play the better the weapons on offer.

The balance is to obtain the best weapons setup to suit your playing style to obtain a good score in the game. Each player at the end of the round receives points for levelling which also equates to additional GP.

The other form of monetary value in the game is NX. NX is purchased for real $$. $1US is about 1000 NX. The developers have obviously included this to assist in paying for the development and to make a profit of course. However, it’s purely an option and any player can succeed at this game without the need for NX.

NX does give you the good gear and for around $30 you can kit yourself out for 90 days which I believe is a good investment.

The game play is fast and frantic in maps like Junk Flea and Cold Seed or more tactical on maps like Snow Valley and Sand Hog. There is a 3 second respawn time limit and a 3 second God-mode period once you have respawned to combat spawn campers. The weapons are well balanced which adds to the credibility of the game.

All the usual additions seen in most FPS games are included; Squad talk, Pre-canned Social text, Game Chat and the like. You can also add to your friends list and the game includes a messenger option.

Combat Arms includes a clan/squad system within the game, which suits the TOG environment and each squad is limited to 20 players per squad.

If you are a keen FPS player and like your FPS action fun and fast then you should at least give Combat Arms a test run.

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Great fun for free - fallofenosis |
| 21 January 2009

Here's the deal, i'm relatively new to TOG (and loving it!), but I have played MANY FPS games before Combat Arms (CA). You know, we all started in the same place: Wolfenstein, Doom series, Hexen, Heretic and the occasional Duke Nukem 3D (if you could sneak it past your parents knowledge). But the FPS genre is such a crowded one right now that it's hard to find one to perk anyone's interests. That's why the FPS genre has moved to things like Mirror's Edge to placate the palates of FPS players who are longing for something outside of "point and shoot." Combat Arms, despite what I thought at first, offers a lot to the FPS genre. Mainly because it's free. And for a free game it offers myriad of options to explore. I was primarily a console player (GASP!) until my X-Box 360 decided to go south for the winter. I had PC gamed for so long until I got tired of upgrading to keep up with the games I wanted to play. Luckily my 360 was in warranty and I grudgingly sent it to Microsoft for repair. Hmmm. Now what to do with my down time? Google: Free FPS And it's all history from there. I started playing and was instantly drawn in by the generic FPS controls, the customization of your character, and the plethora of weapons to choose from. I later Joined TOG and found a great group of ozzies to game with. Sure, CA has it's drawbacks. But I strangely find myself on nearly everyday, striving to hear those words: "Headshot!", "Multi-Kill!", "Ultra-Kill!". This game has a lot to offer all of you FPS players out there. TRUST ME. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Besides, what do you have to lose? Nothing. That's the beauty of it. It's Free. And you don't have to sneak this one by your parents anymore.

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly - BaRRaS |
| 21 January 2009

Good: Free, fast and furious FPS action (reminds me of RtCW) Bad: Nothing really (unless you class "addictive" as being bad) Ugly: Hackers, chammers and glitchers (partly resolved in latest patch)

Free FPS Dam Good Fun - Binary-Ninja |
| 21 January 2009

I have to totally agree with the review as it certainly covered all the games finer details as well as the fun aspects of game and how the TOG Combat Arms division is enjoying the good clean and free fun apart from some of FOX's antics :) ... i am also addicted to it more each time i play and rank up with new weapons more CA more more ..... It is a FREE fps and i think it is better than most games i have paid money for and that includes some more recent titles ... It is like a cross of COD4 and Counterstrike running on the Unreal engine and a dash of the other FREE fps AA all tossed in ... give it a go and you will stay like the rest of the division

Fun, can find speed - Ryo |
| 21 January 2009

I come from a background in very quick FPS games having cut my teeth on Quakeworld, Q3A and the UT series. I haven't taken to the more "paced" FPS games in recent years where TOG has a presence in largely because I do crave a bit of the speed factor. I've been satisfied with Combat Arms as you can outfit to be pretty strafing comes into play in a real way especially on small maps and I get that sense of a "dogfight" that I dig. On the other hand you can outfit to be a more strategic player and absolutely dominate the field on the larger, wide open maps if that is your gaming style. I give this one especially high marks because of its ability to bring different sort of FPS gamers together. That its free is a really great perk. Definitely worth trying out and costs nothing to do so.

Sigh - Ryo |
| 21 January 2009

Forgot to rate it.

For Shizzle!!! - oldskool |
| 21 January 2009

After finding combat arms a few weeks after its release, it was a welcome change to online FPS action. The fact that the game is free is reason enough to check it out. I mean what do you have to loose? Overall with the recent patch dealing with hacks, I'm finding a nice little home here with the TOG Gryphons. I've been in TOG a long time, and I've played a lot of FPS in that time. Combat arms lacks in some areas and completely breaks the mold in other areas. Great write up and great fun to be had by all! Cheers, Skool

- Drac |
| 22 January 2009

I tried very hard to like this game, but in the end it falls obscrely into the shadow of the FPS giants of yesteryear. The price of the game does not factor into this, as I find it difficult to place a value such a fuzzy thing as "fun". The concept is entertaining, and to an extent the customisation and outfitting aspects of the game are well polished, but the gameplay is sadly lacking. For a start, all of the servers are located in Asia, which makes each game moment a bit hit-and-miss for us aussies and for a a shooter... well, it just doesn't really work. The actual play mechanics are clumsy and simplistic, perhaps in part to compensate for the less than ideal server model, but this leads to the feeling that weapon inthe same class is almost exactly the same save a different model and sound effect. Rate of fire, recoil and accuracy within each class differs so little I was scratching my head over the excess of pointless choice on offer. The game modes are standard fair, nothing new or innovative in any way, and they fall victom to the traps of many great FPS games of yesteryear with an abundance of spawn camping issues. Map glitches also seem quite common place, for a full week i don't think I managed to play two straight games were some devious player hadn't found their way outside of the map bounds was was now effectively invisible and free to shoot people through walls. All in all, it's a good effort, but it just doesn't brush up to the standards of traditional shooters. Perhaps in time it will, but right now I can't help but shake the feeling that it simply borrowed many ideas but failed to execute them better than the games they borrowed from. If you're new to FPS games then this would certainly be a good place to start, but if you want something with a little more polished gameplay I'd recommend Quake Live, UT, Counter Strike or Call of Duty instead.

good game - rooshooter |
| 23 January 2009

I have played the game for a few months now and still enjoy it, The hackers do spoil it sometimes but if it gets to bad i just go to another sever.I think as time passes it will improve,there is more and more players joining every week so it cant be too bad.

Damn - another addiction - Stuman |
| 28 January 2009

Leaving aside the annoying habit of folks calling you a hacker if you happen to kill them repeatedly *L*, or being accused of running aim bots (or constantly hearing people whine about bot usage), this is a very addictive game. Kit up, jump into a server and start running around killing others - simple as that. The more rounds you play, the more weapons you can purchase with the free GP's you get for completed rounds. Some cool stuff is available if you feel like handing over cash - but it's not a necessity. If you haven't tried it - do it...DO IT NOW!!!

ALERT ALERT - dansolo |
| 3 February 2009

I downloaded COMBAT ARMS (from this site), and my pc got filled with alot of junk and trojans. My anti-virus program (AVAST ANTIVIRUS) went mad, and shut windows down and made a complete scan and deleted 6 trojans. Did this happen to other users, or was it just me???????

From a noob perspective - wizzbone |
| 10 February 2009

To answer Alert alert: No I did not get any viruses with it! My view on this game: I am a RPG (NeverWinter Nights) and strategy (command and Conquer) gamer, but as this game is for free, I gave it a shot (pardon the pun). I loved it and played it nearly all the time, trying to improve my 0.38 K/D rating... Eventually I realised that i could never get enough money to keep the good guns and protection for any length of time. I need to play about 3hrs to get 1100gp for a sniper rifle (my fav)... I dont have time to play that long everyday so for a long time I am stuck with the basic gear. I tried to buy some NX to get the good gear for a month, but the powers to be would not accept my credit card. I still do enjoy the game, just disappointed that the Americans and Canadians seem to be able to get all the good stuff and just knock me of as easy as a can on a stick. Which of course doesn't improve my KD rating. All in all a very enjoyable game, I will keep on playing it, just resign to the fact that I most likely will not improve on the ranks much.... Wizz

noob - wizzbone |
| 10 February 2009

forgot to rate it sorry..........

strafing - zargo |
| 12 March 2009

only played C/A a few times , and the only down side i have with the game is that you CANNOT strafe!!!!!! something i like , because all the other FPS's ive played do ave a strafe option in the main menu/control setup.. hopefully some time in the near future the creators of the game will add this option, for us straffers.. over all im happy with the gameplay

easy going - C4 |
| 13 March 2009

I downloaded this game after reading Arep's review a few weeks back and have been playing it on and off. This week I spent a fair amount of time playing the game on a regular basis and quite enjoy it. I don't have issues with the servers being located elsewhere as I am able to be quite competitive in most matches I play. The few downsides to this game can be overlooked quite easily due to its lack of cost.

Hi and... - AHM_Gotti |
| 10 April 2009

Hi just joined up, great site. I am going to give this a try, Also just to let you know there is also a free game that seems very similar to (CA) it's called "Crossfire" I usually play it when Im tired of WoW. I know that most of the free FPS are trying to tap into the old "Counterstrike" demographic (im an old skool cs player) wich is a good thing as most games being released today require you to have a Pc that costs a small fortune. I myself used to be a techead but as I became older Im leaning more towards Value for money rather than the "OMG that game looks so shiny" kind of attitude, (not that I dont want a BEAST Pc). Games like "LittleBigPlanet" arc back to the days of "counterstrike", how you ask? well CS was made using the "Half-life" Tools and "LBP" allows players to use the exact same tools as the Original game, to make well what ever your mind can think of. This is great and the "Mod" scene is not new, so come on you game developers, give people the tools to make there own games. (Sorry i went off at a tangent there)

| 10 May 2009

Game has come along way from its start. Great fun to play especially with this mob :)

4 - Xannntha |
| 30 June 2009

instant fun - ajester |
| 23 February 2010

I have been playing this game for about 6 months and find the fun and easy to enjoy, if you have played CS, Ghost rec, UNREAL T, or even outlaws (Lucas Arts game) you already know most of the basic dos and don'ts and are off to a good start to enjoying the game. There is alot of players of different levels of skills and TEMPER (sign) as well as a some hackers (aaaagh!!) who are either advertising sites for selling hacks or the clowns who use them to spoil peoples fun. The hacking is reducing and the social side is improving with the ability to add friends to a messanger like tool so catch up, chat and then kill them. As a free game it's not bad to play and there are always plenty to play against.

addictive fun - razorkill12 |
| 5 April 2010

Hello, I have played since Dec. 08, and I love this game...There have been good times, and bad times...the hack waves, etc...Combat Arms has come a long way in the last year...with the release of new maps and gear, the possibilities for fun are epic....Fireteam mode is great..Quarantine mode where you have to fend off zombies and not get infected is great...Supposedly they are going to be adding a new map every month for like the next 5 months...we shall see

- csnk |
| 29 May 2015

I have to totally agree with the review as it certainly covered all the games finer details as well as the fun aspects of game and how the TOG Combat Arms division is enjoying the good clean and free fun apart from some of FOX's antics :) ... i am also addicted to it more each time i play and rank up with new weapons more CA more more ..... It is a FREE fps and i think it is better than most games i have paid money for and that includes some more recent titles ... It is like a cross of COD4 and Counterstrike running on the Unreal engine and a dash of the other FREE fps AA all tossed in ... give it a go and you will stay like the rest of the manufacturer

- freeship1986 |
| 8 April 2016

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- peterstrong |
| 11 July 2016

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55 character levels. - freeship1986 |
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