Perpetuum Game Review

Reviewed by Tilce | 21 January 2011
Genre: MMORPG | Publisher: not available | Developer: Avatar Creations
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The Good

Massive potential for game development with the game Devs continually adding more content.
If you liked Mech Warrior then you should love this as it’s Mech Warrior in an MMO (Quoted by Josh1965 & Shelts916)

The Bad

A little slow to start with while you learn your way through the Tutorial missions but after that it’s gets very easy (with the help of fellow TOG’s)

Reviewed by The Omen
This is my first MMO and it's totally addictive!

Name: Perpetuum
Genre: Sci-fi/Mech
Style: MMORPG is an abbreviation. It means Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. In games as such thousands of players can be simultaneously involved in the action. A unique feature of Perpetuum is that while most other MMORPGs run multiple parallel servers, we have only one persistent, single universe.

Combat Style: Select target, lock & Fire !!

Learning Curve: Average. Very easy with help via TeamSpeak

Crafting: Complex and easy depending on how you want to play

PVP: Voluntary.
3 Alpha Islands are safe zones where only you can flag yourself for PvP action, but the 3 Beta Islands are Full PvP for the experienced player

Leveling style: Game is based on EP (Experience Points) built up at the rate of 1 EP/per minute while your account is active, so over 1 week everyone gets 10080 EP per week.

Server Pop: Growing but will hold tens of thousands and only one server which everyone uses.

Stability: Rarely crashes, Server lag is about 380 for most of Aus, which isn’t an issue. Patching regularly with small downloads.

The Omen’s Ratings
Immersion: 8.5/10
Graphic Quality: 8.5/10
Sound Quality: 8/10
Content Quality: 7.5/10
Overall Rating: 8.5/10

2 GHz processor
1.5 GB RAM
DirectX 9-class ATI or NVIDIA 3D graphics card
Windows XP/Vista/7
Internet connection
700MB free hard disk space

Subjective Comments: After playing solely FPS for 4 years, this is my first MMO and it’s totally addictive. Many different aspects of gameplay you can immerse yourself in.
Just make sure when you first start off you jump onto TOG Teamspeak and we’ll help you get started.
Plus the TOG Corp supplies most of what you need

Payment options: 4 day trial $2.95, 30 days $9.95, 90 days $23.95, 180 days $41.95, 365 days $71.95
Download Size: 300 meg approx

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Member reviews

| 22 January 2011

Nice one Omie

- delushin |
| 22 January 2011

<3 We need more corpies ... crack out those credit cards toggers and come join the mechwarrior fun!

- Shelts916 |
| 22 January 2011

Awesome game, excellent rev Omie, To be honest you really all should give it a try even if it is for a few days trial, I think you might find you wanna stay longer!

- Ghoull |
| 22 January 2011

Thanks Crew! I spent a few minutes in TOG Teamspeak tonight, and from what I have garnered from the friendly lads there is that it is a cross between Mechwarrior and Eve Online (only, on the ground, if that makes sense!). Trading, mining, characters skilling up over time ( not by XP ), all seems like a great blend of styles. I have to say Im tempted....but do I need another addiction? :D

- The Omen |
| 22 January 2011

Give it the 1 month/$9.95 (6 cokes) and see if you like it. it has got lots of potential :)

- wasca |
| 22 January 2011

I was invited to play this from Omen, I was already playing WoW so had a feel for the MMORG environment. I quickly learned it's not like WoW and more like Eve (so they say). The TOG guys in Teamspeak/Vent really do make the game easier to learn. I was a little frustrated at the pace of the game for leveling up (even with the guild help). Like Omie said the game leveling is based around EP and you only earn that at 1 EP per minute. If there was incentive to play missions and do group tasks that earn you extra EP I think I would have stuck it out longer, however I was discouraged because of the lack of this. One of the guys stated that you would need to be subscribed for 7 years! to earn enough EP to max out all the options for all the classes. Ahhh no thanks. I would still recommend you give give this game a try and being on TS/Vent with the more experienced guys IS A MUST while learning it. Good Luck Perpetuum Division!

- delushin |
| 23 January 2011

bummer mate ... oh well the plus side to earning the EP is that if you like me and work forever you can stilll login and make a Mech just as bad ass as the other guy ... just your funds might be low :( but hit up shelts for a loan he is loaded!

- Kess |
| 23 January 2011

Love the graphics for this! Where did you get them from? LOL!! :)

- Macca |
| 23 January 2011

Looks good, pity no Mac version :(

Eve Online On the Ground - Ghoull |
| 28 January 2011

I played Eve On-Line for close to two years. I was a valued member of a Corporation, and we often got into large scale operations, be they mining or warfare. I recently returned to Eve Online for a re trial, and found that while they keep adding to the game, the core compenents remain the same. I have a deep respect for CCP, and the game of Eve. It was and is a unique gaming experience. They stepped into intouched territory and did it with aplomb. And to do so in a single instance is trully staggering. Why am I writing this here? Because Perpetuum is Eve on the ground. If you have played Eve, you will automatically know the game engine, the user interface, and the mechanics of the game instinctively. The depth of options and character tweaking is almost endless, and the intensity of battles with your corporation are no less intense as they were with Eve. Playing the single player route and again NPC's is pretty mind numbing, though good as a tutorial if you are unfamilar. I just have one problem with both Eve and Perpetuum. I have the dominating sensation that the entire game is deisgned to have you perpetually in transit dissolving time. If you are not in tansit, then you are spending endless hours mining. You need to be very, VERY patient to play these games or have other things to do simultaneously, which to me, makes the game not very immersive. Interestingly, when I left Eve, they had commenced planetary industry. Players could setup their resouce collecting, refining, processessing and off world shipping installations to any planet they had scouted for the resources they needed. The layout of such an installation looks exactly like the symbol of Perpetuum. I have a strong feeling these two games are to be linked in the future.

- Benicio |
| 5 February 2011

Interesting review Ghoull but misinformed. Eve Online will be plugging in with "DUST541" a FPS shooter for the console. It is in no way connected with Perpetuum.

- D416 |
| 6 February 2011

Real men fight in Real mechs. But a fun read non the less. Now if only you ladies apply your self like this to MWLL. Then my Thor would get more kills.

csnkjd - csnk |
| 29 May 2015

Awesome game, excellent rev Omie, To be honest you really all should give it a try even if it is for a few days trial, I think you might find you wanna stay longer!clothing manufacturer

- freeship1986 |
| 8 April 2016

StarCraft II is a deep and intuitive game that will please veterans of the series. 192.168.l.l

- peterstrong |
| 11 July 2016

A very awesome blog post. We are really grateful for your blog post

Easy to learn. - freeship1986 |
| 17 July 2016

Easy to learn. If you’ve played an FPS or MMO before you’ll know how to play this. best ed treatment

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