Bond v0.7 - Diamonds Are Forever

Spectre8 | 17 December 2008 | Comments off

Bond v0.7

Diamonds are Forever

This last official outing of Sean Connery as Bond is, very unfortunately, the low point for him.  Diamonds are Forever is quite honestly, not a very good film.

While it does have a whole lot going for it, ultimately, it just doesn’t deliver.  Similarly to Connery’s most previous outing, there are times here where it’s a bit too much like a comedy.  Although some people go into a Bond film expecting wise cracks, impossible gadgets and big explosions - for me it takes away from what should be, the real Bond experience.  Even early films of the series like From Russia, show tight directing, solid and grand - though plausible - plots, and “appropriate” acting and dialogue.

So what we are left with, is a series of fairly well thought out scenes, that just seem to sit there, with almost no relationship with each other.  While that may be a tad unfair, its not too far from the truth.  We see the real beginnings of the downfall of the later films here, with what is essentially a wild trapse across the globe, almost simply for the dramatic scenery effect of it.  A lunch meeting in Paris, a covert message delivered in New York, or just a random explosion in Afghanistan… Diamonds seems to let this happen by scripting the path of two assassins - both the most hideous fags I’ve seen on the screen.  I find it strange that dealers in the diamond smuggling trade allow themselves to be killed by such simplistic means - a scorpion down the shirt??

However it does have some redeeming features.  There’s a brilliant car chase through Las Vegas in a super sexy Ford Mustang (Mach III for those interested!) climaxing with it squeezing through a laneway on two wheels - just a great scene! 

So there’s a plot - I wont go into it, as it’s just over elaborate, with no shortage of crapulance.  Bond gets captured, and “disposed of” by being placed in a pipeline… he wakes up and walks out… It’s just a real let down that the writers/directors don’t think these scenarios through.  The film ends up steering us towards a homage/play on the reclusive Howard Hughes.  Very cleverly changing his name to Willard White doesn’t fool anyone, and it’s once again a sad realisation that the series is steering towards the light humor and implausability of the later films.  Such a shame, beacause where they started from - it was a really engaging and enjoyable experience.  While the films are still enjoyable, they are heading into “fun” territory, and leaving behind what made these films so exciting - that they were potentially real.

It’s no surprise Connery left after this film - unfortunately for me, it’s the low point so far.

James Bond will return in…

Live and Let Die

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