Reviewed by inoshiro | 10 August 2011
Genre: MMORPG | Publisher: HanbitSoft | Developer: HanbitSoft
TOG Score
Members (av.)
The Good
  • Great improvement over the original Hellgate: London
  • Free to play
  • Easy to learn
  • Fast paced, continuous and unpredictable action
  • Randomised instances keep things interesting
The Bad
  • Only one pvp arena and game type (with more to come later)
  • Look of the map can get a bit repetitive

Reviewed by Kess
Remember the dead. But fight for the living!


Homepage: http://hellgate.t3fun.com/Data/Download.aspx
Genre: Sci-fi/Fantasy
Style: MMO RPG
Combat Style: FPS combat (no tab targeting)
Learning Curve: Easy to learn. If you’ve played an FPS or MMO before you’ll know how to play this.
Crafting: Crafting usually yields the best gear in the game. Simply find a blueprint and if you have the components you can then make it. There are no crafting levels.
PVP: So far there is only a single arena match making system in place with a team deathmatch game type available. More game types are scheduled for the future.
Leveling style: 55 character levels. Each level allows you to boost your attributes and increase the rank of one of your skills
Server Pop: Moderate to heavy
Stability: Server Lag isn’t very apparent. There have been some pockets of lag but they are rather fleeting. There are a few bugs yet to be ironed out – or perhaps they are new?
Payment options: The game is FREE TO PLAY. There is an in-game store with micro transactions with items such as EXP boosts, auto analysers, auto dismantlers, ressurection scrolls. One of the things you’ll most probably buy is an Act 3 ticket. Its sold for 4000 Tcoints, which is $4 US). This ticket allows you to gain access to the rest of the areas after chapter 2 is complete. However, you’ll also find these tickets on sale using in game money at the auction house.
Immersion: 5/5
Graphic Quality: 4/5
Sound Quality: 3/5
Content Quality: 3/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Many of you may remember an online RPG released by Flagship studios in 2007 – Hellgate:London. It was subsequently shut down in January 2009.

Now just titled ‘Hellgate’ its BACK and with a fair few improvements and additions thrown in. Its now being handled by Hanbitsoft. Oh and its FREE TO PLAY!!

For those of you who don’t know, this game is set in London 2038, where the servents of hell have invaded earth and caused utter destruction to the world as we know it. Man has had to retreat to the safety of the underground to survive, and in this game that means the complex tube system in London. The game starts off with a fantastic intro cinematic. These days its hard to find a game with a good quality and lengthy cinematic, so this is a welcome change. It sets the tone for the rest of the game and introduces you to the world of Hellgate.

This game is an action MMORPG with a focus on the action. Skills work in a similar manner as traditional PRGs, where you learn them as you level up, and ad more points to a skill of your choosing with each level to increase their effectiveness and assign them to a hotkey. The game starts with all guns. Even the tutorial is fast and fun. Once you start its 100% full throttle all the way till you put the mouse down for the night :)

Although this is an MMO, its heavily instanced (ala Guild Wars) and doesn’t have a persistent open world. The quest hubs are underground train stations where numerous NPCs will give you quests, allow you to purchase new gear, upgrade gear, craft new gear, and team up with other people to defeat the minions of hell together. Fear not Korean developer naysayers – even though Hanbitsoft is now in charge of this game, it has still retained the endless and addictive qualities that made it great in the first place. Getting into a group is quick and easy. Once you form a party, either from your friends, or joining a random group from a list of open groups, you can easily port to their location. Just click on the blue button under a party members portrait and a portal will appear, instantly taking you to wheverever they are

To keep things interesting, the game instances are randomly generated (ala Diablo). You’ll never find two maps the same, even old ones you revisit. Having said that however, the actual look of these maps can get rather repetitive, mostly being the streets of London, the underground sewers, underground train tunnels or catacombs – with a few very unique map types thrown in for good measure. Loot is also randomly generated and in huge abundance. You’ll be going back to the station very often to disassemble and sell the plethora of gear you find during your hellish adventures. To add even more randomness to the game, there are random bosses that will appear during your mission after you’ve killed a certain amount of mobs. Keep an eye out on that counter, because they have a habbitof appearing at the most inopportune time. Other random occurances can be things like hidden treasure passages, or hell rifts with lots of elite mobs to kill.

To give you an example of how random and varied this game can be: One time I completed a mission on my own, and it was a no hassle affair where I had to hunt a boss down. I was in and out with not much fuss. I later then helped a fellow TOG member complete the same quest. Not only was the map different, but we came up to an area with 2 Rare (tough) and 1 Epic (tougher) mobs. So we gathered our strength and jumped into the fray - spells and guns blazing. We took down the 2 Rare mobs quickly so we could focus our attention on the Epic mob. Once we dispatched the Epic mob, it split into 3 lesser epic mobs (WTF?). No time to rest, we just keep spamming those skills, however once we killed the first of the 3 epic mobs we reached 35 of 35 hunted monsters count, so at that point a ‘Messenger from Hell’ appeared (which is Mythic level boss – the toughest in the game). What else could this game throw at us? Thankfully we had the skill to avoid instant death, and by skill I mean the ‘sprint’ skill. Suffice it to say, it was a tough fight, and completely random and unpredictable.

That’s what I enjoy most in this game, and what a lot of the predictable MMOs out there lack. Yes there may not be a huge variety in what we have to do (its either kill or be killed) but at least this game keeps us on our toes all the way through. I don’t want to play an MMO that I can plan my night by. (e.g 9pm dungeon starts, 9.15 enter first boss room, 9.20 first boss down, enter 9.40 second boss room… etc etc… continued forever as you die a little more on the inside with each subsequent run!)

There are 6 main classes each with a very different playstyle. Guardian (Tank), Blademaster (melee dps), Summoner (support/pets), Evoker (magic dps), Engineer (support/pets) and Marksman (ranged dps). And each class has 3 different skill trees they can visit which heavily alter their style of play as well. As you may have noticed there is no specific healer class. That’s because each class has access to large supply of life saving health injectors. However there are some classes that have skills that allow them to heal or buff their party. With each new level you’ll be allowed to add 5 points into 4 attributes, Strength, Accuracy, Willpower and Stamina. Aside from these attributes affecting obvious things like max health and regen rate, it also allows you to equip certain pieces of gear. Each piece of gear uses up a portion of your strength, stamina, willpower and/or accuracy. So you’ll have to think carefully and balance your character out depending on whether or not you want for eg: a higher willpower so you have a big power pool or higher stamina so you have enough to equip those awesome boots you found earlier.

So pick up your sword, gun, focus item, or other demon beating weapons you may have and join us in riding London of these foul creatures. We have a small TOG Guild at the moment that we wish to grow, and make a full division sometime soon. If you are interested please drop by the MMORPG forums and leave your in-game name. The more people we get the more likely we are to get a full division up :)

Remember the dead. But fight for the living! 

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Member reviews

Great Game - Shrew |
| 13 August 2011

Hi I used to play hellgate when it was first out out a few years back and it was very bugged But now i have been playing it again and found it has been improved vastly it is a great game that you can play solo or in a group I would recommend it to anyone looking for a free to play MMO/ Almost a FPS It does have a micro payment Store for some elite items and you need to buy a ticket to advance past act3, but its only about 5 Dollars and well worth it Give it a try Cheers ShrewFire

- Dressy |
| 14 August 2011

Because of this review I went and downloaded the game last night. I selected the Marksman class and went to town. Found the game a little hard at first in regards to the interface though I quickly got the hang of it. I remained awake to 1 am in the morning not even realising that it was that late, where did the time go. I love the surprise element in the game when mobs spawn though more importantly I particularly love how you can customise weapons in the game and build them for certain situations. I do have fears that it might get repetitive, though for now I will enjoy the ride.

- Dressy |
| 14 August 2011

forgot to rate ;-(

Loving it - parnellsimon |
| 22 August 2011

Enjoying it - is their a TOG guild or clan though? Happy to join one or just sned stuff your way fellow peeps :D Main is Monkfish so feel free to messgae (level 23 atm but addicted to be sure to change quickly (have alts can use between 1-20 if needed) Will be looking at buying act3 tickets to help other toggers

TOG guild - inoshiro |
| 22 August 2011

There is a guild parnellsimon, post your name in this thread :)

Textures are much worse - Yskonyn |
| 26 August 2011

It's great to see the game reinstated again, but the Korean devs have done one thing wrong in my opinion; Most of the world textures have been halved in resolution resulting in a big contrast in details between the units, monsters and items on the one hand and the world on the other. I am used to the high res versions of the old game, so that was a big dissapointment for now. There are rumours that there will be a patch coming to up the detail again, but there has been no official statement at this time yet. Otherwise as nice as it was before.

Just as addictive! - OldCrow |
| 10 September 2011

This is the original Hellgate London just like I purchased years back. The begining quest has been re-done by the Koreans (Including Pigeon English!) but after you do the training quest it appears to be the same game (no more pigeon translations, just the original text). The Game is just as addictive now as it was when it was first released! I started playing at about 6 P.M. and the next time I looked at the clock it was 1 A.M.! The game is simple to play and just draws you in and you loose all track of time. If you never played before give it a try! It is worth the wait for the download! :) The best current comparison to this game would be Boarderlands.

- Asmodai |
| 3 November 2011

The original game was fun, but the one thing that always stuck out was some of the absolutely nonsensical dialogue some of the NPC's came out with. Good to hear that it's getting better support now, for all the flaws it was a good little game.

- Proella |
| 14 November 2011

I checked this out thanks to this review, and found it very enjoyable, actually pulled me away from Rift for a few days so far, and I pay for that game lol. When I get to my off days from work this week, I am going to try to look up fellow ToGgers in game.

- adhamgamal |
| 11 November 2014

The original game was fun but It's great to see the game reinstated again لعبة زوما
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- comandan87 |
| 25 November 2014

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- William L. Dansb |
| 28 November 2014

A couple of weeks back I took an enormous jump and started playing three more Mmos. For a year the stand out I've played has been World of Warcraft, however I was interested. Hellgate London drew my consideration on account of its ties with Blizzard, the Hellgate London engineers were generally in charge of presenting to us the awesome Diablo arrangement and had likewise been intensely included with World of Warcraft. online phd programs in business

Nice game - Jonathan2015 |
| 4 March 2015

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Thanks - Jonathan2015 |
| 1 April 2015

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csnk - csnk |
| 29 May 2015

It's great to see the game reinstated again, but the Korean devs have done one thing wrong in my opinion; Most of the world textures have been halved in resolution resulting in a big contrast in details between the units, monsters and items on the one hand and the world on the other. I am used to the high res versions of the old game, so that was a big dissapointment for now. There are rumours that there will be a patch coming to up the detail again, but there has been no official statement at this time yet. Otherwise as nice as it was before.clothing manufacturer

- japan.comp234 |
| 19 January 2016

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