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Reviewed by Arep | 5 April 2008
Genre: MMORPG | Publisher: CCP | Developer: CCP
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* Originally authored by Sytes *

A sandbox massive multiplayer online expanse defined by player based politics. {quotes align=left}A player vs player action setting that makes loss a reality.{/quotes} Research and craft with an intricate level of authenticity. Player driven markets balancing supply and demand. Advanced corporate structure, productivity and heightened political settings involving player vs environments that exceed the definition of exploration and players vs players ever evolving risk factors! Your own creation of enjoyment is within your grasp!

What MMO is this? EVE ONLINE.

1 Server, 10’s of thousands of players on at any given time! A never ending universe awaits those of us desiring more than the meaningless actions of other MMO’s. {quotes align=right}With real time skill training, the “grind” comes to an end.{/quotes} Sitting endlessly attacking the same leprechaun looking npc’s to see an experience bar squeak slower and slower is a thing of the past. The cookie cutter days of the uber “toon” is in the eye of the beholder - YOU. Each player is unique due to thousands of skills readily available.


Having interviewed a variety of players within EVE ONLINE - The feedback I received hits each and every one of us as to why EVE ONLINE has received such a wide variety of accolades and awards!

Regarding the “Sandbox” setting CoLRIPPER commented, ”The whole ‘sandbox’ thing is really a huge draw for me, the politics, the economy, production, backstabbing, and the myriad of other ways players can help and/or screw each other (sometimes at the same time)

On the state of Alliances, the political epicenter of an ever evolving EVE universe, ROCK TENN commented, ”Alliance politics in Eve reminds me of real life politics between countries. For every headline there is a story, within a story, within a story...

ALPHA AU - in a nutshell as to why he enjoys EVE ONLINE, ”Hmmm..... markets & trade, manufacturing, combat. How to describe all that.....umm I like to build stuff, i like to make big fortunes and i like to blow up stuff.

VAD commented, ”You just can’t get experiences like this in other games. I complain about eve’s tediousness but I always end up coming back because there is nothing else out there that compares to it.

DRESSY offered some very insightful new player info worth sharing here, ”Superb! Were else can you generate a character that doesnt have to be pigeon holed into a certain role like Eve?… No longer do I need to say to myself, right I need to get 100,000xp tonight so I need to do so many quests to achieve this...

Regarding entering a game as a new player… what are you able to offer? Well, MISTER UGLY replied, ”In a very short time, a couple of months at most, a new player can be an asset too any corp. He could be already doing well in mining...research...industry or pvp.

STUMAN related to why EVE holds enjoyment even as a long term veteran. ”For myself, I have adapted over my playing time. Starting as an industrialist/Miner, I have since progressed to PvP and deep-space exploration and PvE. The good thing is that my earlier path is still there and available to me. I didn’t lose the skills and can (and have) gone back to those early days at the drop of a hat. That is one of the unique things about EVE and one of the things that keeps me here.

For our readers within the TOG COMMUNITY - F3RR3T stated, ”The main attraction for me in Eve… TOG.



Game friendlieness for new players 1-2-3-4-5

Comment: Although EVE ONLINE has incorporated many additional features to “aid” the new player into EVE ONLINE - The complexities of the game mechanics are the most challenging of MMO’s. Many in EVE ONLINE refer to the starter time as an opportunity to reflect on whether this MMO fits a player’s desire or not. This action tends to keep a spectrum of like minded players within the EVE Universe.

Game graphics 1-2-3-4-5

Comment: Brilliant! Powerful and fulfilling! The visual flavor expands the desire to explore within a perceived reality of space adventure!

Game “Addictivity” 1-2-3-4-5

Comment: Once a player “breaks the ice”, the infinate options one has available is open to the imagination. Don’t like what your doing now? Challenge yourself to new adventures, be it marketing, exploration, politics, war, industrialism.

Developer / Company Support 1-2-3-4-5

Comment: The difficulties of a PLAYER propelled universe, a sandbox setting and the politics of such present a unique task for CCP. They have done a reasonable job walking a tight rope staying neutral within the politics of major alliances. Unfortunately, as with any great apple tree, a couple bad apples are destined to be found and CCP has beared the brunt of such. Progressively, they have made efforts to incorporate player commitee’s and other actions to protect the player’s interest.

Lag tends to play a part of more congested areas, such as market systems and fleet battles - to some extent that is to be expected. However, many suggest more could be done by CCP to enhance the fleet battle experience. In the mean time, players find lag an unbiased aspect and utilize such within strategy. An interesting situation when bringing, at peak times, 35,000+ players into one single server. When viewed from that perspective - {quotes align=right}CCP has acomplished what many MMO’s dare not try.{/quotes}

ISF RATING: 15 of 20! TOG Rating: 4 of 5! An intelligent and satisfying game worthy of your time!

To those interested in EVE ONLINE take a look at the link provided:
EVE Online - a massive multiplayer online roleplaying space game - MMORPG

Sytes is an active player of EVE ONLINE and a member of TOG Corp (A 0.0 PvP TOG COMMUNITY Corporation).

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Big and chewy - Stuman |
| 8 September 2008

One of the things to note about EvE-O is that it is a big game...a very BIG game. But having said that, it is also one of the few MMO's out there that can be played by the time-starved player or by the 16hr a day gamer (and everyone in between). Training is all time based, so if you find that you can't log on for a couple of weeks owing to r/l issues, you can set a long skill and it'll continue on. Some of the high level skills are measured in excess of 75days!! These are ideal for taking breaks (as most of us have done from time to time). In fact, there are many things you can do in the game whilst not logged in. Manufacturing, Research, maintaining a Player Owned Structure (called POS's in game) are all time based - not based on you being logged in. Each account gives you a total of three character slots, and although you can't simultaneously have training going on all three, all three can all be doing something different at the same time (Research alts are a common occurance with most players). TOG has a good presence on the server, and the list of corps can cater for all types of players - so if your bent is killing other players (or even pirating), or is into making stuff, or even into taking over areas of space - chances are there are some Toggers in game who you can play with. But bear in mind always that the game is a complicated, big, time-consuming MMO at the extremes, and can get you sucked into it very, very easily. There are oodles of resources online about the game; lots of player made utilities to help you develop and maintain your character/s (such as EveMon and Eve-Meep), as well as extensive wiki's, player guides and everything else to make your experience in the game that much more deep (or shallow). If you are not sure, the free trial is worth downloading. The graphics are stunning, the gameplay is very quick and the politics and player driven content has to be seen to be believed.

PvP +++ - Hematurian |
| 4 January 2010

Been playing for 2.5 years and still loving it. no other game gives me a rush like Eve PvP, its the best PvP game ever.

The Pull - Dressy |
| 4 January 2010

Like Hematurian i have been playing around 2 years. during that time I have spurts of time where i devote myself to the game. However, I have other times where i take breaks. When I come back I haven't suffered the dreaded 'everyone else has moved on and is so much more powerful then me syndrome'. Ive kept training, using the time to get skills like battleship five, or heavy assault cruisers five and so forth. For me, besides all the other positives, is the rule strength of the game. Sure the game is unforgiving and has a steep learning curve however, I never have that sense of despair that you get with other MMO's where you have a break and come back to find everyone else has moved on and its going to take ages to catch back up. Its just a matter of jumping into your old ship and enjoying those new skills that you trained whilst away ;-)

- Dressy |
| 4 January 2010

- Benicio |
| 4 January 2010

Eve Online is such an immense game which can be a good and bad thing. The bad of it is you can feel overwhelmed at times but the benefits of that is if you ever get bored with one aspect of the game, there are so many other areas to get you engaged in - from playing the markets to all out pvp. Eve Online and TOG are a perfect match too as there are TOG corps (guilds/groups) in Eve for every style of play, all working together or in support of each other to enhance our game time. Not to mention the super helpful in-game TOG channel - Shout out to the "TOG Power" crew o/`. The only other MMO I really got into was WoW. I started Eve about 8 months ago and havent looked back. No more need to spend 6-8 hr marathons raiding for 'progression'. It caters to both casual and hardcore play styles. No more lag issues and new luscious graphics free of charge. Thanks CCP.

Awesome MMO - Sacro_Iliac |
| 4 January 2010

Playing for 3+ years now and learning new things all the time. Takes a while to get used to but once you're in you can't seem to stop playing. Where else do you get a new version of the game every 6 months with new things to learn or relearn as the case may be. Any player within 3 months can be an asset to a player Corporation to begin to be part of the larger community as a whole. I say 3 months because it'll take that amount of time just to find out what you want to do in game and learn some of the basics and start yourself on a training plan. Overall a great game and the TOG Community for Eve also has great people to learn from and play with.

- peterstrong |
| 11 July 2016

Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts

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