Monday Night Combat

Reviewed by Tilce | 29 January 2011
Genre: FPS | Publisher: Uber Entertainment (PC) Microsoft Game Studios (XBOX) | Developer: Uber Entertainment
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  • addictive
  • team work
  • well rounded game
  • multiplayer
The Bad
  • waiting for moderation tools for dedicated servers

Review By Leevers

Features were impeccable and flawless in design and we’re only talking BETA here!

Name: Monday Night Combat

Homepage: UBER Entertainment
Genre: Sci-fi

Style: Monday Night Combat is shooter played from a third person perspective. It combines a class-based character selection system, similar to Team fortress 2 with team-based objectives in the style of Defense of the Ancients. Its background is that of a futuristic replacement for Monday Night Football in which cloned soldiers battle against each other for money.

The guys over at UBER Entertainment appear to have lacked the ability to market the game very well. This has proven to be its let down in the beginning as little was known about this up and coming hit.
It was released on XBOX in August 2010 and to date has sold over 300,000 copies on Xbox Live Arcade and with the release on PC in January 2011, the game has started to gain increasing interest.

I initially wasn’t completely sold when I was introduced to the game by a couple of toggers whose names I will not release. However, eventually I forked out my $14 and set out to give this title a fair go!

Upon starting the game I noticed how similar in appearance and feel to that of its competitor TF2. The menus, sounds and scrolling features were impeccable and flawless in design and we’re only talking BETA here! I’m not one for single player games so I skipped straight to the multi-player option.

There are two Multi-player modes-

Blitz – co-op game play where 4 players take on waves and waves of bots with abilities to change difficultly. Idea of this mode is to work as a team and protect your objective.

Crossfire – 2 teams protect their own objective whilst attacking another.
I jumped into a crossfire game. For a newbie it was incredibly easy to select your class and jump into game. Straight away I was impressed with its smooth design and graphical features along with the ‘commentators’ humorous comments of which are always changing, providing you with laughs even after the game is finished.

Gameplay: Gameplay comprised of 2 teams having to protect what UBER call a ‘Money Ball’. To do this, you build turrets in pre-determined locations and defend your money ball from waves and waves of bots along with other players. The money ball is shielded and only NPC bots can take the shield down. Upon doing this the players can rush in and inflict as much damage to the ball as possible which can prove difficult.

Players can choose between one of six classes of which have their own abilities -

The Tank: Focuses on heavy weapons and close quarter attacks along with long range weapons.

Gunner: Similar to that of the tank, but with a longer range primary weapon.

Support: Very similar to TF2, the support can heal along with provide extra upgrades to turrets.

Sniper: He really needs no introduction, but is lethal!

Assassin: She is a sneaky cloak wielding back stabber. Very dangerous and lethal if you’re not prepared for her attack.

Assault: All-round great class with abilities for both short and long range.

Each class can upgrade their skills and abilities by using the money they collect during the game. The skills are updated mid game to give you a more lethal drive!

Server Info: The biggest let down with the game is the lack of a dedicated server client. There are dedicated servers that run the game, but require the game to be on the machine in order to host. This hasn’t proved to be a big issue at the moment other than server provider’s inability to host the game.
However, there is a dedicated client currently in testing stages, and will be released shortly. There are still plenty of Australian/American servers to choose from.

Both the servers and the game are extremely stable and to date am yet to hear of many CTD’s or anything of the sort. There are still a couple of bugs that exist, but nothing that affects game play.

The thing that really amazed me was the fact that even in BETA stages of the game there were very little to minimal bugs. UBER Entertainment in their development have shown the public that there are still developers in the industry who care more for the gamers than their back pockets and in return have seen sales sky rocket!

Learning Curve: Monday Night Combat has a very simple learning curve and initially you will find it nothing but exciting and great fun. As you progress in the game you soon realize how important team work is and strategies start coming into play. You begin to spend your money wisely and so begins a battle that can turn in an instant!

Immersion: 4/5
Graphic Quality: 5/5
Sound Quality: 5/5
Content Quality: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

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Member reviews

It's great fun - Genghoidal |
| 30 January 2011

Simply put, it is great fun. They have infused each class with more abilities than the similar class in TF2 giving you choices in how you wish to specialise in your class! It works - it's simple and yet it has hidden depth in strategy and tactical play. Teamwork makes a huge difference and so do all the 'hazards' you can activate on the battlefields. Such as the annihilator and the ejectors which devastate the enemy teams bots and sometimes players... And also the inclusion of 'juice' bacon, churro and a huge smattering of humour. Top game. Buy it.. buy it now! haha

Great for a laugh but... - hoppy |
| 1 February 2011

I personally question its longevity as a game. If they can continue to evolve the game like TF2 have managed, then I can see it going far, if they sit back on their laurels and collect the cash, then this will be a short term game. Fun game (especially with friends) and not too expensive so you can buy it and play it for a while!!!

Short but Sweet - Ghoull |
| 1 February 2011

This is perfect for a 'quick round or two' with your mates. I love the humour, the voice over announcer is gold, and for such small arenas relative to other games, the idiosyncracies and nuances of each class really keep eaach and every battle unique and fresh. Simple to get into, simple to get involved. This is a game that just hass fun and doesn't seem to take anything seriously...and this makes is SERIOUSLY fun. Check it out, you'll have a chuckle.

- ApostleDisciple |
| 22 July 2011

- huangping |
| 7 November 2015

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Tactics - Andres |
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