Starport: Galactic Empires

Reviewed by inoshiro | 10 December 2011
Genre: MMORPG | Publisher: PlayTechTonics | Developer: PlayTechTonics
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The Good
  • The best part of all is that Starport is completely free to play.
  • The learning curve is very easy.
  • Addictive as hell.
  • Very low PC specs needed to play
The Bad
  • There are a few people that play that have a god syndrome.
  • Screen res is only 1024×768.
  • One account per person

Pilot a spaceship and rule the stars!

Reviewed by Ironside865

Starport: Galactic Empires is a game of multi-player strategy and action. Your goal is to have a successful career as a starship captain in the time of galactic conquest. Players are ranked by their experience totals. You can work alone or play online with a corporation, which is a team of players. New weapons, defenses, ship improvements, and devices of all sorts can be bought at Starbases. Since these things are bought, its a good idea amass as many credits as you can.

Credits can be gained in several ways. Trading with starports across different star systems is a good start. Credits can be gained in Combat. Another way is to gather resources from planets and sell them at starports. Still another way to profit is to found Colonies, build, manage and grow them. The rare Intergalactic Paradise Worlds are the most productive colonies in the galaxy.

The game has quaint 2d artwork but occasionally you’ll see something unexpected and impressive like the light from the sun reflecting off your ship’s hull. The combat and flight in the game is done from a top-down perspective, like the classic arcade game Asteroids. There are many types of ships to pick from and each is uniquely suited for different ways to play. This allows the game to have both strategic elements and some decent nail-biting combat action.

To keep the game fair to players who don’t have all day every day, there is a limiting factor to the amount you can play: warp fuel. Most everything of use in the game costs warp fuel. Players start with some fuel and it regenerates slowly over time. The speed of regeneration differs depending on which server you choose, so it’s easy to decide whether you want more time to play, or would prefer a server where everyone is held to a modest amount of time per day. Warp fuel consumption forces you to think about what you do before you do it. Once you run out of fuel you’re basically out of operation until you have some fuel regenerated.

Genre: Sci-fi
Style: MMO
Developer: Playtechtonics
Overall Score: 4/5

The Good:

  • The best part of all is that Starport is completely free to play.
  • The learning curve is very easy.
  • Addictive as hell.
  • Very low PC specs needed to play

The Bad:

  • There are a few people that play that have a god syndrome.
  • Screen res is only 1024x768.
  • One account per person

Where to buy it: Starport: Galactic Empires
Homepage: Starport: Galactic Empires

Learning Curve: Simple

PVP: Starport has many different universes to play in or “shards”. It has the prerequisite PvP shards and non-PvP shards (they call them Pax servers).

Leveling style: Don’t think of “experience” as you would normally. It doesn’t get you levels because the game is 100% skill based. there are player titles, but they dont matter all that much

Stability: player ping can be a problem, but it is not severe

Immersion: 5/5
Graphic Quality: 2/5
Sound Quality: 3/5
Content Quality: 4/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

Subjective Comments: I’ve personally been playing this game on and off for about 5 years, once you start up again it is very hard to rip yourself away from the screen until you have gotten just that one step further

Most shards support Real Money Transaction (RMTs) item sales. This system allows players to support the development of the game, and also gain some cool items or additional playing time in the process (yes you can buy warp fuel.) Most importantly, from a gameplay perspective, the RMTs are not required for a player to find success in the game. It’s a very good addition to the game, providing revenue for the company, and just a bit of a leg up for the player, but not an “I win” button.

Payment options: Completely free/pay for enhancements.
Download Size: 114mb

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Allright little time waster. - Seppuku |
| 15 January 2012

This game isn't bad. I prefer though. It is a much more in depth sci fi space sim. I'd really like to see a review done of it on the TOG page.

- zeeshan1 |
| 22 October 2014

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| 23 October 2014

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